When You Close Your Eyes

13: Don’t Let Him Go Easily

“Are you sure that you want to come this afternoon?”

Isabelle, who’d quietly brushing her hair, jumped a little at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a soft smile. It had been a few days, after their fight, they’d taken a couple of days to allow things to calm down a little, but with Barcelona due to play Real Madrid that night, Isabelle had opted to attend the match, something which pleased Lionel, even if things between them were still a little off, he liked the idea that she would be in the stands, cheering him on.

“I am sure” she noted softly “Besides, my papa loves Real Madrid and I promised that I would take him. Why, don’t you want me there?” she added, offering him a soft impish smile. Things were still a little off, after their fight, things felt a little awkward and tense, but Isabelle was sure that it would pass eventually, even if they did have a lot more talking to do, she was hopeful that they’d figure things out eventually.

Lionel, who was stood in the door way, quirked a small smile before he shook his head. “You know I would love you to be there” he mused softly “But, if you wanted to duck out, I wouldn’t mind. I know these aren’t your favourite games” he added, moving to sit down beside her.

“They’re not” she agreed softly “But, it has been a little while since I came to one of your games and I promised my padre that I would go with him. My madre is going with Grace for her last dress fitting and my papa wants to spend a little time with me” she added, her fingers shyly moving to mess with his.

Lionel watched the movements of her fingers for a couple of seconds before he quirked a soft smile, moving to press a light kiss against her temple. “What have you got planned for this evening?” he posed quietly.

Isabelle tilted her head. “That would depend” she quipped, her tone soft and playful “Why are you asking?” she added, offering him a playful smile.

Lionel rolled his eyes playfully. “I was just thinking” he mused softly “It’s been a little while since we headed out to dinner together and I thought tonight would be a good opportunity. What do you think?” he added, pressing another light kiss against her temple.

Isabelle’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink before she peeked up at him, offering him a soft nod. “I think that I would like that very much” she mumbled gently.

Lionel flashed her a soft smile before he ducked into her, stealing a couple of soft kisses before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached his ears, causing him to pull back, his dark eyes peeking towards Marco who stood in the door, a playfully stern expression on his face. “Marco” Lionel breathed softly.

Marco spared a small chuckle before he shook his head. “Don’t look so worried, Lionel” he teased brightly.

Lionel let out a slightly nervous laugh before he pushed himself up to his feet. “I should be on my way” he noted softly “Isa, I will see you after the game?” he posed, sparing a soft look towards her.

Isabelle nodded her head. “Of course” she noted softly “Good luck” she added, offering him a bright smile.

Lionel flashed her another brief smile in return before he padded out of the room, something which made Marco shake his head, a small amused smile playing at the corner of his mouth. It had been a while, Isabelle and Lionel had been dating for almost four years, but Marco had to admit that he liked the way they were around one another, even if it had taken him a little while to warm to the argentine, he liked how happy Isabelle seemed with him.

“Did you want to go and grab a drink or something before the second half kicks off?” Isabelle posed, offering a soft look towards her father who sat beside her, flicking through the messages on his phone. it had been a tense first half, with both Barcelona and Madrid wanting the win, the match had been close and slightly fractious, but Isabelle had a good feeling about the second half, even if it was likely to be close, she had a good feeling that Barcelona would come away with a favorable result.

Marco, who’d been sending a text to his wife, startled a little at the sound of his daughter’s voice before he shook his head, offering her a soft smile. “I am OK” he mused softly.

Isabelle offered him a small nod before she carefully shifted in her seat, wrapping her coat around herself a little more in an attempt to ward off the cool December breeze.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you and Lionel were having problems?”

Isabelle, who’d been adjusting the scarf which sat around her neck, jumped a little at the sound of her father’s voice before she turned her head, a surprised expression on her face. “What?” she squeaked.

Marco offered her a soft look before he shook his head, a fatherly smile on his face. “I know you’re trying to hide it” he noted softly “And I have no intention of telling your mother, but I know there’s something up, Belle. You and him, it’s all been a little forced since me and your madre arrived and I was just wondering what was going on” he added, offering her hand a soft squeeze. He knew that it wasn’t his business, whatever happened between her and Lionel was between the two of them, but he wanted to encourage her to talk to him, even if she had tried hide things from him, he wanted her to know that he was more than happy to have her talk to him about it.

Isabelle blinked a couple of times, slightly caught off guard by his words, before she shook her head. “It’s that obvious?” she posed softly.

“No” Marco noted, shaking his head a little “I mean, your madre, she’s not caught on yet, nor have Grace or Samuel, but I know you and I know that something’s up. What’s going on, Belle?” he posed softly.

Isabelle offered him a soft look before she shrugged. “We were fighting” she admitted “For the last few months, we’ve been fighting more and more, and we considered breaking up, but we talked about it and we’re going to try everything we can to try and make it work, papa” she added gently.

Marco allowed her words to hang around them for a brief moment before he nodded his head. “I’m glad” he noted softly “I mean, I know I wasn’t the warmest towards him when you two first got together, but I like him, Belle. He’s a good man” he insisted kindly.

Isabelle’s cheeks warmed a little before she nodded her head, a shy smile on her face. “He is” she agreed gently.

Marco admired her smile for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, moving to offer her a light sideward hug. “Don’t let him go easily, Belle” he mumbled softly into her hair.

Isabelle nodded her head softly before she offered him a small smile, wordlessly promising that she wouldn’t simply give up on her and Lionel without a fight.
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