When You Close Your Eyes

88: A Day To Look Back On

Allowing a soft sigh to fall out of her mouth, Isabelle shifted a little, attempting to get slightly more comfortable on the cool bathroom floor. It was early, too early for Isabelle who’d developed a habit of sleeping in, but when a bout of sickness had struck, she hadn’t been able to shift it, something which had led to her spending a while settled on the floor of the bathroom.

Allowing a soft yawn to fall out of her mouth, she tilted her head back, resting it against the bath which sat behind her for a brief moment before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached her, causing her to peek an eye open, looking up towards her mother who stood in the door way, a sympathetic smile on her lips. “Mama” she squeaked softly “What are you doing in here?” she added, pushing her blonde hair off of her face.

“I could hear you in here” Francesca mused softly “And I thought I would come and check on you. You Ok?” she posed, settling down on the floor beside her daughter.

Isabelle offered her a soft look before she shook her head, offering her a small smile. “I’m alright” she mused softly “It’s just morning sickness. It’s starting to wear off, but still, on occasion, I get a little nauseous. It’s nothing I can’t handle” she added, gently moving to pull her hair up into a ponytail.

Francesca nodded her head, allowing a brief silence to fall over the two of them, before she gently nudged her daughter’s ribs. “Are you nervous about today?” she posed. She knew that it wasn’t the biggest deal, with Lionel and Isabelle opting to elope, they’d been married for months, but still she wanted to make sure that Isabelle wasn’t nervous. She wanted to make sure she was excited about the day which stood ahead of them.

Isabelle mulled her question over briefly before she shrugged. “A little” she mused softly “I mean, I know that Leo and I have been married for a while now, but I am still slightly nervous. I would like today to go to plan” she added, her fingertips gently pulling at the bottom of her pajama shorts.

“I am sure that it will” Francesca mused warmly “We’ve put a lot of effort into perfecting the details and I am sure that you and Lionel will have a day to remember, even if you’re already married. I’m sure it will be wonderful” she enthused, offering Isabelle a soft squeeze.

Isabelle smiled a little at the embrace before a soft yawn fell out of her mouth, something which caused Francesca to smile a little. “You know, we’ve still got a little while before you need to start getting ready” she mused softly “Why don’t you go and take a nap?” she added.

“What about Isla?” Isabelle posed, stifling another soft yawn into her hand.

“I’m sure that your papa and I can handle her” Francesca noted softly “Go and get some sleep, Belle. You look like you could use it” she added, offering her another soft squeeze.

Isabelle offered her a slightly dubious look, wordlessly asking if she was sure, before she nodded her head. “Gracias, mama” she mumbled softly before she pushed herself up to her feet, moving to pad out of the bathroom.

Francesca watched her go briefly before she shook her head, a small smile on her lips. She knew that it wasn’t the biggest deal, for months, Isabelle and Lionel had been married, but still Francesca was excited about the idea of watching her little girl make it up the aisle, even if she did still have a few doubts about Lionel. A small part of her couldn’t wait to see Isabelle in her dress.

“Are you feeling nervous yet?”

Lionel, who was sat at the kitchen counter, jumped a little at the sound of Gerard’s voice before he lifted his head, offering the Spaniard a roll of his eyes. “You know I’ve been married for a while now, right?” he posed, his tone slightly sarcastic.

Gerard, who’d moved to pour himself a mug of tea, nodded. “I do” he confirmed “But this is still a pretty big deal and I want to make sure that you’re doing Ok. It’s still a wedding, even if it’s not yours and Isabelle’s first” he added, trying to keep his tone light and teasing.

Lionel, who’d been messing with the newspaper which sat ahead of him, mulled his words over for a brief moment before he shook his head, a small sigh falling out of his mouth. “I’m a little worried” he admitted softly.

Gerard, who’d sat beside him, tilted his head. “You are?” he posed softly.

“I am” Lionel confirmed “I mean, I love the way that me and Isabelle got married, it was the perfect thing for us, but I know that today is a big deal for her, even if she’s not said it. Don’t get me wrong, I know she doesn’t regret the way things happened the first time around, but I know that this is important to her and I guess…I guess I’m a little worried about something going a little awry and ruining it for her” he admitted, his dark eyes briefly peeking towards the defender.

He knew that Isabelle didn’t regret the way things had happened between them, the idea of eloping, whilst sudden, had been something that they’d both wanted, but still he wanted that day to go off without a hitch. He wanted to give Isabelle a day that she could look back on and smile about.

Gerard allowed the argentine’s words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, a small amused laugh falling out of his mouth. “You’re really smitten with her, aren’t you?” he posed.

Lionel rolled his eyes. “You’re just noticing that?” he quipped.

Gerard shook his head. “It’s been pretty obvious for a while now, hombre” he quipped playfully.

Lionel glanced up at him, a small frown at the corner of his mouth, something which caused Gerard to lean over, patting his shoulder gently. “She’s not going to care, Leo” he mused softly “You two had your perfect moment, the quiet intimate ceremony was right for the two of you, and she’s not going to care if there’s a hiccup today. Today is about everyone else getting to share in something which clearly makes the two of you happy, even if you do have a few ups and downs from time to time. You’re good together, amigo” he added warmly.

“You think so?” Lionel quipped, a slight playful smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.

Gerard nodded his head, patting his shoulder once more. “She’s good for you” he mused softly “And she’s been able to put up with you for five years, so…” he trailed off playfully.

Lionel rolled his eyes, something which made Gerard smirk before he patted his shoulder gently once more, wordlessly assuring him that there was no need to be worried.