When You Close Your Eyes

07: I’m Sure You’ll Get There

Smoothing out the material of the shirt she wore, Isabelle let out a small sigh, her blue eyes admiring her reflection in the mirror which stood ahead of her. It had been a couple of days, after the moment that she and Lionel had shared, things between the two of them had become a little more awkward, and whilst Isabelle knew that there wasn’t a way to alleviate the tension, part of her wished that things were more comfortable between them, not liking how uncomfortable around one another they appeared when they were alone.

Sparing her reflection another soft look, she carefully pulled her blonde hair up into a ponytail before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached her, causing her to turn slightly, her blue eyes peeking at her mother who stood in the doorway, a warm smile perched on her lips. “Madre” she mused softly “What can I help you with?” she added, moving to find a pair of socks.

“I was just wondering if you were busy” Francesca mused “Your papa is out with a few of his old friends and Leo’s away with Barca, and I figured that you and I could head out to breakfast and then to do some shopping. It has been a little while since we had a girly day out” she added, offering her daughter a soft smile.

It had been a while, with Isabelle living in Barcelona and her parents living near to Bilbao, it had been a long time since Francesca had spent the day with her oldest daughter, and she wanted to spend some time with her, even if the purpose of her trip to Barcelona was to prepare for Grace’s wedding, she wanted to spend some time catching up with Isabelle.

Isabelle, who’d moved to sit at the foot of the bed, tilted her head. “You want to go out?” she posed softly.

Francesca nodded. “I’d like to” she confirmed softly “But if you had other plans…”

“I don’t” Isabelle interrupted softly “In fact, breakfast sounds pretty great, mama” she added, quirking a soft smile.

Francesca returned her smile. “Good” she enthused softly “Because I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Now come on, find some shoes and we’ll get moving” she teased brightly before she stepped out of the room.

Isabelle watched her out of the room before she shook her head, a soft sigh falling out of her mouth. She knew what to expect, for years, breakfast alone with her mother had consisted of probing questions about boyfriends, and she knew that that morning would be no different, even if she and Lionel had been together for years, she knew that Francesca would be keen to ask about the relationship which was falling apart.

“You know, I still can’t quite believe that your little sister is getting married”

Isabelle, who’d been stirring the milk into her latest mug of tea, startled a little at the sound of her mother’s voice before she lifted her head, offering her a small smile. It had been a pleasant morning, even despite Isabelle’s slight nervousness, she had enjoyed spending time with her mother, and she was glad that they had opted to go out, even if she knew it was only a matter of time before Francesca switched the topic to her relationship with Lionel, she had enjoyed spending time with her mother.

“It is a strange thought” Isabelle commented, sipping on her drink “But I am thrilled for the two of them. They’re pretty great together” she added softly.

“They are” Francesca agreed softly “Kind of like you and Lionel” she added, flashing her daughter an impish smile.

Isabelle, who’d been sipping on her drink, flinched a little at the mention of Lionel’s name before she shook her head, the best smile she could muster on her face. “We’re alright” she mused, her fingers nervously messing with the napkin which sat beside her

Francesca shook her head. “You’re adorable together” she enthused brightly “You have been for years now” she added softly.

Isabelle merely offered her another soft smile.

Francesca watched her daughter for a couple of seconds before she shook her head. “You know” she noted softly, breaking the silence which had settled around “I am a little surprised that I’ve not had to buy another wedding hat yet” she added gently.

Isabelle, who’d been shyly tearing the napkin, blinked a couple of times before she lifted her head. “Mama…”

“I know that you and Lionel tend to do things your own way” Francesca interrupted softly “And I know that you’ve never been the type to rush into things, but you two have been together for a while now and I was just wondering if it was something that had crossed your radar. I’d love to see you two take another step together” she enthused, a warm grin on her face.

Isabelle was quiet for a couple of seconds, her ears ringing with her mother’s words, before she shook her head, something which made Francesca lean across the table, her hand gently resting atop Isabelle’s which messed shyly with her napkin. “I am not trying to pressure you, Belle” she mused softly “The last thing I want is for you to think that I am trying to push you into something you’re not ready for, but I just want to know if it is something that has crossed your mind” she added, her tone soft and kind.

Isabelle mulled her words over for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head slightly. It was something she had thought about, for a while, she had been thinking about the prospect of them taking another step forwards, but she didn’t want to push the subject, nor did she want to push him, not whilst things between the two of them were faltering. “Of course I’ve thought about it” she admitted softly.

Francesca quirked a soft smile at her words. “You have?” she posed softly.

“I have” Isabelle confirmed “But, mama, I don’t want you to start getting your hopes up” she added, offering her mother a soft look.

Francesca tilted her head, slightly perturbed by the words, before she shook her head, offering her another soft smile. “I am sure that you two will get there eventually” she noted softly “You’re good together, Belle” she added brightly.

Isabelle forced another soft smile before she nodded her head, wordlessly agreeing with her mother.
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