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You Found Me

Foes and Friends

Hannah’s Point of View

The small low lights behind the stage guided my way until I made it to the well-lit hallway back to the dressing room. It was the first time I was walking alone to put up my things. I had waved at Bart but he just put his head down and shook it from side to side. It was obvious Kat had already spoke to him.

The band had two more songs to do from the set list, with a possible encore, which was our cue to go put up our things because we were about to be rushed by roadies putting instruments up.

As I neared the dressing room, I hear voices talking from there. Usually this was the time that Bart used to call home or a friend. But this time I heard a full conversation;

“She has to have some dirty little secret that Zack doesn’t know about. Like a previous relationship. Or maybe she’s still in a relationship! That’s wishful thinking though,” I was now next to the room and I could hear from the crack door, making out the voice as Kat’s.

“Shouldn’t we leave them alone. Maybe it’ll play out. You know how Zack gets when he’s dating someone for too long. Just let it play out. Or try and get him drunk again. That seems to work for you every time,”
Bart snorted. Anger filled my body as I thought I could trust Bart. It was time for me to walk in a ruin their plots of destruction.

Slowly, I pushed the door open and two sets of eyes glanced before stopping their chatter. I didn’t say a word. My words, at times, didn’t make since when I was flustered and I didn’t want to start more than what had already been started, or worse, give them ammunition. Let’s face it, it’s two against one.

Luckily, I had begun cleaning and putting my things away without a word from either of them. Kat stared at her phone while Bart accompanied me with putting his things up.

My case was full and packed as I walked out of the room still not saying a word to either and vice versa. Slowly, I made it down the hall way to find some of the loading crew awaiting the cases of instruments, I’m sure. Howard, another rookie, stood leaned against the bus. I smiled and nodded before handing him my case, “Thank you!”

“No prob,” He slurred sounding just like Wayne from Wayne’s World, “Hey!” He yelled after me as I began to walk to my bus giggling as I thought about the old show.

“Yeah?” I asked with one of my eyebrows raised.

“Do you want to have a drink sometime?” I shook my head and opened my mouth to decline his request, but a voice from behind me interrupted.

“Sorry, dude. She’s with me,” It was Zack as he slipped an arm around my waist and kissed my neck. My face immediately curled into a smile. I turned in his caress and placed my arms around his neck. My lips pressed against his cheek, then he maneuvered his face for his lips to touch mine.

“Great job tonight,” Zack’s face was sweaty on the ridges of his face along with his hair soaked in either sweat, water, or beer.

“Thanks, that’s why I’m paid the big bucks. All for these magic fingers and good looks,” He winked.

“A few of my favorite things,” I winked back before removing myself from in front of him to his side. Zack placed his arm over my shoulders and I wrapped mine around his waist. I went to pull away from Zack for my bus but he kept his arm around me.

“No way. You’re sleeping with me tonight,” He grinned then waved at what looked like a few fans waiting for them to departure from the building. Thankfully, there were a few guards and a gate between us and them.

They screamed his name and cried and squealed, it was amazing the love that they had for the rock-star. Zack removed his arm from me and walked over to the few. He smiled for pictures and signed a few things, before walking away blowing kisses to them all.

Zack made me feel extremely special as he walked back over to me and placed his arm right back on my shoulders leading me to his bus. My heart fluttered as I began to think out of all the girl’s he could choose he chose me.


Zack and I sat in the back of their bus talking about how he feels during shows and what’s it like walking out in front of thousands. I occupied his lap with an arm wrapped around his neck. One of his hands laid on my thigh and the other around my waist. I tried to move, because I didn’t want him uncomfortable but he would just pull me tighter. I loved the amount of affection Zack showed. It made me know that he wanted me around, plus that I was his.

“What if I locked that door?” Zack asked gazing into my eyes with a sly grin.

“Then we’d be behind a locked door,” I played dumb.

“And what would that lead to?” He asked reaching his hand up the back of my shirt.

“Probably something really hot and heavy,” I smiled leaning in to kiss his lips. Both of my hands were now placed on each side of his face. My lips broke open as Zack requested for more. Zack placed his hands on my hips tugging on me to straddle his lap. I did as he insinuated. His jeans began against the inside of my thigh where my shorts didn’t cover. A hardness began to make its way to meet me where it should, only blocked by cloth. We were in our own world having a passionate progressing make-out session, that we didn’t even hear the sliding door open.

“Well that’s hot,” Brian slurred form the door way. I instantly pulled away and fell to the side of Zack on the built-in couch, “Don’t let me stop you.”

“You couldn’t have just shut the door back once you noticed it was occupied?” Zack chuckled sitting up, placing his elbows on his knees and rubbing his hands through his hair, surely to cover up what our actions led to.

“Uh no? Michelle flew out this evening. I need something to keep me hot and bothered,” Brian laughed with a wink, “I just came to play some Xbox. You mind?” He obviously wasn’t going to leave us alone.

“I’ll just go,” I chuckled standing up once Brian was turned around so I could fix my shorts and shirt.

“No,” Zack whined, “Stay please.” He stuck his bottom lip out and cocked his head to the side.

“Are you sure?” I asked finally finished fixing myself.

“Yes, please. Believe me everybody will be out shortly and we can have alone time,” Zack winked. I debated on my options. Stay with Zack and possibly have hot crazy sex later or go back to a bus where no one would talk to me? Well that’s easy…

“Okay, I’ll stay. I’m going to go change really quick,” I stated as I went to start walking, but Zack grabbed my hand then stood up. He pulled me to him placing his hand on the small of my back.

“I have something you can wear. Don’t worry about it,” Zack smiled before pulling me in even closer, “Even though you’re not going to need clothes for tonight’s activities,” My body trembled as Zack whisper the last sentence in my ear. This was definitely going to be better than sitting on a bus where everyone hated me…