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All Good Things

Zachary Baker has been here before: writing an album, partying with his bandmates, engaged.

When the first marriage turned to shit, the divorce hit him pretty hard. Fuzzy memories of day drinking and not showering, finding solace between the thighs of beautiful women, ignoring the worry on the faces of his bandmates. After all of it, he never thought he'd be back here. Engaged. Again. This time to a pretty brunette who didn't put up with his shit. But things were good. He figured he'd roll with the punches and the stress until after the wedding. That stress would go away and the fighting would lessen. Right?

Yet there was that fear burrowed inside of him that maybe this wasn't what he wanted. Maybe he jumped again. With the other guys married and happy, he assumed he just had high expectations. Abby was different than Gena. Abby would treat him better. He would be happy again. He had to be.

But when he hires a drunken memory from his past as their wedding planner, everything starts to shift.