Light My Heart on Fire

True Colors Revealed

The sound of water might be normal, you know if you live near a beach or a waterfall. Maybe even if you know you’re going to be experiencing downpour later. I however, am very aware of the fact that this trail of liquid I hear in my sleep is not so normal.

Instantly my head pops up from my pillow and I look to see, yes, Sparkles peeing on my carpet.

“Oh no!” I shouted, attempting to jump up from my bed.

And yes I do mean attempting. It would seem I had booby trapped myself by tangling the blanket around my legs. Which led to my current position laying face down on the floor, my head turned to the side to grumble at the perpetrator.

“No, Sparkles! Not on my carpet! I laid out a training pad.” My voice was a lovely cross between groggy and whiney.

While still lying on the floor though Sparkles made sure to come over and give me a few kisses.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it. You love me and you think you’re adorable enough to get away with peeing on my floor.” I grumbled before petting the top of her head.

I spent the next ten minutes untangling myself from the covers and cleaning up Sparkles wonderful mess. I should think about changing her name to Tinkles or Sprinkles. I grumbled as I opened my bedroom door to go throw away the trash.

“Brian, I don’t understand. We have one amazing night and since then you’ve been distant.” Diana’s slightly whiney voice rang out from the living room, instantly causing me to stop.

A slightly frustrated groan came from him, “Diana, we were both drunk. And...well we’ve been best friends for years! I’m in the middle of something with Michelle.”

Well then! Well, he could be lying to Diana to tell her to back off. Or maybe he really was in the middle of something with his...wife thing. Oh god, I wanted to be with a guy who was married!

“Well then, maybe your wife would let you back into the house and you can get with her.” Diana snipped at him.

Brian scoffed, “You’re seriously kicking me out because I won’t sleep with you again?!”

Okay, maybe it was time for me to step in. But then again, if I did then I would have to admit to eavesdropping! The way Diana was here lately, I really didn’t want that hissy fit.

Thankfully, Sparkles seemed to realize the predicament I was in because she ran out of my room barking as loud as her little body would allow. Perfect opportunity.

So I did the only thing I could logically do. “Oh Sparkles, come here.” I said in a little voice as I chased her out.

Instantly Diana and Brian looked up at me as I came out from the hallway. I pet Sparkles for a few seconds, attempting to pretend I didn’t know anything about what was going on. I picked her up to make it seem like I had actually chased her for a reason.

“So what’s up?” I asked while straightening up.

Diana glared at me for a few seconds before I turned to look at her. When my eyes met hers she quickly looked away. Brian busied himself looking down at his shoes. Well that was interesting. Two of the most bold, talkative people I knew were being abnormally silent.

“Brian was just telling me him and Michelle worked things out. He will be moving back in with her later.” Diana spoke up finally.

It took everything I had to mask my feelings. Having actually overheard the conversation they had just had, that was a very dirty move! Remind me to never trust Diana to have my back! Then again it wasn’t as though we were best friends, she was just a roommate. Apparently one I didn't know as well as I thought I did.

Brian’s head snapped up, looking in Diana’s direction. He got credit for keeping his facial expression neutral as well.

“Well, I’m glad Brian and his wife worked things out. I must admit I’ve gotten rather used to having him here.” I bit down on my lip, trying to figure out the best way to approach this. “I guess if he wants to leave he should know he always has a place here.”

His head quickly turned into my direction. A look of surprise that he was unable to hide shined bright in his eyes. Diana clenched her jaw a few times before standing up and leaving the room. Stupid bitch.

I felt torn between letting him know I knew what had transpired and waiting for him to come to me. Both of us remained silent for a few minutes. It was difficult to decide what to say. With me saying he always has a place here I had given him an opening to stay here if he really didn’t want to go back.

“So I guess I’ll be out of here by tonight. Michelle and all.” He sighed softly.

I just nodded my head. If I tried to talk I would tell him that I knew what had happened between him and Diana. He said nothing as he turned from the room.

Something had to be done about Diana. She was trying to take over my house completely and I wasn’t fine with it. First she invites him in without asking, then she has a problem with me getting a dog and now she’s trying to kick Brian out because he doesn’t want a relationship with her?!

Well, not trying. The bitch succeeded. I’m happy she brought Brian into my life. He turned out to be a great person to get to know and he’s also helped me see the real side of my roommate. So much so I now had to figure out how to get rid of her. There had to be trust with roommates, and with Diana, the trust just wasn't there. It was apparent that she only looked out for herself. And I don't want that kind of person living in my house .
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