When You Close Your Eyes

69: I Think We Can Afford To Wait

Letting out a small groan, Lionel tossed onto his side, his ears doused by the soft sounds of Isla’s snuffles which emanated away from the monitor which stood on the end table. It was early, one look at the amount of sunlight which seeped into the bedroom confided that it was a little earlier than the little girl usually stirred, but he knew that he couldn’t ignore it, even if it was a little early to be awake on Christmas morning, he knew that he had to check on her.

Sparing a soft yawn into his hand, he sat up quietly before he moved to push himself up to his feet, padding towards the bedroom door. Ensuring that he didn’t disturb Isabelle, he quietly pulled the bedroom door open before he ducked across the hall, making his way into Isla’s nursery. Pulling the door to behind him, he padded up to the crib before he quirked a small smile, his eyes settling on Isla who stared up at him, a soft pout on her features.

“Feliz Navidad, mi princesa” he mused softly “What are you doing up so early, eh? You usually sleep a little later” he added as he lifted Isla up, moving to settle down in the seat which had been set up beside the crib. Isla let out a soft whine before she carefully shifted her head, snuggling a little closer to his chest before she closed her eyes once more, quietly falling back to sleep.

Lionel watched her for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, his fingers gently moving to smooth out the tufts of dark hair which had formed on the top of her head. “You were just missing someone being around, weren’t you?” he posed softly.

Isla stirred a little at the sound of his voice before she let out a soft yawn, something which made Lionel quirk small smile before he carefully pushed himself back up to his feet. “We should get downstairs” he mused softly “You can continue to nap and I will set about making some breakfast for your madre. We’re going to have a busy day ahead of us” he added before he stepped towards the door, moving to carry Isla down the stairs.

It wasn’t the first time, with Barcelona having a game towards the end of December, Lionel had opted to stay in Spain for the holidays, but he knew that the day ahead of him would still be hectic, even if it was just him, Isabelle and Isla, he knew that the day ahead of him would still be a busy one.

“What is this, Lala?” Lionel quipped as he moved to settle Isla into his lap, his hand offering out a gift towards the five month old. It had been a busy morning, even despite the fact that their families hadn’t opted to visit, both Lionel and Isabelle had been particularly busy, and he was glad to have a quiet second, even if he knew that it wouldn’t last for very long. He wanted to make the most of the quiet moment.

Isla, who was settled in his lap, let out a small squeak at the sight of the present before she stretched out her little hand, gently palming at the paper.

Lionel watched her for a couple of seconds, a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth, before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head. “Let’s see what Santa bought for you, eh?” he quipped, gently unwrapping the gift.

“Have I ever told you that the two of you are adorable together?”

Lionel, who’d been waving the newly unwrapped toy in front of Isla, startled a little at the sound of Isabelle’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a boyish smile. “I think you’ve mentioned it before” he quipped “But I don’t think me or Isla would mind hearing it more” he added brightly.

Isabelle, who’d moved to sit on the couch behind him, rolled her eyes, something which made Lionel chuckle a little before he shook his head. “I thought you were busy” he noted softly “Didn’t your mama and papa call?” he added, his expression softening slightly. It was still tense, after Francesca had discovered that they had eloped, things had become more than a little awkward, and Lionel wanted to ensure that Isabelle was alright, even if she did insist that she was happy with the way things had happened, he wanted to ensure that she was doing OK.

Isabelle noted the soft expression on his face before she nodded gently. “They did” she confirmed softly “But then Grace called them so they had to go, but they did promise to call again later. They can’t wait to wish Isla a happy first Christmas” she added, her fingers shyly pulling at a loose thread which stuck out of her sweater. It was still a little awkward, whenever she spoke to her mother, Francesca appeared short and blunt with her, but Isabelle was confident that it would ease, even if it did take a while, she was confident that she and her mother would figure things out eventually.

Lionel offered her a small look, wordlessly asking if she was alright, before Isla let out a small sound, pulling the attention of her mother and father back towards her. “I think someone would like our attention” Lionel quipped, gently moving to lift Isla above his head, something which made the little girl squeak happily.

Isabelle watched the two of them for a moment before she shook her head, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. “Can you quite believe how big she’s getting?” she posed softly.

Lionel, who’d moved to settle Isla into his lap once more, shook his head. “No” he mused softly “But then again, I still can’t quite believe that we made her. It feels like only yesterday that you were telling me that you were pregnant” he added, offering her an impish smile.

Isabelle mulled his words over briefly before she shook her head, a small smile on her lips. “We made a pretty beautiful baby, didn’t we?” she mused softly, her fingers lightly straightening out the dress that Isla wore.

Lionel watched the movement of her fingers before he leant his head back, peeking up at her. “We did” he confirmed softly “And, perhaps one day in the future, we’ll give her a brother or a sister” he added gently.

Isabelle, who’d been smoothing out Isla’s dress, stilled a little at his words before she tilted her head, her blue eyes mirroring his darker ones. “What?” she posed softly.

“I am not suggesting that we think about it now” Lionel mused softly “I mean, we’re only just married and Isla, she’s not even a year old yet, but…but it is something I’ve given a little thought to. You’ve not thought about it?” he posed gently. It wasn’t something they’d talked a lot about, even before Isabelle had found out that she was pregnant with Isla, the idea of starting a family wasn’t one they’d discussed a lot, but he wanted to talk about it, even if the idea of expanding their little family was one that they put off for a little while, he wanted to ensure that they were at least on the same page.

Isabelle mulled his words over for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a light smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. “I’d love another one” she mused softly “I mean, I grew up with a sister, and you grew up with your brothers and sister, and I’d love for Isla to have that, but I think…I think we can afford to hold off for a little while. You’re right, things have happened pretty quickly in the last few months for us, and I think we should take our time. Maybe it is something we can think about next Christmas?” she posed softly.

Lionel allowed her words to hang around them for a moment before he nodded his head. “I think that that sounds like a plan” he enthused softly.

Isabelle offered him a small smile before she carefully leant forwards, pressing a soft kiss against his lips before she ducked back, mumbling something about calling her sister before she ducked out of the room. Lionel watched her go briefly before Isla let out a small sound, something which pulled his attention back towards her before he leant forwards, pressing a gentle kiss against the top of her head, wordlessly musing about how good things seemed.
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