Status: NaNoWriMo 2016 Novel; on hold until i can get my inspiration back.

Whispering Wings

Maya, aka Mew, is a quiet girl gifted with the powers of the Egyptian cat Goddess, Bastet. Or so the Egyptians often thought. And being the adopted sister of Prince Ramses and the twin sister of Moses did very little to help the unusually quiet girl break from her timid nature. As she grows up with Ramses' overzealous and stubborn pride and Moses's mischievous streak, yet self-doubting personality, can she bring her two brothers together to face their inevitable destinies?

With the approach of her 16th birthday, Mew sees a slow change in both of her brothers as one tries to step up to his father's expectations and the other discovers his true origins. It leads to a tear in the family and the life she has always known. She was always the thread that kept her brothers together, the three of them bound by lies, love, honor, tradition, and death.

While the story of Moses definitely belongs to whoever wrote the Bible (all versions of the Bible) and any elements from Prince of Egypt belongs to DreamWorks animation, I have taken liberties with the movie and biblical story and am writing this story as an original historical fiction. Mew/Maya belongs to me, as well as any other characters that never existed in the original biblical story and Prince of Egypt.
  1. Comfort & Blessings
    Part 1. 3727 words.
  2. Comfort & Blessings
    Part 2. 3017 words.
  3. Comfort & Blessings
    Part 3. 2628 words.
  4. Messages & Challenges
    Part 1. 3434 words.
  5. Messages & Challenges
    Part 2. 2085 words.
  6. Surprises
    Part 1. 4558 words.
  7. Surprises
    Part 2. 4329 words.
  8. Surprises
    Part 3. 3274 words.
  9. Surprises
    Part 4. 3981 words.
  10. Secrets
    Part 1. 2730 words.
  11. Secrets
    Part 2. 909 words.