Status: This is for NaNo. As such, it will be unedited for the time being.

The Power of Illusions


A group of people who are different and strange: They each wield a different power. In essence, perhaps they are superheroes without the names or the fame. They are the unsung heroes that tackle foes day and night from the shadows. They use their powers for good.


A group of people who are different and strange: Power wielding villains who intend to show the world the true meaning of fear. Their desire is to bring to light their powers and make the normal citizens of the world kneel in reverence and fear.

A classic battle of good versus evil. However, when one of the S.B.U.R.B. members is captured by the leader of L.O.R.D., the other members of S.B.U.R.B. must band together to save him, all the while, one of them is quickly realizing his true feelings for his best bro.

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