Status: Complete - February 22, 2018

Haunting Grey


My dad looks appalled at my question. He leans back in his chair and shakes his head. "Why would you say something like that, Travis?"

But he didn't say what he should have said—what I needed to hear—was You didn't do anything to her.

"You're supposed to say I didn't do anything."

"Travis," his voice wavers as he looks at me intently, "can we talk about this when we get back home, after you're well rested?"

I sit up, and my bones ache. I wince but mutter, "I want to talk about it now. What happened back in the woods? Why does it feel like what she told me in my dream was a lie?"

"Dreams aren't reality," he says calmly. "Now please, don't ask about this again."

I look away from him, my gut tight with dread.

He's covering something up.