When You Close Your Eyes

43: It’ll Be A Good Surprise

“You remember that we have an appointment this afternoon, don’t you?”

Lionel, who’d been finishing the last of his breakfast, startled a little at the sound of Isabelle’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a small smile. It had been a little while, after Isabelle’s birthday, a few weeks had passed, and whilst things were still a little tense between him and her parents, things between him and Isabelle seemed settled and calm, something which pleased him greatly.

He knew that things would change, when the baby came along, it was impossible that things would stay exactly the same, but he was excited about the prospect of the baby’s arrival, even if a small part of him worried that things between him and Isabelle would stumble, he couldn’t wait for the new addition to arrive.

“I do remember” he mused softly “It’s at one isn’t it?” he added, peeking up at her softly.

Isabelle, who’d moved to pour herself a mug of tea, nodded. “It is” she confirmed softly “You’re going to be able to make it, aren’t you? I mean, I know that your training session is a little later today…”

“I am going to be there, Isa” Lionel interrupted, a small grin playing on his lips “I mean, I am probably going to have to talk to Enrique about getting out a little early, but I am sure that he’ll be fine with it. I am not going to skip out on an opportunity to see our little blob” he added softly before he reached his hand out, gently tugging her to stand ahead of him.

Isabelle followed his movements gently before she shifted her hand, gently pushing the blondish brown hair off of his forehead. “You know, I still can’t quite believe that we’re going to be parents in a few months” she mumbled gently, not wanting to disturb the comfortable quiet which had settled over the two of them.

It still felt a little odd, even despite the fact that she was almost 5 months into her pregnancy, the idea that they were going to have a baby was one which still seemed a little unfamiliar to her, but still she was excited, even if a small part of her was slightly worried, she couldn’t wait to welcome the baby into the world.

Lionel, who’d moved to settle his hand against her bump, quirked a soft smile before he nodded his head. “It is still a little strange” he agreed softly “But it is a good kind of strange, no?” he added, his thumb gently brushing across the front of her blouse.

Isabelle watched the small movements of his thumb for a couple of seconds before she ducked forwards, pressing a gentle kiss against his forehead. “It’s the best kind of strange” she mumbled softly “I mean, I know it came out of the blue, and I know that it isn’t something we’d talked about, but I am glad that it has happened. I can’t wait to meet them, Leo” she mumbled gently, her fingertips gently pushing through his hair.

Lionel was quiet for a couple of seconds, briefly allowing her words to hand around them, before he lifted his head, moving to press a soft kiss against her lips. “I can’t wait either” he mumbled softly “But right now, you have to get moving. You’ll be late for work otherwise” he added, offering her a small impish smile.

Isabelle rolled her eyes softly before she moved to press a brisk kiss against his lips. Lionel held onto her for a couple of seconds, enjoying the kiss briefly, before he dropped his hold on her, allowing her to pad out of the room before he shook his head, a gentle smile perched on his lips.

He knew that things would change, with a baby around, there was no way that they couldn’t, but still he was excited about the new addition, even if a small part of him was worried about things becoming strained between him and Isabelle, he couldn’t wait to meet their baby for the first time.

“Things are looking remarkably positive, Isabelle” Carla mused softly as she helped Isabelle onto the examination bed, a warm smile on her face which was designed to calm down Isabelle who looked slightly nervous.

Lionel who was sat beside the bed, tilted his head. “Are you sure?” he posed gently, his hand reaching for Isabelle’s which fiddled nervously with her material of her blouse.

Carla spared a soft look towards their hands before she nodded her head, a gentle smile on her face. “I’m very happy” she mused softly “I’ve looked over all of Isabelle’s tests and they all look as we’d expect they would at this stage of her pregnancy. She’s putting on the right amount of weight and that twinned with the fact that she’s already felt a few little movements mean that I am very confident about her progress, but I am sure that you’ll see for yourself in a couple of seconds. Have you two talked about knowing the sex of the baby?” she posed softly, moving to smear a small amount of the cool gel over Isabelle’s bump.

Isabelle flinched a little at the sensation of the gel on her stomach before she tilted her head, her blue eyes peeking up at Lionel softly. It was something that they’d talked about, after Isabelle’s 12 week scan, they’d discussed the idea of finding out the sex more than once, but still they hadn’t agreed. Lionel wanted to know, he wanted to know whether he was expecting a son or a daughter, but Isabelle didn’t, wanting to enjoy the surprise on the day the baby entered the world.

Lionel peeked at her softly, his dark eyes mirroring her blues, before he nodded his head, offering her a light smile. “We’ll wait” he mused gently.

Isabelle offered him a slightly dubious look, wordlessly asking if he was sure, before she squeezed his hand, wordlessly thanking him.

Carla, who’d moved to run the wand over Isabelle’s stomach, titled her head. “Are you sure?” she posed gently.

Lionel nodded. “I’m certain” he mused softly “Beside, it’ll make a pretty great surprise in few months’ time” he added.

Carla offered him a light smile before she turned her attention back towards the scan, allowing the baby’s strong heartbeat to fill the air, a sound which made Lionel grin.

Isabelle, who’d been peeking at the screen ahead of her, admired the image for a couple of seconds before she squeezed Lionel’s hand, something which caused him to lean towards her, pressing a gentle kiss against her temple. Isabelle smiled a little at the feeling of his lips against her head before she cuddled into him slightly, their eyes not shifting away from the image of their baby which filled the screen.
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