When You Close Your Eyes

65: Something You Want To Say?

“Did your parents finally go to bed?”

Isabelle, who’d been checking on Isla who slept happily in her Moses basket, startled at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she lifted her head, peeking towards where he stood in the door way before she quirked a small smile. It had been a long day, since her parents had arrived that morning, they had been intent on catching up with her and Isla, and whilst it meant that she and Lionel had barely had a second to themselves, Isabelle had to admit that she had enjoyed catching up with her mother and father, even if she had been a little shy around them, it had been a while since they’d had the opportunity to catch up face to face.

“I think so” she quipped softly “I mean, my madre popped down to say goodnight about 20 minutes ago and I’ve not seen them since. I’d assume that they’ve gone to bed” she added gently.

Lionel, who’d moved to sit on the couch beside her, nodded his head quietly before he flicked his attention towards Isla, watching as she stirred a little in her sleep. “How was your lunch with your mother?” he posed softly, his fingertips gently adjusting the foot of Isla’s pajamas.

Isabelle watched the movement of his fingers before she shrugged a little, moving to rest her head against his shoulder. “It was OK” she mused softly “I mean, she mostly just wanted to fuss about Isla and how big she’s gotten, but it was nice. As silly as it sounds, I’ve missed her and my papa” she added, her fingers gently messing with a loose thread which stuck out of his trousers.

Lionel admired her for a couple of seconds before he shifted his hand, gently moving to knot their fingers together. “I know you have” he mused softly “And whilst things are still a little awkward, I am glad that they’re here. I know how much you like having them around” he enthused softly. It was a little tense, even despite the fact that he and Isabelle had fixed things between the two of them, things between him and her parents remained a little awkward, but Lionel had opted not to focus on it, not wanting to a cause a problem between Isabelle and her parents.

Isabelle allowed his words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before she leant up, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. “I kind of love you, you know that?” she quipped, offering him a small impish smile.

Lionel chuckled a little before he nodded his head. “I do know that” he quipped “I mean, you kind of married me” he added, offering her a boyish smile.

Isabelle rolled her eyes playfully before she cuddled into his side slightly, something which encouraged Lionel to wrap an arm around her waist as a soft silence fell over the two of them. It wasn’t the first time, for a while, comfortable silences had been common between the two of them, and Lionel had to admit that he liked it, even if nothing was being said, he liked the idea that the pauses were no longer awkward or tense. It showed just how far they’d come.

Carefully shifting his hand, he rubbed it gently up and down her side before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder. “I do need to talk to you about something” he mumbled softly.

Isabelle, who’d been content in their embrace, tilted her head. “You do?” she posed.

“I do” Lionel confirmed “I may have… slipped up” he added, his dark eyes peeking towards her shyly.

Isabelle frowned. “Slipped up?” she posed.

“I called you my wife” Lionel admitted softly “I mean, the guys were asking if I wanted to go to lunch and it…it just sort of fell out” he added gently, his cheeks tinting a soft shade of pink.

Isabelle blinked a couple of times, allowing his words to hang around them for a few seconds, before she shook her head. “What did they say?” she posed softly.

Lionel frowned a little, slightly caught off guard by the calm tone in her voice, before he quirked a small smile. “They seemed pretty happy” he noted softly “I mean, they didn’t seem too surprised that we’d eloped, but I think they were happy for us. I think Gerard said something about it being about time we did it” he enthused warmly, his hand gently messing with hers which had moved to pull at the bottom of her blouse nervously.

Isabelle watched the movement of his hand for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head, offering him a small quirked smile. “We did take our time with this” she quipped softly “And I know that we had our ups and downs along the way, but I am glad that it worked out this way. I like us, Leo” she added, her hand gently squeezing his. it had taken a lot of work, only a year previous, things between them had looked doomed to fail, but Isabelle had to admit that she was pleased by the way things had worked out for them, even if they did still have their moments, she was more than pleased that they’d not let things slip through their fingers without a fight.

Lionel smiled a little at the sound of her words before he lifted their hands, allowing him to press a soft kiss against her warm skin. “I like us too” he mused softly.

Isabelle offered him another soft smile before a small yawn fell out of her mouth, something which made him chuckle. “You look like you could use an early night” he mused gently.

“I think you’re probably right” Isabelle mused softly, pushing herself up to her feet “Are you going to stay down here?” she posed, carefully moving to lift Isla into her arms.

Lionel watched her with their daughter for a couple of seconds before he shook his head. “I think I’d rather spend my time cuddled up beside my beautiful wife” he enthused, offering her an impish smile.


Isabelle, who’d been ensuring that Isla was still happily asleep, startled at the sound of her mother’s voice before she turned around, her wide blue eyes settling on Francesca who stood in the doorway, an undecipherable expression fixed on her features. “Mama” she squeaked “What…what are you doing up? I thought you and papa…I thought you’d gone to bed” she babbled, her cheeks tinting pink.

Francesca, who’d been staring at her daughter, shook her head. “We had” she mumbled “I just wanted to come down for a glass of water. Is there something the two of you would like to say?” she added, her expression tightening a little.

Lionel, who stood beside Isabelle, blinked a couple of times in surprise before he let out a small sigh, knowing that there was no denying it.
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