Light My Heart on Fire

Self Argument

I wasn’t fully sure how to handle that. So I just stood there for a minute. I mean, I do kind of like him. I was interested in him at one point, but could I really go on a date?

Even more so when his ex happens to be psycho and she hit me. Then again, I also kicked her ass. I didn’t like being violent, but I’m not just gonna let someone hit me.

“Brian, your crazy ex just hit me. You expect me to agree to go on a date with you?”

Not the best way to go about this, but hey, it’s what came to mind first. Brian looked around the kitchen, trying to gather his thoughts.

He started walking towards me. “Okay, let me start over.”
He reached over and grabbed my hands. “My name is Brian Haner Jr. I’m a guitarist in a band called Avenged Sevenfold. I’m recently divorced. My ex wife is a psycho.”

I couldn’t help but snort a little bit. He was way too nonchalant about the psycho part.

“But,” He gave me a pointed look. “I really like you and I’ve wanted to go out on a date for a while. Clearly you can defend yourself and I’ll do my best to make sure she doesn’t try anything again.”

He had a point, I could take care of myself. Plus, he didn’t seem to like that Michelle came after me.

I tapped my foot for a few seconds. I can’t believe I’m actually considering this! I out to be locked up in the looney bin.

“Okay, what time Friday night?” I asked.

The smile on his face made me feel like this could really be worth it. Then again that could just be my stupid hormones talking.

“How about at about six o’clock?”
The next few days came by quickly. Brian hadn’t really texted me at all since the other night. Diana had gotten het shit out the previous morning without a word. Now the house seemed large and empty. Sparkles seemed to love the extra room to run though.

Right after Diana had left I had deep cleaned her room, determined to get rid of anything that reminded me of her.

“Sparkles, do you think we should get another pet?” I asked the puppy running around the living room.

The puppy spun around in a circle before she got into a playful position.

“Yeah, I think a buddy might do you some good. You’re getting too big for me to take into work.”

The past few days I’ve taken Sparkles to work and kept her at my desk. The only problem was, she was getting too big to sneak into work. Who would have thought puppies would grow so quickly.

“What do you think? Something big or something small? Oh! Maybe we can get a kitty.” I began to ramble.

I might just do that next day. Go out and adopt a cat. Then if things don’t work out with Brian I won’t feel so bad. Who doesn’t love sitting at home loving on their pets? Plus, it would probably be really entertaining watching the two interact.

“Okay Sparkles, so tomorrow night I have to go out and buy an outfit for Friday. I apparently don’t have date clothes.” I spoke aloud, mainly to myself.

Oh yeah, I was definitely feeling lonely at this point. Hopefully the rest of the week would go by quickly and Friday would be here in the blink of an eye. If not, well, then I have no idea what I’m going to do besides go insane.

“Alright, let’s take you for a walk before you get restless and start tearing stuff apart again.” I stood up and walked over to the front door, where her leash hung up.

“How about after our walk we sit back and enjoy a few pixar movies?!” I smiled as Sparkles ran towards me excitedly.
I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked alright. The red and black flower print dress clung to my curves. The black heels I wore made my legs look shapely and long.

At first the make up had me stuck, but i eventually threw it all together with a light smokey eye and red lipstick to compliment the dress. The only other thing I wore happened to be my black earrings and necklace. Simple, yet beautiful all the same.

What I had needed in a purse was easily stuffed into my bra. Let’s face it, I’m not a big purse person and I always carry a man's wallet.

Hopefully tonight would be a fun night and I wouldn’t regret agreeing to go on this date. Then again I was already sort of regretting it. It’s been forever since I had even been on a date. Not to mention this man seemed to have drama attached to him.

Everything was going smoothly until he came along.

Awe, who was I kidding? My life was really boring before he came around and I was being a hermit. It wasn’t really healthy. Plus I was lonely.

Okay, so I’m going to go on this date and enjoy myself. No self doubt or any kind of nagging!

“Okay Hannah, you got this. Just, no sleeping together on the first date.” I talked to myself.

A knock on the door pulled me away from my thoughts. Glancing at the time I realized that was most likely Brian. I grimaced as I realized that my palms were beginning to sweat. It had been forever since I was this nervous!

“Urg, he’s right outside. Get your shit together!” I growled as I walked around turning the lights off before answering the door.
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Hannah's Outfit

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