When You Close Your Eyes

45: She Knows It Too

Sparing a soft yawn into his hand, Lionel pushed the front door closed behind him, a small sigh of relief leaving his lips. It had been a long day, with Barcelona’s match having been away, he’d spent a lot of the day cooped up travelling, but he was glad to be home, even if it was a little later than he had been hoping for, a small part of him couldn’t wait to huddle up beneath the duvet and fall asleep.

Ensuring that he had moved his bag out of the way of the door, he quietly toed off his shoes before he padded into the living room, quickly making his way towards the kitchen before he paused, his dark eyes settling on Grace who stood beside the counter, sipping on a glass of water. Pausing for a second, he quirked a soft frown before he cleared his throat, something which made Grace jump a little before she turned to face him, a sheepish expression on her features. “Hola” she greeted softly.

Lionel offered her a small look before he shook his head, offering her a gentle smile. “Hola, Grace” he replied softly “Where’s Isa?” he posed, moving to collect a glass from cupboard.

“She headed up to bed a little while ago” Grace replied softly “And she offered me your spare bedroom for the night. I hope you don’t mind” she added gently.

Lionel, who’d moved to pour himself a glass of juice, shook his head. “Of course I don’t” he noted softly “You’re practically family. You spent the evening with Isa?” he posed gently.

It was a common occurrence, with Samuel’s work often taking him out of town for days at a time and his schedule with Barcelona, Isabelle and Grace had often spent their weekends together, and Lionel had to admit that he was glad that Isabelle had Grace around, even if they’d not seen a lot of one another since Grace had married Samuel. He liked the idea that Isabelle had someone to talk to.

Grace, who’d moved to stow her glass in her sink, quirked a soft smile before she nodded her head gently. “I did” she confirmed “I figured, with both you and Sam out of town, we could use a girly night in, and I think Belle agreed. I mean, I caught her off guard by showing up here unannounced, but once she settled into it, I think she had a pretty good night” she added softly. it had been a quiet night, after they’d discussed Isabelle’s worries, they’d settled in to watch Barcelona’s match and a couple of films, and Grace was glad that they’d done it, even if Isabelle had been a little quiet, she had enjoyed the opportunity to spend a little time with her sister.

“I’m glad that she enjoyed herself” Lionel mused softly “She’ll never admit it to you, but I think she’s missed you, Grace” he added, offering her a slightly impish grin.

Grace spared him a playful roll of her eyes, something which made Lionel chuckle a little before he moved to pad towards the doorway. “I am probably going to head upstairs” he noted softly “I’ll see you in the morning?” he added kindly before he moved to pad out of the room.

Grace watched him for a second before she shook her head. “You know, she really does love you” she squeaked gently.

Lionel, who’d been a couple of steps out of the door, stilled a little before he turned around, his head tilted. “What?” he posed softly, stepping back into the room.

Grace offered him a soft look before she shook her head, a soft sigh falling out of her mouth. “I know it’s not my business” she mused softly “I mean, whatever happens between you and Belle, it’s entirely your business, but I just thought you should know that. I know she worries, she has done since we were children, but I know that she is still as crazy about you now as she was when you two first got together and that’s not something that is going to change” she added, her tone gentle and kind. She didn’t want to interfere, whatever happened between Isabelle and Lionel was between the two of them, but she wanted to reassure him slightly, even if she knew that Isabelle had a tendency to worry when there was no need to, she wanted him to know that it didn’t change how Isabelle felt about him

Lionel mulled her words over briefly before he shook his head, a soft sigh falling out of his mouth. “Grace…”

“I’m not going to lecture you like my parents did” Grace interrupted, offering him a small shy smile “I’m sure you’ve had enough of that for a life time, but I just wanted you to know that. She’s in love with you, and whether you two end up fighting or not, I don’t want you to doubt that. She’s just a worrier, she always has been” she added gently.

Lionel offered her a gentle look, allowing her words to hang around them for a couple of seconds, before he shook his head, offering her a small smile. “I know she is” he agreed softly “And whilst it can get on my nerves, I love that she’s a little more cautious than me. I’ve never doubted that she loves me, and I hope you know that I love her too” he added warmly.

Grace quirked a small smile before she nodded her gently. “I do know that” she confirmed softly “And Belle, she knows it too. I told her this earlier, but when you two are getting it right, you make it look easy and I hope it works out for you. You’d not make the worst brother-in-law” she added playfully.

Lionel rolled his eyes playfully before he shook his head. “I’m going to go to bed” he noted softly “I’ll see you tomorrow?” he posed.

Grace nodded her head gently before she quirked a soft smile. “Buenos noches, Leo” she mused softly.

Lionel returned her smile briefly before he ducked out of the room, something which made Grace smile a little. she knew that things had to change, when the baby arrived, there was no way that they couldn’t, but still she was hopeful, even if there was the potential of a few hiccups between her sister and Lionel, she was confident that they’d figured things out.

Sparing a soft yawn into his hand, Lionel carefully nudged the bedroom door open, trying his hardest not to make a sound. Carefully, he tiptoed into the room before he paused, his dark eyes settling on Isabelle who was curled up beneath the duvet, soft snores falling out of her mouth.

Quirking a soft smile, he watched her sleep for a couple of seconds before he moved to shuffle out of his jeans, allowing him to climb into the bed before he settled his arm around her waist, his palm finding her bump.

Isabelle, who’d been sleeping soundly, stirred a little at the feel of his hand before she blinked her blue eyes open, peeking up at him. “Leo?” she posed softly, her voice sleepy.

“It’s me” Lionel replied softly “I didn’t mean to disturb you. You should get back to sleep” he added, his thumb gently skimming over her bump.

Isabelle watched the movement of his thumb for a second before she carefully turned over, her blue eyes mirroring his darker ones. “You’re back later than I thought you’d be” she mumbled softly “I tried to stay up but bump…”

“It’s fine, Isa” Lionel interrupted softly “You need to rest” he added, pressing a gentle kiss against her nose.

Isabelle wrinkled her nose a little at the contact before a small yawn fell out of her mouth, something which made Lionel smile softly before he ducked forwards, pressing a kiss against her forehead. “Sleep, nena” he mumbled softly “We can talk in the morning, but right now, I think you ought…” Lionel’s voice trailed off a little as he felt something move against the palm of his hand, something which caused him to tilt his head to one side.

Isabelle marveled at the soft expression on his face before she shook her head, a soft giggle falling out of her mouth. “I think someone might like the sound of their papa’s voice” she teased softly.

Lionel blinked a couple of times. “That…That was?” he babbled.

Isabelle nodded. “I felt the first one this afternoon” she confirmed softly “But I didn’t want to ruin it for you. I figured he or she would kick again when you were around” she added, a warm grin on her face.

Lionel allowed her words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before he carefully shuffled down the bed, moving to lift Isabelle’s shirt slightly before he ducked down, pressing a warm kiss against the skin before he began to mumble softly to her bump, something which made Isabelle smile softly. She knew that they still had a way to go, the baby wasn’t due for a few more months, but still she was excited, even if she was a little nervous. She couldn’t wait for the baby to put in their first appearance.
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