When You Close Your Eyes

40: I Thought You Should Know

Pushing a hand through his dark hair, Lionel quirked a small smile, his eyes set on the tray of food that he had prepared. It was still early, with the day off, Isabelle had been more than keen to take the opportunity to lay in for a while, and whilst Lionel didn’t want to disturb her, he did want the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday, even if she did fall back to sleep as soon as he left the room, he didn’t want to duck out without saying anything.

Ensuring that everything was safely settled on the tray, he carefully padded up the stairs before he nudged the bedroom door open, his dark eyes settling on Isabelle who was still curled up beneath the comforter, soft snores falling out of her mouth. Quirking a small smile, he watched her for a couple of seconds before he stepped a little deeper into the room, moving to settle the tray down on the end table before he sat down on the bed, his fingertips lightly brushing the blonde hair off of her face.

It had been a little while, after they’d shared the news of Isabelle’s pregnancy with his teammates, a few weeks had passed, and Lionel had to admit that he was pleased with how things were progressing between him and Isabelle, even if there were still a few tense moments, he was pleased that things were as calm and as comfortable as they had been for a while.

It had worried him, when Isabelle had told him that she was expecting, he had worried that the stress of the pregnancy would cause them a few more problems, but he was glad that it hadn’t, even if they did still have a way to go. He was more than happy to see that things were settling down between the two of them.

Carefully tucking her blonde hair behind her hair, he leant down slightly before he pressed a soft kiss against her cheeks. “Isa” he mumbled softly “Come on, mi amor, it’s someone’s birthday” he added, pressing another gentle kiss against her cheek.

Isabelle stirred a little at the feeling of his lips against her cheek, but didn’t wake up, something which made Lionel smile a little before he shifted his hand, gently nudging it against her shoulder. “Come on, nena” he murmured softly “I’ve made breakfast and everything” he added, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder.

Isabelle let out a small snuffle before she blinked her eyes open, a small sleepy smile appearing on her lips. “You cooked?” she posed, her voice soft and sleepy.

Lionel chuckled a little before he shook his head. “I wouldn’t say ‘cooked’” he quipped “But I did make a few things I know you like. I figured we could eat before I headed off to training” he added, collecting the tray from the end table.

Isabelle watched him for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a soft smile on her lips. “You know, you really didn’t have to do that” she mused softly “I’d have been more than happy with just a brief kiss before you headed off to training” she added, moving to steal a piece of fruit from the bowl which sat on the tray.

Lionel, who’d moved to rest back against his pillow, shrugged a little. “I know that I didn’t” he noted softly “But I am going to be gone for most of the day so I figured I would make a fuss of you before I left. I didn’t want you to think that I had forgotten” he added, offering her an impish smile.

Isabelle rolled her eyes a little before a comfortable silence settled around the two of them, something which made Lionel smile a little. Things felt good, for the first time in a while, things between him and Isabelle felt easy and familiar, and he had to admit that he was glad, even if they did still have their moments, he was more than happy that they’d figured things out.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lionel, who’d been staring into space, startled a little at the sound of Isabelle’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a small smile. “I was just thinking about us” he noted softly “And how close we came to breaking up” he added softly.

Isabelle frowned. “Leo…”

“I’m not trying to start a fight” Lionel interjected, not missing the tone of her voice “I was just thinking. I really thought we weren’t going to be able to put this back together” he added, his dark eyes peeking towards her softly. He didn’t want to a start a fight, aside from minor disagreements, it had been a while since they’d found themselves yelling at one another, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Isabelle mulled his words over for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head, a soft sigh falling out of her mouth. “I know the feeling” she murmured softly “Before my parents showed up for Grace’s wedding, I was sure that we’d just end up calling it quits, but I am glad that we didn’t. I love you, Leo, and whilst the last few months haven’t been the best, I am glad that we stuck it out” she added, her blue eyes mirroring his darker ones.

Lionel quirked a soft smile at her words before he leant over, pressing a soft kiss against the top of her head. “I’m pretty glad we did too” he mumbled into her hair.

Isabelle cuddled into his side for a couple of seconds, something which encouraged him to press another soft kiss against her head. “Did you quite picture this when we first met?” he mumbled, breaking the comfortable silence which sat over them.

Isabelle shook her head. “I didn’t” she quipped “But, when I first met you, you could barely say two words to me. I doubted that we’d ever get through one conversation, let alone 4 years of dating” she quipped, offering him an impish smile.

Lionel rolled his eyes playfully before he shook his head, his dark eyes peeking towards the engagement ring which sat on her finger. “Do you know how long I’ve have I had this?” he mumbled, his fingertips gently moving to twist the ring around her finger.

Isabelle watched the movement of his fingers before she shook her head, something which made him smile softly. “I bought that after our 3rd anniversary” he mused softly “I was out with Gerard, trying to help him find a present to give to Shakira on her birthday, and I saw it and when I did, I didn’t hesitate. I bought it and hid it in my sock drawer for months, trying to find the right moment” he added gently. He knew that it wasn’t a big deal, the idea that he had had the engagement ring for a while wasn’t the most important thing, but he wanted Isabelle to know it. He knew that she was still a little nervous, even if she hadn’t said anything, and he wanted to reassure her slightly, even if she hadn’t said anything. He wanted her to know that he was serious about taking steps forwards in their relationship.

Isabelle allowed his words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before she lifted her head, peeking at him gently. “You did that?” she posed softly.

“I did” Lionel confirmed “I’ve been sure of us for a while, Isa, and I thought that you should know that” he added, offering her a small smile.

Isabelle admired the soft smile on his face for a couple of seconds before she shifted her hand, gently cupping his cheek before she leant towards him, stealing a soft kiss. Lionel startled a little, slightly surprised by the soft kiss, before he shifted a little, pulling her slightly closer to him. “I just want you to know that I am right where I want to be, Isa” he mumbled, pulling away from her slightly “You, me and bump, it’s where I want to be” he added, offering her a soft smile.

Isabelle’s cheeks warmed a little before she leant towards him, resting her forehead against his. “I’m glad it is” she mused softly “I love you” she added, a small smile on her face.

Lionel quirked a small smile at her words before he ducked forwards, stealing another brief kiss before he mumbled the same three words in return.

Isabelle held onto him for a couple of seconds, enjoying the soft kiss, before the sound of his phone beeped in the distance, causing him to duck back, a soft sigh falling out of his mouth. “I have to go” he mumbled softly “But I will see you later?” he added, moving to push himself to his feet.

Isabelle nodded. “You will” she confirmed “We’re heading out to dinner with my parents and Grace and Sam” she added softly.

Lionel nodded his head before he moved to lift his kit bag onto his shoulder. “I’ll see you then, Isa” he mused softly “Happy birthday” he added gently before he ducked out of the room.

Isabelle watched after him briefly before she moved to snuggle back against her pillow, a soft grin playing on her lips. She knew that they had to be careful, whilst things were better between them, she knew that they had the potential to go wrong again, but she was pleased by how well things were going, even if she was slightly nervous. She was happy that they’d put things back on track.
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