When You Close Your Eyes

61: Our Decision

Letting out a soft groan, Lionel tossed onto his side, his ears doused by the soft sound of Isla’s murmurs which emanated away from the monitor which stood on the end table. Blinking a couple of times, he checked the time on the clock before he carefully sat up, his dark eyes peeking towards Isabelle who was still happily snuggled up beneath the comforter, soft snores falling out of her mouth. It hadn’t been long, after they’d gotten married the day before, they’d spent most of the night awake, but he knew that Isla’s stirring couldn’t be ignored, even if a small part of him was tempted to simply curl up beside his new wife, he knew that he had to check on the infant.

Allowing a soft yawn to fall out of his mouth, he watched Isabelle sleep for a couple of seconds before he carefully ducked his head, pressing a gentle kiss against the bare skin of her shoulder. It still felt a little unfamiliar, the idea that he and Isabelle were more than just boyfriend and girlfriend was one that was going to take some time to settle in, but Lionel had to admit that he liked the thought, even if it was still very new. The idea that Isabelle was his wife had a smile itching to spread across his face every time it entered his head.

Pressing another gentle kiss against her shoulder, he carefully moved to collect a clean t-shirt before he padded towards the bedroom door.

“Where are you going?”

Lionel, who’d been trying not to make a sound, startled a little at the sound of Isabelle’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a soft smile. “Isla’s stirring and I figured I should go and check on her” he mused “I should only be a couple of minutes, why don’t you go back to sleep?” he offered gently.

Isabelle, who’d moved to sit up a little, briefly contemplated his offer before she shook her head. “It’s OK” she quipped softly “Besides, she probably wants a feed” she added before carefully pushed herself to her feet, moving to collect her dressing gown from the dresser.

Lionel offered her a soft look, wordlessly asking if she was sure, before he nodded his head, leading her across the hall towards Isla’s nursery before he nudged the door open. Isabelle offered him a small amused smile before she ducked beneath his arm, moving to collect Isla from her crib before she carefully settled down in the seat which had been set up beside the crib. “You know” she mused softly as she started to feed Isla “If you wanted to head back to bed, I’d not mind” she added gently.

Lionel, who’d settled on the floor beside the crib, shook his head. “It’s OK” he noted softly “It’s about time we started to think about getting up anyways. We’re due on a flight back this afternoon and we’ve still not finished packing yet” he added, gently resting his head back against the crib.

Isabelle nodded her head softly. “Are you looking forwards to heading home?” she posed, breaking the comfortable silence which had settled around them.

Lionel, who’d been quietly pulling at a loose thread on the carpet, jumped slightly at the sound of her voice before he shrugged. “Sort of” he mused “I mean, I know we have to go back, eventually I am going to be back in training, but…but this trip has been pretty great and a small part of me doesn’t want it to end” he added, a bright grin playing at the corner of his mouth. It still felt strange, the idea that he and Isabelle had eloped was one that had come along out of the blue, but he was thrilled that they’d opted to do it, even if it wasn’t quite how he’d pictured the two of them making it up the aisle, he adored the idea that they’d take the step forwards.

Isabelle admired the soft smile on his face before she shook her head. “You’ve not stopped grinning yet” she quipped impishly.

Lionel rolled his eyes playfully. “Excuse me for being a little excited about the fact that we’re newlyweds” he countered “It’s sort of a big deal” he added, playfully poking out his tongue.

Isabelle giggled a little before she shook her head. “I still can’t quite believe that we did it” she quipped softly, her fingertips gently smoothing out Isla’s dark hair as she stirred slightly. It was an odd thought, the idea that they’d opted to elope rather than wait, but Isabelle had to admit that she liked it, even if she knew that they’d eventually have to plan a second wedding for the benefit of their friends and families, she liked the idea that their wedding had been about just the two of them.

“Neither can I” Lionel agreed “But I love that we did” he added, offering her another soft smile.

Isabelle returned his smile softly before she nodded her head. “I love it too” she mused softly “I mean, I am slightly apprehensive about my mother and father finding out that I got married without them, but I love that we did it like this. It was perfect, Leo” she enthused softly. She was slightly nervous, the idea of her parents finding out that they’d eloped was one that concerned her slightly, but she knew that she wouldn’t have changed things, even if they did have the potential to cause a problem. She liked the way that things had worked out.

Lionel allowed her words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before he shook his head. “Isabelle…”

“I know what you’re going to say” Isabelle quipped, moving to settle Isla down into her crib “But you know as well as I do that if they find out…”

“They find out” Lionel interrupted softly.

Isabelle tilted her head slightly, something which made Lionel smile gently before he stepped towards her, his hands gently taking a hold of hers. “I know that you’re worried” he mused softly “I mean, since I’ve met you, you’ve worried about everything, and I’d be surprised if you weren’t slightly worried about this, but there is nothing to be concerned about, Isa” he mused, his tone soft and reassuring.


“We made a decision, Isa” Lionel interrupted softly, his hand squeezing hers “We chose to do this, and no one can change it. We’re married, Isabelle, you’re my wife now, and no matter how upset they get about it, that’s not something that will change. This was the right thing for us and, when the time is right, we’ll do it again in front of everyone, but right now, you really don’t have anything to be worried about. We’re good, nena, I promise you” he enthused, a warm smile on his face.

Isabelle offered him a soft look, her blue eyes searching his face, before she nodded her head, a shy smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. She knew that he had a point, even if people did find out, there wasn’t anything that they could do to change it, but still a small part of her was apprehensive. The last thing she wanted to do was cause a problem.
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