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Jersey Meets Miami

2. Dreams

The day came where i was scheduled to interview my Chemical ROmance. My heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's wings. It’s been so long since I even listened to the band, I onnce knew so well. Back then I could tell you every little thing you could want to know about all 5 members. Sing each song word for word… Now? Quite frankly I didn’t even know they were making music again. My mind was filled with nostalgic memories of my middle school heros. I followed a man I was earlier introduced too named Brian backstage. Brian was My Chemical Romance’s manager. A seemingly kind fellow.

“Here's your pass. The boys are inside. Find me if you need anything.” He motioned to the door and walked away.I stood there for a moment trying to gather my thoughts before diving head first into this interview. Before I knew it the door swung open and knocked me on my ass. I landed with a thud.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry I didn’t know anybody was there.” I immediately recognized the voice. It belonged to Gerard Way. MCR’s front-man. I groaned out of embarrassment and felt my face flush red. He grabbed my arm and helped me up.

“It’s okay…” I mumbled. I felt so stupid. He looked at me and smirked.

“So are you a fan?” He glanced at ,y pass hanging from my neck. “The meet and greet isint for another hour.” he continued. I ran a hand through my long brown hair.

“Actually no. I'm here from The Source for your interview.” He looked shocked.

“No shit. My bad usually magazine people aren’t as young as you.” All I could do was laugh awkwardly. I didn’t know if this was a compliment or not.

“I’m not your average magazine person.”

“I see, well let me introduce you to the guys. I was just gonna take a quick smoke.”
I followed him into the room and was met with questioning gazes.

“Well first off i'm Gerard.” He said sticking his hand out to me to shake.

“I actually know who you guys are. I use to be a pretty big fan.” I interrupted.

The man I know as Frank Iero then walked up to me. “Use to?”

I smiled sheepishly suddenly remembering this all too familiar feeling of embarrassment.

“Well yeah. I use to listen to you guys year ago.” I bit my lip ashamed. Frank laughed and hugged me. I was a bit taken back by how friendly he was.

“You're making me feel old. I’m frank, but I guess you already knew that.” I bit my lip, Frank was beautiful. I always thought this. He doesn't look any older than he did when i listened to the band 12 years ago. Skin smooth as silk, dark hair, and mesmerizing hazel eyes. I felt my face heat up and nodded.

“I’m Anastasia”

“Cool name.” Mikey joined in.

I was ushered to the couch by Frank where I was formally introduced to the others. They had quite a few questions for me about how I became a fan, jokes on how it’s been over decade since I heard any of their music and other conversations. I nearly forgot why I was there in the first place.

“So as much fun as this all is, i'm afraid it’s time for me to ask you guys the questions” I looked down at my pre-written interview questions when I heard an audible groan. I didn’t see who the sound emitted from but I giggled.

I started with the first question. “So what brought the band back together again?” I listened thoroughly, enticed by the tale. The rest of the interview went smoothly and I was happy with the results. I was disappointed when I knew my time was coming to an end. The band had a meet and greet and I had a few other performances to cover. Also another interview to connect with popular band Twenty One Pilots. I said my goodbyes and proceeded with the rest of my work.

I felt like MCR were old friends, Ray, Bob, Gerard, Mikey and Frank were all so warm and open with me. You couldn’t help but relish in their presence. It wasn’t even the fame. It all felt so familiar. None of the other celebrities and artists I worked with left me with that feeling.I felt accomplished in what I have achieved. Proud i made it this far but I couldn’t help but feel sad. All I would have left of this would be my published interview and the memories. 14 year old me would have been freaking out with the encounter. Completely content with meeting the band of her obsessions but I wasn’t.

I went home, sat at my computer and played all of My chem’s old songs. I sang along and began typing away. I turned in my finished project the following Monday.

“I’m impressed. This wasn't due until Friday.” Tevin laughed. “You wasted no time.”

I grinned, reluctant to tell him why I was so excited. “I wanted to get it done and over with” I lied. Part of the reason Tevin, and I got along so well was because of our interest in music We shared many favorites. The Source was a music magazine but it mainly focused on the hip-hop culture. Rock and alternative just wasn't really a big part of it. As a music magazine though we couldn't neglect the many other genres. Occasionally we would dip and dapple in the other worlds to appease our readers.

“It looks like golf to me but i’ll let you know how it goes over, Anna.” That was my que to leave his office. I thanked him, and returned to my desk to start proof reading my other articles and interview. Perfecting the best I could before their upcoming deadlines.

2 weeks passed before the issue was released and I got my feedback. The response was huge. Because of my articles the magazine subscriptions nearly doubled. Many of the new subscribers demanding more rock related articles. Tevin gave me just that. In no time I was going to show after show meeting band after band. As the readers grew so did my salary. I got a huge raise.I was ecstatic. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Thing were really starting to look up. Oh how things have changed. I went from living with abusive parents and dropping out of high school to working a dead end job and living with a back stabbing friend to having my own apartment and pursuing my dream. I never knew things would be this way.