Peitil bláth

Credit for this idea goes to Alex and Mikaila as they came up with the idea!

When people looked at him, they often didn’t think he’d run a florist shop. After all, he was short with dark hair, wore mostly black, had quite a short temper. Why would someone like him own a shop filled with bright, colourful flowers and spend hours at a time creating arrangements?

People would guess his job involved tattooing, or maybe he was an underground fighter who made money by beating people up.

But no, flowers were the thing that made him weak. The gentle, fragile petals being arranged so carefully that it made Kenai feel as though he himself could be that gentle. After years of people being intimidated by him, the flowers didn’t wilt at cower at his fingertips.

But today was a slow day. A storm was rolling overhead, rain pounding against the concrete outside his store. People rarely wanted flowers on days like this, after all they rarely left the house in such awful weather. But that just meant the young Irish man could just tend to his flowers and not worry about any obligations.
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