The Right Fit

Chapter 17

“and we are back” Harry said as the plane touched down, Blakely looked out the window and smiled.

“you know I didn’t want to leave London, but Africa is breath taking” she said looking over at him, he smiled and looked over her to see he Savanna in the distance

“I love it here, its my favorite” he said, she smiled and looked back over at him

“I think anywhere I am with you, will be my favorite” Harry blushed and smiled

“even Iraq or Afghanistan?”

“yes” she said softly

“Sir, ma’am we are here” Avery said, they looked up at the tall man before unbuckling and standing up to stretch

“ready?” Harry asked softly, she nodded her head and began to walk down the aisle to the stairs, Jim following close behind her, Harry smild and watched how everything was now becoming naural to her. When he got the clear he headed to the stairs and into the car. Once the car door was shut, the car began to head to Cole’s house.

“my sister is calling” she said looking at her phone confused

“answer it”

“what if there is pictures of us?”

“we would have heard already”

“even in the states?” Harry chuckled

“yes, even in the states, answer the phone and you might want to let her know” Blakely groaned and put the phone to her ear


“get on facetime, David and I want to see you” Lacey said cheerfully, Blakely groaned “what?”

“nothing im just really tired, and in the car”

“oh is Cole with you?”


“who are you with then?”

“umm” she looked over at Harry and froze “a friend….?” He looked up from his phone and raised a eyebrow, she shrugged her shoulders apologetic and sighed

“get on facetime”


“now Blake”

“fine” she said pulling her phone from her ear. She waited for their phones to connect and took in a deep breath.

“hi” Lacey said cheerfully

“hi” she said with a smile, Lacey moved the phone to show David and Blakely waved. “hi david”

“hey Blake, hows it going?”


“hows Africa?”

“its really good, I umm actually just got back a few minutes ago” Harry squeezed her knee in support.

“why? Where were you?”

“I went to London for a few days”

“LONDON?” Lacey and David both asked, Blakely nodded her head.

“why?” Lacey asked

“umm, well I kind of met someone” her sister and brother in law stared at her confused through the phone “Cole has a friend from England, who comes to Africa often, we met……things kind of happened, I went with him to England for a family emergency and we are together now. We just got back to Africa” she took in a deep breath and too kin the silence. “guys? Hello?

“are you talking about the Prince?”


“Cole’s friend” David said

“you guys knew Cole was friends with Harry?”

“yeah mom told us awhile ago, she said not to tell you so we didn’t, but is that who you are talking about” Blakely hung her head down.Harry frowned and took her hand to turn the camera to him.


“holy shit” Lacey said with a screech


“i…im….im so sorry your highness” Lacey said covering her mouth

“its Harry, please” he said with a smile

“you? You two are an item?”

“yes, im absolutely crazy about your sister” he said with a smile “and umm while we have you on the phone and since you now know” he cleared his throat “when this gets out, a lot of people are going to want all the information on Blakely and even your entire family. They will offer money, they follow you, take pictures of you….please, don’t talk to those people. My family and I….we try to keep our personal lives quiet. You might not hear about Blakely and I for awhile but that’s because I want to keep her to myself for a bit longer, we have only known each other a little over a week, but it feels like forever and I just want more time before I have to share her with the world”

“aww” Lacey said with a grin, Blakely bit her bottom lip, he winked at her and she turned to look at the phone “Blake?”


“you look truly happy”

“I am” she said with a smile.

“Blake?” David said sternly, she looked at her brother in law and frowned, she knew it was coming.


“is this want you want?” she looked at him confused and Harry cleared his throat and looked at her “you want everyone in the world to know everything about you, all your ex boyfriends, who you have had sex with, who you hung out with in school, your military career, the details of when you were shot?” she swallowed hard and took in a deep breath

“David” Lacey said

“no, think about this Blake. He is a fucking Prince, nothing he does goes un noticed, its now going to be the same with you! What about protection? They are going to follow you, his highness over there has dealt with this his entire life… you’re a normal down to earth girl with a military background. How does this shit work and what would your dad say?” Blakely quickly pressed disconnect and sat back in her seat


“harry, please” she said covering her eyes, she leaned forward and took in a few deep breaths. He rested his head against the headrest. Jim cleared his throat and they both sat up to look at him, thinking he would say that they had arrived.

“I will go to the states to protect her, your highness” Harry’s eyes welled with tears, did he hear him right? He would leave England to go to the states to protect someone he had only met just a week ago?


“no!” Blakely said sternly

“sir, with all due respect, I have been your guard for 31 years, I can see the love you both have for each other and if she needs security I would like to step up and do it”

“Jim thank you, but im an adult…”

“Blake” Harry said, she looked over at him “Jim, thank you. I will discuss this will the palace…”

“NO!” Blakely said, they all looked over at her “im here too, don’t act like im not sitting right here and that I don’t have a say Harry.”

“babe, listen to me” he said turning his body towards her “im going to give you your space, as long as you promise if things become abnormal you will tell me. Jim will be on the first flight to you, and also if it gets too much….” He took in a deep breath “you will tell me” he closed his eyes and rubbed his face. Blakely took in a deep breath before taking his hand.

“im not going to leave you”

“but if it gets too much, I might need to let you go” her eyes went wide and immediately he regretted what he had said “wait, no….that came out wrong”

“no Harry, I don’t think It did” she said as the car came to a stop

“give us a minute” Harry said to his security, they nodded and stepped out of the car.


“Blake, stop, listen to me” he said taking her hands backs “I need to know when we aren’t together that you are safe, and if this is too much for you to handle….no matter how hard it is, I will let you go to have a normal life…it’s not fair for you to deal with the bullshit that I have to” he said frustrated “you don’t know what myself, Kate, William, my entire family have to go through and my mum, you don’t know”


“I cant watch them do to you what they did to her” he said sadly, Blakely watched him as he struggled to find more words to say.

“Harry, im in love with you” she said softly, his head jerked up and he stared in her eyes


“I am absolutely crazy about you Harry, its going to take a lot for me to walk away from you. I don’t care about the baggage that comes with you….I promise” she took in a deep breath” I promise if it gets too much I will tell you and you can send me Jim”

“are you sure?”

“yes” he pressed his lips against hers and took in a deep breath “I just….I just don’t think I can ever let you go” she smiled and looked in his blue eyes.

“then don’t, hold on to me even when it gets bad”

“same for you”

“I will” she said with a smile “come on, lets go see Cole” and with that they crawled out of the car and up the stairs, Harry unlocked the front door and let Jim inspect the house. They waited patiently for him to walk out with a clear. “Cole?”

“outside” he yelled, Blakely smiled and set her stuff down before walking to the balcony.

“hi” she said ”oh, you have company” Cole cleared his throat as Blakely looked at the girl sitting in the chair opposite, he stood up to hug his sister tightly

“yeah, I wasn’t expecting you both back this early”

“Cole, its 6pm”

“well yeah, but I expected you home in the early morning while I was asleep, can you let Harry know we have company”

“let Harry know what mate?” he asked walking out, he stood behind Blakely and looked at the girl in the chair “oh?”

“umm Leslie, this is my sister Blakely and my good friend Harry”

“your highness” she said standing up, she quickly curtsy as Harry ran his hands through his hair uncomfortably

“please, its Harry”

“umm…its nice to meet you” Blakely said stepping up to shake the girls hand

“you as well, and im sorry sir, Cole failed to mention you where his house mate” Harry chuckled lightly

“im sorry” Cole said to her, she smiled and nodded her head “how was London?”

“it was good” she said with a shrug, she turned and looked at Harry who looked uncomfortable “I have some laundry to do so im gonna head in, it was nice to meet you Leslie”

“you too” she was with a small smile, she turned to her boyfriend and gave him a look

“nice to meet you”

“you too your highness”


“yes, sorry….Harry” he smiled at Cole before walking into the house. Harry grabbed his stuff and walked to his room, before opening the door and walking into Blakely’s room.

“oh” he said with a smile, she turned and blushed at him before putting her T-shirt on

“you should learn to knock sir”

“why? If I knock I will miss a beautiful view like that” he said sitting down on the bed. She rolled her eyes and walked to him

“does it turn you on?” she asked seductively

“more than you know” he replied, she smiled and bit her bottom lip before cradling him on the edge of the bed she kissed him softly before pushing him roughly back, he chuckled and sat up on his elbows. He watched in awe as she removed her shirt again “mmm” he said biting his lip “god your such a tease”

“a tease? How do you know im not teasing? What if I want to please my man?”

“oh? How are you going to do that? He asked, she stood up and looked down at her bed. She smiled and began to undo his pants “babe”

“shhh” she said “just be quiet” she said pulling his pants and boxers down, she leaned over and kissed him softly before trailing kisses down his chest, to his stomach and stopping at his happy trail

“babe” he warned, she looked at him with a grin before taking him in her mouth “fuck” he hissed laying back all the way, his hands found her hair and he began to tug lightly which only made her go faster “babe, im going to cum” he said breathless “if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth stop now” she ignored him and continued working him, he groaned loudly as his body began to shake. “holy shit” he said out of breath. She wiped her mouth and looked up at him with a smile “jeez babe, I was not expecting that” she giggled and stood up

“that’s the best part” she said, he grabbed her and pulled her down with him

“where are you going?”

“to get ready for bed”

“absolutely not, im not done with you”

“tonight was for you”

“and now im going to repay you” he said flipping her over, she squealed lightly as he chuckled and kissed her passionately


“shh, just lay down and relax” he said getting on his knees infront of her, she watched lovingly until his tongue started to work, her hands went directly to his fiery locks. Once she came undone, Harry moved to the bed and kissed her before thrusting in her. “shhh” he said softly in her ear

“I cant help It, I got use to the cottage” she groaned, Harry smiled and kissed her, she whimpered in the kiss and immediately he came undone.

“fuck babe, how do you do that?

“do what?” she asked with a smile

“make me cum that fast” she shrugged her shoulders and giggled

“we really need to do laundry” she moaned looking at her suitcases

“we can have someone do it for us, stay in bed with me”

“no!” she giggled “I need normal in my life and that means doing my own laundry” she said getting up, she put on her clothes and walked to her suitcase. “bring me your stuff and I will do it”

“you don’t have to do that”


“alright alright” he said getting up, she watched as he put his clothes on and walked to his room. He came back with his suitcase and placed it on the bed

“do you know how to do laundry?” she asked, Harry chuckled


“do you?”

“uhhh no”

“well you are about to learn” she said standing up “dark, dark, dark, light, whites, dark, dark” she said placing his clothes with her in the piles on the floor “you have a lot of dark clothes”

“I don’t look so pale” he said with a smile, she chuckled and placed the dark clothes in a laundry basket

“come on” he groaned and stood up to follow her, once in the laundry room Harry watched as she put the clothes in the washing machine and poured liquid, she shut the lid and pressed start before turning and smiling at him

“that’s it!”

“is it supposed to turn me on to watch you do laundry?” she chuckled and pushed him away before walking to the livingroom, Cole looked up from the couch as they walked in and sat down
“where did your lady friend go?”

“Leslie? She went home” he said clearing his throat “look, if you were trying to keep this under radar….you failed”

“what? Blakely asked

“she heard you in the bedroom when she went to get her stuff from my room, she now knows my little sister is dating the Prince of England” Blakely looked over at Harry

“is she going to tell? He asked

“I don’t know, I told her you were keeping it quiet and taking it one day at a time, I also asked her out of respect to keep it quiet, she agreed but she will be over for dinner in a little bit”

“oh” Blakely said

“are you guys official now?

“yes” Harry said

“Cole, please, I have already talked with Charles, and everything is ready for when it comes out”

“and this is what you want?”

“Harry is what I want”

“ok then”

“your ok with it?”

“yeah” he said sticking out his hand, Harry stood up and shook his hand

“thanks man”

“don’t hurt her”

“I wont” Blakely smiled as Harry leaned in to kiss her “I promise” he whispered, she pulled away as he door bell rang

“That must be Leslie, please….try to behave and keep your hands off each other, she was already freaked out when she realized Harry was Prince Harry”

“no promises” Blakely said cuddling into his side, Harry chuckled and kissed her head “I don’t know if I can wait much longer to go public, I want to be with you all the time, and close to you all the time” she said

“me too baby, me too”
“hello again” the voice said softly, Blakely sat up and turned around

“hi, welcome back”

“thank you” she said sweetly, Cole brought everyone a glass of wine before sitting down on the couch “did you check on the duck”

“oh shit! No!” he said jumping up, Harry snickered as Blakely got up to help her brother “well damn, its ruined”

“way to go genius”

“shut up” he growled setting the burnt duck on the stove top. Harry and Leslie stood up and walked to the kitchen

“wow” she said trying not to laugh “now what?”

“I guess we can go out to dinner”

“im ok with that”

“what about yall?” he asked looking over at Blakely and Harry

“oh umm” Blakely said getting hesitant

“of course, we would love to join”

“what if we are seen?”

“babe, we just said we weren’t sure how long we could be kept secret, plus its not like we are in England still” he said

“you comfortable with it?” Cole asked

“Sure” she said with a shoulder shrug “I will go change”

“be ready in 10, Harry hands off of her!”

“yes sir” Harry yelled walking down the hallway.