Status: Active

Smoked Out

Welcome to the always interconnecting world of Talon Langworth and Macy Crawford. "Bad boy" persona meets "good girl." Except that they've already met a long time ago at a 9th grade party; both so young, and not grown into their future personalities yet.

Macy's parents can no longer afford to completely keep their house, so they turn to renting it. Not just to anybody though, to Talon, the boy who brings out the worst side in a lot of people, even good-girl Macy. Sexual tensions arise and shatter and hearts are broken.

Insert Chase, best friend of Talon, and completely into Macy.
Insert Lindsay, Macy's awful cousin who is determined to ruin Macy's life in whatever way she can.
Insert Serena, Talon's cheating ex-girlfriend.

Just when Macy thinks she's been through it all, Talon's younger brother, who is an exact replica of Talon himself, joins the figure skating class Macy teaches to work on his techniques in exchange for Talon's help in his and Macy's math class.

So much drama in just one story.