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Whispering Wings


I really didn't know what I was doing, but whatever I was about to do, I did it without thinking. I was never one to force people into doing things they didn't want to do. I never forced servants to just stand around like statues while waiting for my next order. If they needed to sit down for a bit to relieve their aches then I allowed them to do just that. It was because I showed kindness towards all who worked under me that people in the Pharaohs' court thought of my ways as odd, queer, even strange. Many thought it odd that a princess of Egypt didn't don't have the typical prissy spoiled bratty prince attitude.

But everyone did have one assumption right. I was spoiled and selfish to a point. Always protected by the parents who raised me as their own and indulged by two brothers. Whenever I wanted something badly, which any requests I made were few in number, I would put on a face that Rameses and Moses call the pouting kitten face (It was something akin to Moses's own puppy dog eyes) and shed a few tears, and anyone who looked at me would cave in. Moses and Rameses, especially Rameses, were always on the receiving end of my requests and they, unknowingly, fostered this selfish nature inside me.

As I saw Miriam fighting Aaron, trying to break free of his hold, digging her heels into the floor to keep our brother from dragging her out of the room, I breathed in deeply. In an instant, I followed after him, quickly catching up to him and reached for him.

"Let her go."

The instant my fingers touched the skin on Aaron's arm, a strange feeling, similar to a tingling feeling mixed with the feeling losing your breath while underwater, washed over me. It almost felt like someone reached into my heart and squeezed, forcing the air out of my body. It wasn't a very pleasant feeling, to say the least. And what I saw wasn't as pleasant either.
"You don't get it! Do you? You and Maya, both of you were born of my mother, Yochevid."

It was a dark moonlit night and for some reason, I saw him standing in the middle of the Hebrew village, the one that laid across the river. In the heart of the village was a well, where Miriam, Aaron, and many other of the Hebrews could finally draw water to quench the thirst that they weren't allowed to do so during the day when the sun was high and the desert was close to unbearable. But that was all I could really see. I wasn't physically there. Or at least I don't think I was. I couldn't reach out and touch anything or anyone.

I saw Moses just staring at our brother and sister with confusion in his eyes while Miriam fought to free herself from Aaron's grip. But she was able to break free from his hold once they were within reach of the door to their home. There was a look of fierce determination in her eyes as she slid to the ground, kneeling before him with her hands held out to him. "You are our brother, and she is our sister!"

"Our mother sent the two of you adrift in a basket to save your lives!"

"But from who?"

"Ask the man you call father!"

And just as Moses started walking towards Miriam, my sister looked directly at me and her eyes widened. My name slipped from her lips. "Maya!"

It was then that this vision, dream, or whatever one would call it, faded away.

"Maya? Are you alright? Maya!" air seemed to return to my body, the weight of my body making my legs buckle beneath me. The coldness of the night I felt from the vision faded away along with it and when I was able to move, I found myself in Aaron's arms with everyone crowded around me.

"Are you, are you okay?" Aaron asked this with a look of fright in his eyes. It was the same fright I felt when I saw the vision. I just groaned in response, blinking my eyes against the sudden brightness of the room. It was still day time and despite the dark rain clouds threatening to spill more rain onto the world, the room seemed bright compared to the darkness of the night in the vision I just saw.

"Erm, what?"

Aaron nearly jumped as Rameses knelt beside him. If Aaron were anyone else, Rameses would have shoved them away from me, but he wasn't. I think Rameses knew that if he did that to Aaron or Miriam, I would get angry with him and most likely not speak to him for a few days.

"Maya, what happened?" Rameses asked, he was ready to take me out of Aaron's arms but I was already sitting up with my older brother's help.

"What do you mean?" I grumbled, "All I did was fall to the floor."

everyone just traded looks with each other, everyone looking nervous and apprehensive. I just looked at them all.

"Uh, what's wrong?" I was finally able to sit up on my own and I was now sitting on the floor with my legs curled underneath me (it was a habit of mine to sit like this). Sheba meowed and hopped off my bed, walking up to me.

The room was silent for a moment before Miriam touched my shoulder. "Maya," My sister began, "You grabbed Aaron's arm and fainted."

"W-what?" I blinked. Was that what I did before the vision came to me? I felt Sheba curling into my lap, her blue eyes staring at me from the dark brown fluffy fur around her face. As if to confirm what Miriam said, the cat's eyes closed and dipped her head. Obviously, Sheba wasn't actually agreeing with what my sister said. It was just a coincidence, cats do that when they're preparing to take a nap. I finally looked at Miriam. "Did I say anything strange?"

"No, but you looked like you've seen a ghost." Aaron smiled slightly, but his eyes looked away when our gazes met. I just shook my head.

"But I didn't see a ghost or anything."

"Perhaps you saw the Hebrews' God?" Rameses asked this, remembering when he and Moses had found me staring into Sheba's eyes.

"No, didn't see God. God doesn't really have a form, at least not from what I know of." I tried wracking my brain for an explanation. All I can think of was that God had given me some sort of vision of the future, but why? Was it a warning? I really didn't know. Now there were, even more, questions piled on top of the ones I've already been pondering.

It was a bit unsettling and exciting at the same time to have all three of my siblings and Rameses together in one place, forgetting for awhile that Hebrews and Egyptians weren’t meant to converse with each other. It almost felt like everyone was equal. Even Kesi and Nessa were able to join in on the conversation. But like all good things, it came to an end and even though it was mainly me and Miriam, who did the chatting, she and Aaron had to leave. When it came time for them to leave, Miriam hugged both of me and Moses, leaving me with not just the memory of having spent this past hour with her and Aaron, but a large red fabric, a shawl that our mother wore when she was alive. Aaron gave Moses a ring that belonged to our father before he died. It was rare for a Hebrew slave to own something as valuable as a silver ring like this but once in awhile when an Egyptian grows attached to a Hebrew servant (or slave) they grant them more freedoms that most slaves would dream of and along with that freedom would be riches.

I think some little part of Moses was happy to receive our father’s memento, even if he didn’t show it.

As I stood there watching Nessa guiding them out of the room, I couldn’t help feeling a small sense of dread and sadness. Somehow I felt like this would be the last time i’ll see them. As if sensing what I was feeling, I felt something brushing against both of my shoulders. Moses and Rameses both placed a hand on my shoulders. Moses offered a strained smile.

“Are you going to use the shawl as a ghost costume?” He teased. Rameses laugh made me smile.

“It would be amusing to see Maya pretending to be the ghost of your mother to scare the guards.” My lover added. I could tell the two of them were trying to cheer me up and it actually worked.

I laughed a bit at the idea and playfully shoved them away. “If I did that, I’d probably be scolded and be sent to the dungeons for a week.”

“Oh I don’t know, would being the dungeons be that bad?” Moses gave a mischevious smile and he pinched my cheek. “It’d give me and Rameses time to do more hunting.”

“Or do another chariot race.”

this time I punched Rameses’ arm playfully and gave Moses another light shove. “If you two did another chariot race, you might tear down my new temple.” I teased back.

Before the three of us could play around anymore, Kesi cleared her throat and we looked at her. “Kesi?” I started.

“Would you like me to put the gift from your sister away, Princess?” Kesi’s gaze went the folded red-brown fabric sitting in my lap. Suddenly remembering I still had it, I nodded.

“Y-yes, please, put it in my trunk in Rameses’ chambers. T-thank you, Kesi.”

With that said, the woman bowed respectfully, taking the cloth from me. She then left the room with soft footsteps upon the stone floor.

I finally rose to my feet and dusted myself off before looking at both Rameses and Moses. “Well, shall we go to the party?” I asked.

I could see hundreds of people in the crowd, all of them guests, here to see me and Moses on our 16th birthday. No matter how many times I attend these parties and banquets the Pharoah throws, I always feel uncomfortable with so many pairs of eyes staring at me. Me sticking so close to Rameses or Moses may make me seem extremely timid, but really, I just didn't like being the center of attention.

I quickly dropped the curtain at seeing Mama noticing me peeking in. With my heart beating nervously in my chest, I started walking off, only to be stopped by someone grabbing my arm.

"And where are you going?" Asked a voice.

I gave a weak smile to Moses. "Just wanted to see if we have enough refreshments for..." My voice trailed off at seeing the knowing look in my twin's brown eyes.

"Maya, you run off and hide every year. Don't you think it's time to overcome this social fear of yours?" Moses released me and crossed his arms, staring at me. At least he wasn't teasing me like he usually would. There was an odd seriousness to my brother's tone as he said this.

I didn't answer him. Instead, I just looked away, unsure of what to say. I was surprised by Moses grabbing my hand gently and squeezing it.

"I'll be with you the whole time," Moses said softly.

"Not unless you start flirting with the girls and telling jokes," I muttered, but I looked at him and smiled. "I'm going to try and not run away, but only if you promise to be nearby when I need you."

My twin brother smiled at me, flashing one of his devilish grins at me. The seriousness was still there as he spoke. "I can't promise to flirt with the lovely lady guests, but I can promise to come when you call, always." Moses' playful side returned and I couldn’t help smiling at him.

I just rolled my eyes before facing the curtain again. I peeked in once more before releasing the peach colored soft fabric, the gauzy material on the other side grazing my finger tips before falling to the floor.

“Well, ready?” Moses asked. I breathed in and exhaled before finally nodding.

Moses placed a hand on my shoulder blades. Using his other hand to push back the curtains, he gently guided me through the other side to the banquet hall where loud cheers and claps greeted us. Mama was the first to approach us. She drew both of us into a hug, her lips pressing against our foreheads as she did so.

“I see you convinced her to come this time, Moses,” Mama said teasingly.

Moses smiled coyly, his hands turning with the palms facing up. “Sorry, little sister. Mother told me to convince you to come.”

I just chuckled and poked his shoulder, “As long as you didn’t do anything underhanded to get me here, I’m fine with it.” I teased back with a light poke to his cheek. Moses laughed giddily and poked my nose but before he could respond, Mama touched us on our shoulders.

Mama smiled and drew us in for another hug before releasing us. “Your father wants to wish you both a happy birthday now.” She whispered, gently urging us towards where Papa and Rameses were standing, waiting patiently.

As soon as he saw us, Rameses hugged me tightly and playfully nudged Moses with a big grin. He seemed unusually excited about this party. “Maya, you won’t believe what father has in store for you!” He started with an excited whisper. But Papa clearing his throat and saying his name in a soft but stern tone made the prince release me. “Sorry, Father.”

This only made me slightly more nervous, but I kept my composure and bowed to Papa anyway. “Papa.”

The Pharaoh just dipped his head and he then placed his hands on my and Moses’s shoulders, squeezing gently with a small smile on his lips. “Happy birthday, my children.”

“Thank you, father.” We said this in unison that it nearly made me and my twin giggle nervously. It was almost embarrassing really. We never really speak in unison like this all the time, but when we did, it would make us both feel happy and embarrassed at the same time.

Papa simply smiled and gave us a light squeeze on our shoulders. It was his way of showing affection. “Go now, and enjoy the festivities,” Papa said softly and again, we bowed to our adoptive father, thanking him.

I saw the somewhat confused look on Ramses’s face as I looked at him now. Rameses’ looked our father with a strange curiosity.

“Father, what about the surprise?” He asked softly, almost whispering to the Pharoah.

Papa just puts a finger to his lips, silencing him. “I will make an announcement later, but for now, we should just enjoy the festivities,” Seti said softly.

This little exchange just made me feel all the more curious and Rameses seemed put off by Papa’s dismissive manner. He was definitely excited when Moses and I appeared, but now he seemed annoyed. Rameses had no choice but to obey our father as he, too, bowed.

“Yes, father.” He said softly, his quiet tone hiding a sharp edge to it. Papa didn’t seem to notice his son’s anger. Perhaps it was because of all the excitement and the noise in the audience chambers. The future Pharaoh then walked off, leaving me and Moses to trade slightly nervous looks.

The two of us didn’t even ask. We just bowed to our adoptive father, thanking him once more for the birthday wishes and this entire party before walking after our step-brother. It wasn’t long before a crowd of party guests swarmed around us, everyone wishing us happy birthday and well wishes as we stepped off the small stage (if you could call it that). Thankfully though, Moses was able to get us through the crowd of good wishers, but as we broke free of them, we saw that Rameses was nowhere to be found. It was as though he had vanished into thin air, much to my disappointment.
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