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Jersey Meets Miami

A new beginning.

It's been years since I've been the "emo" girl in middle school, listening to bands that the general consensus described as dark and depressing. Wearing band tees, worn out converse, and heavy black makeup was never what was considered popular. I'm 21 now. After moving to the urban city of Miami, Florida and going to a school most would describe as ghetto, i decided to make a change. I would no longer be tormented because people didn't think i fit their social standards. I learned to make friend with everyone, wear tight clothing, and listen to rap music. I gave in and let my surroundings mold me. I enjoyed those high-school years. I became a completely different person, I was happy with myself. I truly liked who i was and what i've become. I would still describe myself as my own person. Even after all the influences i was still unique. Still me.

It's been 4 years since I graduated high-school and im just now landing my dream job, a music journalist. I would always love music... no matter what. It's what pushed me through difficult times. Music was the one thing that never failed me, it didn't matter what artist or genre I was currently obsessing over. I appreciated them all, across the spectrum.

"Anastasia, your piece on the High Road tour was perfect. Mr.Gates even called us up and informed us that you could come personally interview him any time he returns here to Miami. He got a kick out of your jokes." I couldn't believe it. My manager Tevin was a stern man and impressing him meant everything. This was better news then I could even imagine. My first project after getting hired for "The Source" magazine was a hit. I was finally doing what I wanted, making a healthy living, and it turns out im great at it. Getting this job was like walking on burning coals. I took so many risks, the first being quitting my dependable full-time job at Publix. A native grocery store chain located in the south. I was weeks away from being promoted and getting upgraded to a salary pay but I decided i needed more. I came home everyday both physically and mentally exhausted beyond my limits. It was a tough job. I heard rumors about The Source looking for a seasoned music journalist. I had no college degree and no experience but I was confident in my writing skills. I excelled in grammar and always had a creative mind. I defiantly didn't lack a passion for music. I immediately decided to take the chance and drove down to the magazine's headquarters, took a deep breath, and went for it. My mind was positive but I didn't have high hopes. These kind of things aren't just handed to people. Tevin told me the first time he met me he wasn't what they were looking for. I had no experience, no degree, and no reputation. Nearly selling my soul to him, I was begging for the opportunity to prove myself. To my surprise he gave it to me. I was hired as a temp. If my first project was lucky enough to be approved by both him and the several advisers it would be published. That was two weeks ago and the reviews have been outstanding. The readers really loved the article and referred to me a refreshing change. Apparently so did the artists, as im discovering in this moment.

I sat in the comfortable office chair, gently swaying a bit, consumed in my own thoughts. I was reliving the last couple weeks in awe. I didn't even hear Tevin calling my name. "Anna...Anna?" "HEY Anastasia!" He shouted. I jumped and looked up at him wide eyed. He laughed a bit and continued " You did it girl, not to be harsh but I didnt think you had it in you. I don't know what made me give you the job but im glad I did." He smiled and I gratefully nodded my head in response. He turned down to his paperwork before speaking again " We're doing a rock special, and I need you to go down to the Fillmore and interview a couple bands." I took my notes listening to the details of my next assignment carefully, but my head shot up as i heard him mention the next group.

"My Chemical Romance."
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