When You Close Your Eyes

81: It’s Not My First Time

Wrinkling her nose a little, Isabelle blinked one of her blue eyes open, her stomach flipping a little as the sensation of nausea washed over her. It was a familiar feeling, with her pregnancy still in its early stages, the sensation of morning sickness was one that had yet to wear off, but still Isabelle was slightly irked that it had woken her up, even if it wasn’t the first time, a small part of her had been hoping to make the most of the opportunity to sleep in.

Blinking a couple of times, she allowed a soft yawn to fall out of her mouth before she turned onto her side, her blue eyes peeking at Lionel who slept soundly beside her, soft snores falling out of his mouth. It had been a few days, after Lionel had played his last match of the season for Barcelona, they’d taken a few days just for their little family, and Isabelle had to admit that she was pleased by the progress they were making, even if there were still a few awkward moments between the two of them, she was pleased that they seemed to be making steps in the right direction.

Allowing another soft yawn to fall out of her mouth, she carefully pushed herself up to her feet before she felt her stomach turn, something which caused her to speed into the bathroom, spilling the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

“Do you need me to get you anything?”

Isabelle, who was crouched over the toilet, jumped a little at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she turned to look at him, offering him a small shake of her head. “It’s OK” she mumbled softly as she moved to sit down beside the bathtub “It’ll pass in a little while. What are you doing up?” she posed softly.

Lionel, who’d moved to sit on the ground beside her, shrugged. “I heard you get up” he noted softly “And I figured I’d come and check on you. Are you sure that you’re alright?” he added softly, his fingers knotting through hers which fiddled nervously with the bottom of the shirt of his that she wore.

Isabelle spared a brief look down towards their hands, admiring the fit of their fingers, before she nodded her head, her blue eyes mirroring his darker ones. “It’s not fun” she mused softly “I mean, morning sickness sucks, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Besides, it’s not like it is the first time I’ve done it” she added, offering him a slightly impish smile.

It wasn’t something that they’d talked a lot about, with their attention fixed on patching things between the two of them up, they’d not talked a lot about her second pregnancy, but Isabelle wanted him to know that she was excited about the idea of their family getting a little bigger, even if they were still awhile away from their due date, a small part of her couldn’t wait to meet the latest addition to their little family.

Lionel admired the soft impish smile she wore before he carefully shifted his hand, gently resting it against the small bump which was just about noticeable beneath her shirt. “You know that I am excited about this, don’t you?” he mumbled, his voice soft and gentle. He knew that she was still a little dubious, after the way he had reacted to the news of her second pregnancy, he didn’t blame her for being a little wary, but he wanted to reassure her that he was excited, even if his reaction to her news hadn’t been the best. He wanted her to know that he was more than slightly excited by the idea of their little family growing.

Isabelle, who’d been watching his hand, mulled his words over briefly before she nodded her head. “I know that you are” she mumbled softly “I mean, I had my doubts, but I know that you are” she added, her fingertips lightly tracing the pattern of the tattoo which marked his arm.

Lionel watched the nimble movements of her fingers before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder. “I hate that I let you doubt that, Isa” he mumbled softly “When you told me, I should have reacted better, and I hate that I didn’t, but you have to know that I am excited about this” he added, his eyes peeking down towards her bump.

Isabelle smiled a little at his words before she carefully leant towards him, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. “I don’t doubt it, Leo” she mused, cuddling into his side slightly.

Lionel offered her a soft look before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against the top of her head as a soft silence fell over the two of them. Shifting his weight a little, he attempted to get a little more comfortable on the cool tiled floor before the sound of the doorbell, quickly followed by Isla’s cries, filled the small bathroom, something which caused him to sigh a little.

Isabelle giggled at the small pout which had formed on his face before she lifted her hand, playfully poking his cheek, something which caused Lionel to chuckle a little before he carefully pushed himself up to his feet, carefully pulling Isabelle up along with him. “Which one do you want to take?” he mumbled softly.

“I’ll go and check on Isla” Isabelle replied softly “It’s about time she started to stir” she added as she ducked out of the bathroom.

“Are we expecting anyone?” Lionel quipped as he followed after her, quickly pulling a t-shirt over his head.

Isabelle, who’d moved to wrap her dressing gown around her shoulders, shrugged. “I don’t think so” she noted softly before she ducked out of the room, making her way towards Isla’s nursery.

Lionel watched her go for a couple of seconds before he followed after her, ducking down the stairs before he padded towards the front door, pulling it open to Francesca and Marco who stood on the other side, firm expressions etched onto their features. “Marco, Francesca” he squeaked “I...I didn’t know that you were in town” he babbled shyly.

Marco, who stood beside his wife, offered the younger man a look before he shook his head. “I think we need to talk, Lionel” he noted, the tone of his voice undecipherable.

Lionel swallowed a little, still slightly surprised by the arrival of the older couple, before he stepped back, allowing them to step across the threshold and into the house. He knew that it was coming, from the moment that he and Isabelle had had their fight, the arrival of her parents had been inevitable, but a part of him had been hoping to put it off for a little while, even if he knew that he couldn’t avoid it forever. He had been hoping to avoid Isabelle’s parents for a while longer.
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