When You Close Your Eyes

70: I’d Say We Made It Work

“Are you sure that you and Samuel don’t mind taking her for the night?” Lionel posed as he stepped into the hall, his dark eyes peeking towards Grace who stood a little away from him, babbling happily to Isla who sat on her hip. It had been a little while, after Christmas, a few weeks had passed, and with their fifth anniversary having arrived, Lionel was keen to have a night alone with his wife, something which had led to him calling Grace and asking if she would mind looking after the little girl.

It had been a little while, with the season having been hectic for Barcelona, it had been a couple of months since Lionel and Isabelle had had a night to themselves, and Lionel was keen to make the most of it, even if the season still looked busy going forwards, he wanted to take the opportunity to make a fuss of Isabelle.

Grace, who’d been ensuring that Isla’s coat was done up, smiled a little at his question before she lifted her head, offering him a small amused look. “Do you think I would have offered if I minded?” she posed softly.

Lionel shook his head. “No” he quipped softly “But I just wanted to make sure that you don’t mind. I’d hate to impose on the two of you” he added softly.

Grace smiled a little at the soft tone of his voice before she shook her head, offering him a small smile. “You’re not imposing, Leo” she noted softly “I love spending time with Isla, and I am more than happy to take her for the night. You don’t have to worry about that, but you have to worry about ensuring that your night with your wife goes off without a hitch. It’s been what, five years now?” she added impishly.

Lionel, who’d moved to collect Isla’s nappy bag from the hall table, nodded his head before he quirked a small smile. “It’s been five years now” he noted softly “And, despite our ups and downs, I think it has been a pretty good five years” he added softly.

It had taken a little work, for a while, Lionel had been convinced that things between him and Isabelle would fall apart, but he was pleased that they hadn’t, even if they had had a few bumps along the road. He was more than proud of the fact that they had made it 5 years.

Grace admired the smile on his face for a moment before she shook her head, gently nudging his shoulder. “It has been” she mused softly “I mean, I don’t think I’ve seen Isabelle this happy before and I think that a large part of that is probably on the two of you” she enthused, her eyes briefly flicking between Lionel and Isla.

Lionel offered her another soft smile before he carefully leant forwards, pressing a soft kiss against Isla’s cheek. “You’ll call if you need anything?” he posed, his fingers gently adjusting the hat which had been placed on Isla’s head.

“Of course I will” Grace confirmed softly “But you should be focused on enjoying your night. It’s been a while, no?” she added, offering him another impish smile.

Lionel rolled his eyes playfully before he pressed another soft kiss against Isla’s cheek, mumbling a soft goodnight to her before he opened the door, allowing Grace to step outside before he ducked back into the hall.

Ensuring that the door was closed, he moved to collect his jacket and keys before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached him, causing him to look up, his eyes widening a little at the sight of Isabelle. “Isa” he breathed softly “Wow” he added.

“I don’t look stupid then?” Isabelle quipped, her hand shyly playing with the material of the skirt she wore as she stepped down the stairs.

Lionel looked her up and down before he shook his head, a smile quickly growing across his face. “You look beautiful, Isa” he mused softly.

Isabelle’s cheeks warmed a little at the compliment before she moved to collect her jacket, something Lionel was quick to wrap softly around her shoulders. “So, what is the plan for tonight?” she posed softly, not wanting to disturb the quiet which had settled around them.

“It’s a surprise” Lionel replied softly “But I am sure that you’ll love it, even if you do hate surprises” he added, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder before he moved to knot their fingers together, leading her towards the door.

Isabelle followed along with him before she quirked a small smile, slightly excited by the prospect of the night ahead of them. It had been a while, with Lionel busy with Barcelona and Isla around, it had been a little whole since the two of them had had a night that was just about them, and Isabelle was looking forwards to it, even if she was slightly irked that Lionel hadn’t told her what he had planned, she couldn’t wait to spend the night alone with her husband.

“How much further?” Isabelle complained as she allowed Lionel to guide her, her blue eyes hidden behind the hand of his which sat over her eyes. She was irked, she had never been the biggest fan of surprises, and she was a little annoyed by the hand which sat over her eyes, even if she was sure that what Lionel had planned for the two of them was worth the wait. She had never liked being kept in the dark.

Lionel, who was carefully guiding her, smiled a little at the tone of her voice. “It’s only a few more steps” he noted softly “Surely you can wait that long?” he added teasingly.

Isabelle poked her tongue out playfully, something which made Lionel chuckle before he pulled her to a stop, pulling his hand away from her eyes.

Isabelle blinked a couple of times, trying to adjust to the light, before she peeked around, a soft gasp falling out of her mouth as she took in the setting which stood around them. “Leo” she squeaked softly.

“I figured you’d like this” Lionel quipped, wrapping his arms around her waist “I mean, I thought about a reservation in a restaurant, but we’ve done that for the last four years and I thought that this was better, no?” he added, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder.

Isabelle was quiet for a couple of seconds, merely admiring the sight of the small picnic he’d set up ahead of them, before she quirked a small smile, offering him a small nod. “It’s lovely, Leo” she mused softly.

Lionel admired her smile for a couple of seconds before he leant into her, sneaking a quick kiss before he moved to settle a blanket down on the ground ahead of them. “You want to stay?” he posed, offering her an impish smile. Isabelle rolled her eyes playfully before she sat down beside him, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to just head home?” Lionel posed as he padded alongside Isabelle, their hands happily swinging in between them. It had been a good night, the picnic dinner that Lionel had arranged for the two of them had been romantic and intimate, and Lionel had to admit that he had enjoyed himself, even if they had lapsed into silence a couple of times, he had enjoyed spending time alone with Isabelle.

Isabelle, who walked a couple of paces ahead of him, shook her head. “We’re in no hurry” she quipped softly “I mean, Grace and Sam said that they’d take Isla for the night, and that means we’re not in a rush to be anywhere. You want to go home?” she posed, looking over her shoulder at him.

Lionel shook his head. “Not particularly” he quipped “But I was just asking. I know that since Isla came along, you’ve grown pretty fond of early nights, and I thought I’d ask. If you want me to take you home, all you have to do is ask” he added.

Isabelle nodded her head softly before she took a couple more steps, allowing a small silence to settle over the two of them.

“Can you believe that we’ve been together for 5 years?”

Isabelle, who’d been focused on where she’d been walking, jumped a little at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she shook her head, offering him a small smile. “I can’t quite believe that we got together to begin with, let alone that we’ve been dating for 5 years” she mused softly, her fingers shyly playing with his.

Lionel watched the movement of her fingers for a moment before he lifted their hands, allowing him to press a gentle kiss against the back of hers. “Do you remember the night we met?” he posed gently.

Isabelle offered him a small look before she nodded her head. “Of course I do” she noted softly “I had been set up on a blind date by one of my friends, but she’d neglected to tell me anything about the guy so I sat in that restaurant for almost half an hour before I realized that I’d been stood. I was mortified so I got up and moved to leave the restaurant, but, in my hurry to get out of there, I ran into you, spilling the glass of water you’d been holding all over your shirt” she quipped, her cheeks warming a little at the memory.

Lionel marveled at the hint of pink on her cheeks before he leant towards her, pressing a soft kiss against the reddened skin. “I still remember the way you babbled when you tried to apologize” he mused softly “You wouldn’t let me get a word in for a good 2 minutes before you calmed down and allowed me to tell you not to worry” he added, an impish grin fixed on his face.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, something which made Lionel chuckle before he leant towards her, pressing another kiss against her cheek. The blush on Isabelle’s cheeks darkened a little before she turned her head, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “It worked out” she mused between kisses “You bought me dinner that night and here we are, five years later. I’d say we made it work” she quipped, offering him a small smile.

Lionel admired the smile on her lips for a couple of seconds before he leant towards her, pressing another soft kiss against her lips. “Happy anniversary, Isa” he mumbled softly. Isabelle smiled at his words before she leant into him, mumbling about having many more years ahead of them.
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