When You Close Your Eyes

94: Husband Duty

Gently slipping the last hairclip into place, Isabelle spared a gander towards her reflection, a slight frown pulling at the corner of her mouth. It had come a little out of the blue, the invitation to head out to dinner with Samuel and Grace had been sudden, and whilst Isabelle didn’t feel much like heading out, she knew that she couldn’t skip it, even if the idea of an early night did appeal to her. She knew that Grace and Samuel wouldn’t have invited her out for no good reason. Ensuring that her hair was fixed in place, she stepped away from the mirror before she pulled open the wardrobe, pulling out a pair of flat shoes.


Isabelle, who’d moved to slip her feet into her shoes, looked up at the sound of Lionel’s voice, watching as he stepped into the bedroom. “Are you nearly ready to get going?” he posed, collecting his phone which sat on charge on the top of the nightstand.

Isabelle hesitated for a second, briefly contemplating the notion of telling him that she didn’t want to go, before she shook her head. “I think I am about ready to go” she noted softly “How was Lala when you left her with Gerard and Shakira?” she posed, moving to collect the light jacket which she had hung on the door of the wardrobe.

“She was a little fussy” Lionel replied, quickly changing his t-shirt for a white button up “But she seemed to settle down before I left. I did give Shakira all of the numbers she would need, just in case she needed anything” he added.

Isabelle nodded her head softly before she spared another soft glance towards the mirror, something which caused her to sigh a little.

Lionel, who’d moved to collect his jacket, noted her sigh before he tilted his head. “Isa?” he poked.

“It’s nothing” Isabelle quipped, shaking her head.

“It’s not nothing” Lionel countered “After almost 6 years together, I know you well enough to know that, so what it is?” he added, his voice softening a little.

Isabelle looked at him, briefly contemplating telling him that it was nothing, before she shook her head. “I just…I guess I am not feeling like myself” she babbled shyly.

Lionel frowned, something which made Isabelle shake her head. “It’s fine” she noted softly “We’ll be out for a couple of hours tops and then…”

“You’re beautiful, Isabelle” Lionel interrupted.

Isabelle blinked, caught off guard by his interruption, before she shook her head. “I am not feeling it” she countered, her eyes tearing up a little “I mean, with this bump, most of my clothes don’t fit anymore and my maternity clothes, they feel a little snug and…”

Isabelle’s words trailed off as Lionel leant towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Isabelle flinched at first, not quite expecting the soft contact, before she melted into it, something which made Lionel smile a little before he ducked back, his forehead gently resting against hers. “You look wonderful, Isa” he mumbled softly “You always do, but more so with this. You might not see it, but I do. You’re glowing, nena” he added, his fingers gently brushing over the front of her dress.

Isabelle’s eyes glanced down towards his fingers for a second before she lifted her stare, mirroring his dark eyes with her blues. “You think so?” she posed softly.

“I know so” Lionel countered quickly “You’re beautiful, Isa” he repeated softly.

Isabelle’s cheeks warmed a little at the compliment, something which made Lionel smile before he pressed a gentle kiss against her cheek. “We don’t have to go tonight” he mumbled softly “If you’re not feeling it, I am sure that we can call Grace and rearrange” he offered.

Isabelle shook her head. “They invited us out for a reason” she noted softly “And seeing as they’re already married, I’m pretty sure that she’s going to tell us that she’s going to give Isla and bump a little cousin, meaning we ought to go. She’s going to be pretty excited” she added.

Lionel offered her a slightly dubious look. “Are you sure?” he posed “Because if not, we can stay here. Isla’s with Shakira and Gerard for a couple of hours and…”

“We should go” Isabelle interrupted “But thank you. You’ve been a pretty great husband in the last few minutes” she added, offering him a shy smile.

Lionel returned her smile gently before he moved to take a hold of her hand, offering it a gentle squeeze before he led her out of the room. Isabelle followed in his steps before she leant a little closer to him, pressing a light kiss against his cheek which made his smile widen a little.

“So, Belle, how was your scan with Carla?” Grace posed, sipping on her mug of tea. It had been a pleasant night, despite Isabelle’s reluctance to head out to dinner with her sister and brother-in-law, the dinner that they had enjoyed had comfortable and relaxed, and Isabelle was glad that she’d gone, even if she did still feel a little uncomfortable. It had been nice to head for the night as a couple.

Isabelle, who was sipping on her glass of orange juice, quirked a small smile. “It was good” she enthused softly “Carla seemed pretty happy with the way things are progressing” she added softly.

Grace nodded. “Did you find out the sex this time?” she posed softly.

“We did” Isabelle confirmed with a coy smile. It had been a couple of days, after they’d visited her midwife, Lionel and Isabelle had taken a couple of days to let the news that they were expecting a second daughter, but still Isabelle was thrilled about the news, even if a small part of her had been expecting to give Isla a little brother. She was delighted by the idea of welcoming another little girl into the world.

Grace tilted her head. “You’re not going to tell me?” she teased, a feigned pout on her face.

Isabelle rolled her eyes playfully before she nodded her head. “It’s another little girl” she mused softly.

Grace mulled her sister’s words over for a second before she quirked a small smile, something which made Isabelle shake her head. “You have news, don’t you?” she posed curiously.

Grace offered her an impish look before she nodded her head. “I do” she confirmed softly “We’ve been keeping this pretty close to our chests for a few weeks now, but with the 12 week mark out of the way, I think that it is time to tell you that, early next year, your two girls are going to have a little cousin” she added, a bright beaming grin on her face.

Isabelle allowed Grace’s words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a bright smile appearing on her face. “I am so happy for you, Gracie, you and Sam” she noted softly, wrapping her sister in a tight hug.

“Gracias, Belle” Grace mumbled, holding onto her sister for a couple of seconds before Lionel appeared over Isabelle’s shoulder, something which caused Grace to duck back, offering her brother-in-law a soft smile. “You’re going to be an uncle” she enthused brightly.

“I know” Lionel noted with a warm smile “Sam just told me. Congratulations, Grace” he added kindly.

Grace offered him quick hug before she moved away, mumbling something about finding Samuel.

Lionel watched her pad away before he moved to wrap his arms around Isabelle, pressing a gently kiss to her shoulder. “You ready to get out of here?” he mumbled softly. it had been a long night, too long for Isabelle who looked more than tired, and he wanted to take her home, sure that she wanted nothing more than to retire for the night.

Isabelle smiled a little. “You read my mind” she mumbled softly.
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