When You Close Your Eyes

93: We’d Like To Know

Leaning his back against the kitchen counter, Lionel closed his eyes, his ears doused by the silence and stillness which filled the house. It was early, after a couple of weeks off from training, it was too early for Lionel, but with his return to training scheduled for that morning, he had had little choice but to get out of bed, even despite his want to remain curled up beside Isabelle, he knew that getting back to training was important.

It hadn’t been long, after Isla’s first birthday, a little over a week had passed, but Lionel was still pleased with how things seemed to be going between him and Isabelle. It had worried him, after they’d discovered that Isabelle was pregnant for the second time, he had been almost convinced that they’d not be able to figure things out, but he was pleased that they had. He loved her, he loved the little family they had together, and was more than pleased that they’d managed to keep things together, even if they did still have the odd awkward moment. He was glad that they’d kept things together.

Letting a small yawn fall out of his mouth, he lifted up the glass of juice which sat on the counter and took a sip before the sound of footsteps reached his ears, causing him to lift his head, his dark eyes watching as Isabelle stepped into the room, a sleepy expression on her features. Quirking an amused smile, he watched her for a brief second before he cleared his throat, something which caused Isabelle to visibly jump before she turned to him, a small frown visible on her face. “You’re up early” she quipped.

“I am” Lionel confirmed “It’s my first day back at training after the summer break and I think they’d appreciate me being on time. What are you doing up so early? I wasn’t expecting to see you before I left” he added, flicking the switch on the kettle before he moved to pull out a seat.

Isabelle, who’d moved to sit down at the kitchen table, shrugged. “I had a few aches and pains” she mused softly “Bump’s not being particularly nice to his or her madre this morning” she added, her hand gently rubbing her bump.

Lionel flicked his stare down towards her hand, marveling a little at the sight of her bump, before he shuffled his seat a little closer to her, his hand gently moving to rest against her bump. “Are you making your madre uncomfortable?” he posed, his thumb gently brushing against her bump.

Isabelle watched the movement of his thumb for a second before she shook her head softly, a warm smile playing on her face. It was a habit of his, talking to her bump, and Isabelle had to admit that she found it sweet. She liked the sweet paternal side of him. “What time are you likely to get back?” she posed, breaking the comfortable silence which had settled around them.

Lionel, who’d been contently fussing over her bump, startled a little at the sound of her voice before he lifted her head, offering her a small shrug. “It should be pretty early this afternoon” he quipped “We have a midwife appointment this afternoon, no?” he posed.

“We do” Isabelle confirmed with a nod “Are you going to be able to make it?” she added, her fingertips gently pushing through his dark hair.

Lionel smiled a little the feeling of her fingers before he lifted his hand, gently knotting their fingers together before he pulled her hand to his lips, allowing him to lightly kiss her fingers. “I’d not miss the chance to see our blob, Isa” he mused softly “I mean, I doubt my coach is going to be thrilled about me trying to get out early on my first day back, but I am sure that I’ll figure something out. I’ll be there, Isa” he added, pressing another light kiss against her fingers.

Isabelle offered him a slightly dubious look, asking him without a word if he was sure, before the sound of Isla’s voice emanated away from the monitor which sat in the pocket of Isabelle’s jumper, something which caused her to shake her head. “I should go and get her” she noted softly “You’ve got time for breakfast?” she added, a hopeful smile on her face.

Lionel admired her smile before he nodded his head, something which caused Isabelle to press a brisk kiss against his lips before she stepped out of the room. Lionel watched after her, a grin perched on his face. It had taken them a while, things between them had stumbled more than once, but he liked how settled they were and he was hopeful that it would stay that way for the foreseeable future.

“Have I missed it?”

Isabelle, who’d been anxiously studying the screen of her phone, looked up at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she shook her head, a playful grin perched on her face. “You haven’t” she quipped “But you’re cutting it fine. You’re running late” she added playfully, shuffling her bag off of the seat beside her.

Lionel, who’d moved to sit down, rolled his eyes. “Lo siento” he noted softly “But it was a little harder to get away than I thought it would be” he added.

“It is OK” Isabelle mused, gently lacing her fingers through his “You’re here now and that’s the important part” she added, offering him a light smile.

Lionel offered her hand a gentle squeeze before Carla appeared ahead of them, a pleasant smile on her face. “Are you two ready?” she asked, her tone soft and warm.

Lionel nodded his head before he pushed himself up to his feet, gently helping Isabelle up before he led her towards the examination room.

“I’ve looked over all of the tests that Isabelle has had done since our last appointment” Carla noted as she helped Isabelle to take her seat on the examination bed.

“Is everything OK?” Lionel quipped, moving to take up his spot beside the bed.

Carla quirked a small smile before she nodded. “Everything looks as it should for a pregnancy at the stage of Isabelle’s. I am very happy” she explained softly before she shuffled up the material of Isabelle’s shirt, revealing her bump. “Have you two thought about whether or not you want to know the sex this time around?” she posed, offering the couple a curious look.

Lionel noted the look on the midwife’s face before he flicked his stare down towards his wife, wordlessly asking her what she wanted to do. It was something they’d talked about, after Isabelle’s 12 week scan, they’d briefly talked about whether or not they wanted to know the gender of the baby, but still they hadn’t made up their minds.

Isabelle met the stare of Lionel’s dark eyes before she quirked a small smile, something which made Lionel tilt his head, wordlessly asking if she was sure. Isabelle giggled a little at his reaction before she nodded her head, something which caused a small smile to stretch across his face. “We’d like to know” he mused softly.

Carla, who’d been checking Isabelle over, nodded her head a little before she moved to collect the gel, gently smearing a little bit over her bump before she ran the wand over the skin, allowing the baby’s strong heartbeat to fill the air. Lionel grinned widely at the sound and before he leant over, pressing a gentle kiss against Isabelle’s temple.

“Are you sure that you want to know the sex?” Carla posed softly.

Isabelle nodded. “We are” she confirmed gently, something which caused Lionel to press another kiss to her head.

Carla admired the amorous action before she quirked a small smile. “Congratulations” she noted softly “You’re going to give Isla a little sister” she added softly.

Lionel blinked a couple of times, allowing the midwife’s words to sink in, before he lifted his head. “It’s a girl?” he posed softly.

“It is” Carla confirmed warmly “I’m going to get you two a copy of the scan and then we’ll talk about your next appointment” she added before she padded out of the room.


Lionel, who’d watched Carla out of the room, jumped at the sound of Isabelle’s voice before he turned to look at her. “It’s a girl” he breathed softly.

“It is” Isabelle noted, her blue eyes studying the slightly surprised expression he wore “Are you happy about that?” she posed softly.

Lionel mulled her words over briefly before he nodded his head, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Of course I am” he mused softly “We’ve already got one beautiful daughter and the idea of another one…I am very happy, Isa” he enthused softly.

Isabelle allowed his words to hang around them for a brief moment before she carefully lifted her hand, cupping his check gently before she tilted his face, allowing her to press a soft kiss against his lips. She knew that they had a way to go, they were barely half through her pregnancy, but already she was counting down the days until their second little girl made her first appearance.
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