When You Close Your Eyes

56: We Should Do This More Often

Smoothing out the material of the dress she wore, Isabelle spared a soft look towards the mirror which stood ahead of her, a nervous sigh falling out of her mouth. It had been a while, with her pregnancy and Isla’s arrival, opportunities for her and Lionel to take a night to themselves had been few and far between, but with Grace having offered to keep an eye on the little girl, Isabelle had been quick to suggest that she and her boyfriend take the night for themselves, even if they had agreed to simply head out to dinner for a couple of hours, she was looking forwards to having Lionel to herself for a couple of hours.

Sparing another look towards the mirror, she carefully adjusted the material of her dress once more before she padded towards wardrobe, moving to collect a pair of shoes from inside.


Isabelle, who’d been trying to choose out a pair of shoes from inside the cupboard, startled a little at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she carefully lifted her head, turning to face him. “I don’t look stupid then?” she quipped, her expression slightly uncertain.

Lionel, who’d been admiring her, quirked a small smile at her words before he shook his head. “You look beautiful, Isa” he mused warmly “I mean, it’s been a little while since I saw you all dressed up like this, but you look amazing” he added gently.

Isabelle offered him dubious look, wordlessly asking if he was sure, before she moved to collect her shoes from the wardrobe, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “Did you ask Grace if she was sure about tonight?” she posed, pulling her shoes onto her feet.

She knew that Grace didn’t mind, for days, the younger woman had insisted that she was looking forwards to looking after her niece for a couple of hours, but still Isabelle was a little worried, even if she was sure that Grace would be able to cope with Isla. She was a little nervous about heading out for the first time without Isla.

Lionel, who’d moved to collect his wallet and keys from the bedside table, quirked a small smile before he nodded his head. “I did” he confirmed softly “And she told me the same thing she told you when you asked her. She’s more than happy to look after Isla for a couple of hours, she wouldn’t have offered to if she didn’t want to, and she told me to tell you to calm down. It’s going to be fine” he enthused softly.

Isabelle rolled her eyes a little, something which made Lionel chuckle a little before he stepped towards her, his hands gently moving to take a hold of hers. “You know, if you’ve changed your mind about tonight, I wouldn’t mind” he mused softly “I mean, it’s been a little while since we’ve have some time alone together, but if you want to…”

“I want to go” Isabelle interrupted softly.

“You do?” Lionel posed “Because if you want stay here, I’d really not mind” he added, his voice soft and kind. He knew that she was nervous, it was written all over her expression, and he wanted to offer her the opportunity to duck out, even if he was looking forwards to having Isabelle to himself for a little while, he didn’t want her to feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Isabelle smiled a little at the tone of his voice before she carefully tugged on his hand, pulling him slightly closer before she pushed herself up, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “I promise you, I want to go” she mumbled, tugging back from him slightly.

Lionel blinked a couple of times, surprised by the sudden kiss, before he nodded his head. “Ok” he mused gently “We should go downstairs, say goodbye to Isla and Grace, and then get going. We’ve got a reservation to keep” he added, a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

Isabelle admired the smile on his face before she pressed a small kiss against his cheek, causing him to gently wrap his arm around her. He knew that it wasn’t much, before Isla had arrived, he and Isabelle had been out to dinner more times than he cared to count, but he couldn’t help but look forwards to it, even if it was only a likely to be a couple of hours, he was looking forwards to spending a little time alone with his fiancée.

“So, how has the season started?” Isabelle posed as she sipped on her glass of water, her blue eyes peeking towards Lionel who sat opposite her, perusing the dessert menu. It had been a pleasant evening, the dinner that Lionel had arranged had been intimate and romantic, and Isabelle had to admit that she had enjoyed herself, even if the night had been punctuated by her checking her phone for messages from her sister, she was glad that they had taken a little time for themselves as a couple.

“You’ve not been watching?” Lionel quipped, offering her a boyish smile.

Isabelle rolled her eyes. “I’m sorry” she quipped “I’ve been a little busy taking care of our little girl” she added, poking her tongue out playfully.

Lionel laughed before he shook his head. “It’s been a good start” he noted softly “We’re 4 weeks in and we’ve won 3 times and drawn the other game. It’s going pretty well” he enthused softly. It had been a little while, after Isla had arrived, Lionel had been quickly swept into the midst of the new football season, and whilst he didn’t like leaving Isabelle and Isla to head to away games, he had to admit that he was enjoying the season. Things were going well for Barcelona and he hoped that the team could keep it up.

Isabelle nodded her head softly, something which caused Lionel to reach his hand out, gently knotting their fingers together. “The guys keep asking after you” he mused, happily messing with her fingers “I think that they’d love to meet Isla soon” he added, peeking up at her tentatively. It had been something that they’d agreed on, after feeling a little overwhelmed by their parents, they’d both agreed that they’d take a little time before they introduced their daughter to anyone else, but with the little girl approaching 6 weeks old, Lionel wanted to start thinking about introducing her to his friends, even if it wasn’t the biggest deal. Part of him merely wanted to show off his little girl.

Isabelle, who’d quietly watching their fingers, mulled his words over for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head, offering him a soft smile. “I’d like that” she mused softly.

“You would?” Lionel posed.

“I would” Isabelle confirmed “You’ve got a team bonding thing next week, haven’t you? Maybe, Isla and I, we could tag along” she proposed.

Lionel offered her a nod, agreeing with her, before he carefully lifted her hand, pressing a soft kiss against the warm skin, something which made Isabelle’s cheeks tint a soft shade of pink.

“Are you sure that we have to go back inside right now?” Lionel mumbled as he followed Isabelle up the path towards their home, his arms wrapped happily around her waist as he pressed a soft kiss against her neck. It had been a good night, after dinner, they’d headed towards the beach for a romantic walk, and Lionel had to admit that he was slightly reluctant to see it end, even if he was looking forwards to getting back to Isla, he was enjoying his night with Isabelle.

Isabelle, who’d been looking through her bag for her key, giggled a little at the feel of his lips against her neck before she pushed him back lightly. “You know that we do” she quipped softly “Whilst I am sure that Grace loves Isla, I think we should probably get inside and take her off her hands” she added, trying to find the key in her bag.

Lionel watched her for a couple of seconds before he ducked into her slightly, his nose gently nuzzling against her neck. “You know, I’ve had a pretty good night” he mumbled, pressing a soft kiss against her skin.

Isabelle’s cheeks warmed a little before she nodded. “I have too” she mused “I mean, I was a little nervous about leaving Isla, but I am glad that we did this. I think we needed it” she enthused softly. It had only been small, the shift in dynamics in their relationship since Isla had arrived had only been small, but she was glad that they had taken a night to themselves. The last things she wanted was to watch things falter between them so soon after their daughter had arrived.

Lionel pressed another kiss against her neck before he ducked back, nodding his head softly. “I think you’re right” he agreed softly “And I think it is something we ought to do more often. How does once a month sound?” he posed softly.

Isabelle quirked a small smile before she stepped towards him, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. Lionel startled a little, not quite expecting the kiss, before he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him for a couple of seconds before the sound of the front door opening reached his ears, causing him to duck, his dark eyes peeking sheepishly towards Grace.

“I didn’t mean to intrude on your moment” the younger woman quipped “But Isla’s just woken up and I think she’d rather have one of you two than me” she added gently.

Lionel offered her a small look before he nodded his head. “I’ll go and get her” he noted softly before he padded away, leaving the two sisters alone.

Isabelle watched after him briefly before she felt Grace nudge her ribs, causing her to jump slightly. “What?” she squeaked.

Grace rolled her eyes. “How was your date, Belle?” she pressed. She knew that it wasn’t any of her business, whatever happened between Isabelle and Lionel was firmly between the two of them and the two of them alone, but still she was slightly curious. She wanted to know that things were going well between her older sister and her fiancé.

Isabelle offered her sister a soft look before she shook her head, a soft blush on her cheeks. “It was nice” she mused softly.

“It was?” Grace posed softly.

Isabelle spared her a bashful look before she nodded her head, something which made Grace smile. “I’m glad” she mused softly “And, you ought to know, that whenever you and Leo would like some time to yourselves, I’d be more than happy to watch Isla. Aside from being a little fussy, she was an angel” she enthused softly.

Isabelle smiled softly at her sister’s words before she nodded her head in thanks. She knew that it was still going to take a little work, with Isla around, things between her and Lionel were going to take some work, but she was hopeful. Part of her was confident that they’d put their problems behind them.
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