When You Close Your Eyes

50: Welcome To The World

Flicking through the newspaper that sat ahead of him, Lionel took a sip from the mug of tea which sat ahead of him, his ears doused by the soft silence which filled the house. It was early, usually too early for him, but with Isabelle struggling to get comfortable, he had opted to get out of bed, wanting to offer her every opportunity to get as much sleep as she wanted.

It had been a while, after the cup final, a few weeks had passed, and with it being the end of July, Isabelle’s due was only a matter of days away, something which made Lionel a little nervous. He knew that it was going to take some work, getting used to having a newborn around wasn’t something which was going to happen overnight, but he was sure that between him and Isabelle, they’d figure it out, even if it did take them a little while. He was confident that they’d make it work.

Turning over another page, he spared a soft yawn into his hand before the sound of footsteps reached him, causing him to look towards the doorway, watching as Isabelle padded into the room. “Isa?” he posed softly “Mi amor, what are you doing up?” he added.

Isabelle, who stood in the doorway, blinked a couple of times before she lifted her head, her blue eyes wide and slightly tearful.

Lionel noted the look on her face and tilted his head, a small frown on his lips. “Isabelle?” he pressed “What’s going on?” he added, his voice urgent.

Isabelle swallowed a little before she shifted her hand, resting it against her bump. “I…I think I am having contractions” she squeaked softly “I mean, I’ve been having these pains for a couple of hours but I thought it was cramps. They’re starting to get worse, Leo” she babbled gently.

Lionel blinked, trying to process her words, before he stepped towards her. “You…You think…now?” he babbled, his voice soft and awed.

Isabelle nodded. “I am pretty sure” she confirmed softly “Leo…”

“We should get moving” Lionel interrupted, “We should go and get dressed, get the bags, and head to car. I’ll call our parents….”

“You can take a breath first” Isabelle interrupted, a soft giggle falling out of her mouth.

Lionel tilted his head, something which made Isabelle smile a little before she moved to knot their fingers together, offering his hand a small squeeze. “We don’t need to rush” she mused “The contractions, they’re still a while apart, and my waters haven’t broken yet. We can take our time when it comes to getting dressed and getting to the hospital” she added before she leant towards him, pressing a soft kiss against his lips.

Lionel held her close, enjoying the soft kiss for a couple of seconds, before he ducked back, offering her a tentative smile. “We’re going to have baby, Isa” he mumbled softly.

Isabelle noted the slightly awed tone of his voice before she leant into him once more, stealing another soft kiss. “Yes, we are” she confirmed gently.

Lionel allowed her words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before he offered her hand a soft squeeze. He knew that it was going change things, with a baby around, there was no way things could stay the same, but he was excited, even if he did have a few knots in his stomach, he couldn’t wait to hold their son or daughter for the first time.

Resting his head back against the chair he sat in, Lionel allowed a soft yawn to fall out of his mouth before he lifted his arm, checking the time on his watch. It had been a long morning, shortly after they’d arrived at the hospital, Isabelle’s waters had broken, but still there was no sign of the baby, something which had left him feeling slightly tired. He knew that it was a slow process, Carla had been quick to inform him that it could be a while before the baby arrived, but a small part of him had been hoping that it would be over quickly.

“Did you manage to get a hold of your parents?”

Lionel, who’d closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, jumped a little at the sound of Isabelle’s voice before he sat up a little, something which made Isabelle giggle a little. “I didn’t mean to disturb you” she quipped “But before your nap, you’d gone to call them. Did you get a hold of them?” she added, her tone bright and teasing

Lionel rolled his eyes slightly before he nodded his head. “I did” he noted softly “And they’re going to be on the next flight out. I also called your parents, but I only managed to get their voicemail, though, I’m sure as soon as they hear it, they’ll be on their way” he added gently.

Isabelle allowed his words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before the sound of a tap at the door echoed, causing her to look up, smiling a little as Carla padded into the room. “I’m not disturbing you, am I?” she posed softly.

“Not at all” Isabelle quipped.

“I’ve just come to check in on you” Carla mused softly “How are you feeling, Isabelle?” she added as she padded towards the end of the bed, moving to check Isabelle over.

“I’m doing OK” Isabelle noted softly, her hand gently reaching for Lionel’s as another contraction passed over her “I mean, the contractions are getting pretty close together now, but I think I’m getting through it” she added, her grip tightening.

Lionel flinched, not quite expecting her grip to be so strong, before he pushed himself up to his feet, moving to press a soft kiss against her head before he mumbled a few soft reassurances into her ear.

Carla watched them for a couple of seconds, not wanting to disturb their moment, before she quirked a soft smile. “I think we’re about ready to head towards the delivery room” she mused softly “I’m going to and get changed, and then we will take you through to have your baby, Ok?” she posed, offering the blonde another reassuring smile.

Isabelle blinked a couple of times, allowing her words to settle in, before she nodded her head, a weak smile on her lips. Lionel, who sat beside her, noted the smile before he leant towards her, stealing a soft kiss. “We’re going to be parents, Isa” he mumbled “We’re going to have our baby” he added, his fingertips gently pushing the blonde hair off of her forehead.

Isabelle swallowed a little, try to wrap her head around his words, before she moved to squeeze his hand, something which made him smile a little before he moved to press a soft kiss against her temple, mumbling soft reassurances into her ear.

Rubbing his eyes a little, Lionel shifted slightly in his seat, his dark eyes settled on the baby who laid on his chest, soundly sleeping. It had been quick, after they’d headed towards the delivery room, it had only been a matter of minutes since the baby had entered the world, and Lionel hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of the newborn, even if it had been a while since the arrival, he couldn’t seem to will himself to stop admiring the baby.

Sparing a soft yawn into his hand, he carefully moved his arms slightly before he lifted his hand, gently brushing his hand up and down the newborn’s back.

“Are you going to put her down eventually?”

Lionel, who’d been quietly murmuring to the baby, quirked a small smile at Isabelle’s words before he shook his head. “Probably not” he quipped “I mean, I could do, but I kind of like holding her and she seems pretty happy where she is, doesn’t she?” he added, offering her a small impish smile.

Isabelle rolled her eyes playfully before she moved to pat the side of the bed, something which caused Lionel to stand up, carefully moving to settle down beside her. Isabelle smiled gently before she moved to rest her head against his shoulder, her blue eyes peeking towards the little girl who snoozed happily in her father’s arms, her little nose wrinkling a little. “She’s so tiny” she breathed softly.

“She is” Lionel agreed “But she…she’s perfect, isn’t she?” he added, peeking at Isabelle softly.

Isabelle quirked a soft smile at his words before she moved to press a kiss against his cheek. “Of course she is” she mumbled softly.

Lionel offered Isabelle another gentle smile before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against the top of the little girl’s head. “Welcome to the world, little one” he mumbled gently.
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