The Right Fit

Chapter 27

Harry looked down at his phone, and smiled but silenced it. He was in a meeting and couldn't answer. As much as it killed him he didn't want to hear it from his dad who sat next to him. A few seconds later his phone started to ring again. He sighed and pressed ignore, hoping she would get the hint that he was too busy to talk. She knew how hectic his work schedule was and he had told her about his meeting just this morning. He looked next to him to see his dad staring at him. He mouthed a quick sorry and tried to listen to the prime minister in front of him.

"Answer it" Charles said as Harry's phone went off again. Everyone looked over at the ginger as his cheeks flushed a bright red.

"Sorry, excuse me" he said standing up. She had called him 4 times so he knew in his gut something wasn't right. Once the door was closed behind him he pressed the talk button. "Hello"

"Harry" her voice was of panic making his heart race

"Babe, what's wrong?"

"Were being followed"


"Me and Susanna"


"Paparazzi, 4 cars. They have surrounded us"

"Oh my god" he leaned against the wall and took in a deep breath

"They've been following us all morning”

"I'm so sorry"

"Harry I'm scared. There is one car on each side and 2 behind us. They keep yelling at us and taking pictures”

"Where are you?"

"Houston trying to get to the island"

"Whose driving?”


"Tell her to stay calm"

"Harry said stay calm"

"Ha yeah right" Susanna yelled


"Babe, please. Just try to stay calm ok"

"Ok" the flashbacks of the paparazzi following his mum 20 years before in Paris came flooding back. He took in a deep breath and tugged on the ends of his hair

"What's that?" The hair on Harry's body stood up when he heard them scream

"Babe? BLAKE!!!" He yelled into the phone. Kate and William stopped walking and looked at him "Blake answer me! Are you there?" He looked at his phone before turning and punching the wall behind him

"Whoa calm down" William said running up to him, he could see the fear in his little brothers eyes and immediately Kate was at their side

"What's wrong?"

"I think Blake was just in a wreck" he said pressing send "FUCK" he yelled as her phone went to voicemail "she....she called and said the paparazzi had them surrounded"


"In Houston! They were trying to get home! I just heard them both scream"

"She with a friend?" Kate asked Harry nodded

"Do you have her number? Maybe Blakely's phone died"

"No I don't" he said frustrated, running his hands through his hair he began to pace as he continued to call her cell. He stopped pacing when Charles walked out of his meeting.

"What's going on?"

"I think Blakley was just in a accident" Harry said. Charles looked between his children.

"The paparazzi was following her" William said

"That's why she kept calling! She was scared. I was trying to calm her down then I heard her scream, and loud sounds then the phone shut off" he said, Charles nodded.

"Go into my office and try to contact her. Kate go with him? William come with me. Try area hospitals in about 30 minutes" Charles said. Harry ran down the hall as Kate quickly walked behind him.

When Harry got to Charles office, he turned on the light and went straight to the desk. He sat down and began to call her phone again. Kate touched his shoulder as he turned on the laptop and pressed end on his phone.

"Breathe" she said motherly "tell me what I can do"

"I need a list of hospitals in Houston"

"Houston is very big"

"I'm aware" he said with a nod. Kate nodded and sat down, she began to search for hospitals and the two of them began calling.

Harry sighed and looked at the clock. They had been calling hospitals for way over an hour and kept getting nothing back in return. He took a drink of his jack and coke and groaned, rubbing his face, his hands went to the ends of his fiery locks.

"Harry" Kate said writing down a address "I found her" she said hanging up the phone. She stood up and walked to the desk. Laying the paper in front of him she stepped back to give him time and let it sink in.

"Memorial Hermann Trauma Center" he said slowly.

"Harry I' sorry" he picked up his phone and listened to the ringing on the other end



"Harry I was just about to call you"

"How is she?"

"You know?"

"I was on the phone with her when it happened. I wasn't sure what happened so I kept calling then Kate and I searched every hospital in Houston"

"She's at the trauma center. My mom and sister are with her. I'm flying home in a hour"

"Cole" Harry's voice began to shake

"She has a collapsed lung, swelling in her brain, a broken ankle, several broken ribs, and a broken arm"

"This is all my fault"


"It is. If I would have just walked away from her"

"She would be broken in other areas" Cole said taking a deep breath

"Can I come?"

"You want to fly to the states?"

"Yes. I need to be next to her"

"She's in surgery now, and I’m not sure how long she will be in."

"If I leave soon I can be there in 9 hours. How''s Susanna?”

"She's ok. Broken ribs, broken wrist and some cuts and bruises, one of the men in the other car died"


"Yeah. Listen I have to go. I should be boarding soon"

"I will see you in Texas. Safe travels" he said hanging up "JIM!"


"I need a flight to Houston, Texas ASAP. And a car to take me to memorial Hermann trauma center. I need my schedule cleared until I return"

"Yes sir"

"Henry" Harry turned to the door

"I'm sorry dad. I have to go"

"I will go with you" William said

"I need one of you here"

"I will go" Kate said, everyone looked at her "I can clear my schedule for a few days" William looked at her before looking at Charles

"Kate you don't have to do that" Harry said

"I want to" she said Harry looked at William "wills"

"That's up to you darling"

"then it's settled. Maria, can you cancel anything on my schedule for the week. I'm going to the states with Harry"

"Yes ma'am" she said with a quick curtsy.

"So it's settled" William said clapping his hands together. Harry looked over at Charles

"Send her our love, let me know your schedule once you arrive"

"Yes father" harry said

"Sir, you and the dutchess are being packed. Plane is being fueled up. Car is on it's way around"

"Tell the kids I'll see them this weekend" Kate said kissing Williams cheek

"Yes darling, please be safe"

"I will"

"And make sure she gets our love. Let me know the room number so we can send flowers" Kate nodded her head and looked at her brother in law. Harry had looked like he had aged over the last couple hours. "Take care of my brother"

"I will dear"

"Car is here" Harry jumped up and before he could run to the door, William grabbed him

"Take it easy, just breathe, she's still alive" Harry nodded as William slapped his shoulder. Once he released him harry was out the door rushing to the car.

"Harry" Kate finally spoke, 3 hours after taking off

"Yeah?" He asked not looking away from the window

"Look at me please" he sighed and glanced at his sister

"Are you ok?" He sat there for a few moments before shaking his head no.

"I promised her I'd protect her and I let her down"

"You weren't there"

"I should have been"

"You were in London Harry, she knows that's where you have to be..."

"But I should have protected her from the paps Kate! Even in England I should have done everything to protect her"

"And how would you do that?"

"I don't know" he sighed frustratedly "I should have just said goodbye when she left Africa" Kate stared at him "I was selfish"

"Loving someone isn't being selfish"

"I left the states 3 months ago, and I'm just now getting on a plane to her"

"You were swamped with work. You talked all the time though. Will and I heard you"

"Talking isn't good enough, she deserves someone who is there"

"And maybe one day you will be. Harry do you love this girl?" He closed his eyes and swallowed hard.

"Yes, I really think I do"

"Then hold on"

"Ma'am" Kate looked up "William is on the line"

"Thank you" she said standing up, she smiled down at Harry and rubbed his arm "it's worth it" she said. Harry watched her walk off before covering up with a blanket. He knew he needed to get some sleep, there was no telling what was waiting for him in Houston. He looked at his phone and ran his fingers across the screen. Her face on his background was his favorite thing to look at.

"Hold on baby, I'm coming" he said softly.

"Sir" Jim said lightly, Harry opened his eyes "we will be landing in 10"

"Thank you" he said sitting up. He looked over at Kate who was eating a light breakfast. She had changed out of her dress clothes to jeans and a sweater. "Guess I should change" he said standing up stretching. He grabbed his jeans and button down and headed to the bathroom. Once he was finished he returned to his seat for the arrival.

Harry looked out the window as the plane touched down. He text Cole to let him know he had arrived and thanked him for the room information. Quietly him and Kate made their way down the stairs to the car waiting for them. Once the door was closed they were on the way to the hospital. Kate knew there wasn't much to say until Harry knew Blakely was ok and saw her for himself. When they arrived Jim opened the door and they climbed out. Harry thanked god for the lack of photographers and proceeded to the ICU with Kate, Jim, Mike, and Avery, along with Kate's security team Andy and Paul close by. When the elevator doors opened Cole was standing there waiting.

"Hey" he said softly. Harry hugged him before he bowed to Kate

"How are you?" She asked hugging him

"I'm exhausted. She's not awake, they have her in a medical induced coma for now. They will try to take her out of it tomorrow. Surgery went good. There is a stint in her lung to help the healing. And she has a plate and a few screws in her right ankle, and they fixed up her knee" he said shaking his head

"She's....she's going to be ok though?" Jim asked, Harry looked at him and saw the sadness in his eyes. He didn't realize how much Jim had really liked her until now

"Yes, as long as she wakes up. My mom, grandma, grandpa, sister and brother in law are here. Susanna will get discharged today and join us after"

"Lead the way" Kate said with a smile, Cole nodded and turned to walk towards the waiting room. Harry's heart pounded as he began to hear people talking. Everyone froze as they made it to the waiting room.

"Umm Harry you remember my mom Marlee, this is my mom’s parents Carole and Gerald. And you met my sister Lacey, and brother in law David" he cleared his throat "memaw and pawpaw this is Blake's boyfriend Harry, his sister in law Kate, and the royal palace protection officers Jim, Mike, Avery, Andy and Paul" Carole stood quickly to curtsy

"Please" Harry said

"Treat us as family" Kate said with a slight blush. Marlee looked at Harry and sighed before standing up and hugging him tightly.

“Thank you for coming, I wasn’t sure you would be able to until Cole said you were on the way”

“we cleared our schedules to make sure we were here” he said softly squeezing her hand gently, she gave him a small smile that he could tell was forced, but he appreciated it anyways. He sat down and immediately looked at David, he was staring out the window and Harry could tell he had aged some of the last few months, and he figured it was the last few hours. David loved Blakely and as he looked around the quiet waiting room he could see just how much she was loved. Cole and Marlee stood as Susanna was wheeled down the hallway by what he assumed was her mother or father.

“oh Susanna” Marlee said walking towards her, she gently leaned down to brush the hair out of her face. Susanna smiled softly as she leaned in to kiss her forehead “I’m so glad you are ok”

“I’m so sorry”

“it wasn’t your fault” Cole said kneeling eye level

“I tried to get away, there was just so many of them, they had us surrounded” Harry stood up slowly as she spoke. Susanna looked up and frowned at him.

“Susanna” he spoke gently as he walked towards her

“Harry, we were so scared”

“I know, I am so sorry this happened”

“she didn’t tell you”

“tell me what?”

“they were following her, they were here at her job waiting for her to arrive and get off. They have our house surrounded, they were at the restaurant the other night when we had dinner and at the bar, then they were at the restaurant when we had breakfast and they came out of nowhere on the freeway”

“how long has this been going on?”

“I don’t know? Maybe a few weeks or so”


“im on it sir” Harry took in a deep breath and turned to look at Kate, she stood up and the pair excused themselves before walking down the hallway

“I need to tell my dad, this has to stop and stop now” he yelled as he began to pace back and fourth, Cole stopped in the middle of the hallway and watched his friend.