‹ Prequel: If I Do, I'll Die
Status: A special one-off chapter ♡

All for You

Inviting new people to live with them after the collapse of Woodbury didn't come without it's challenges, but it was also starting to prove to have some benefit for Rick and his group, including one that Maggie was very excited about.

After the recent tragedy, Daryl and Ava were finally starting to settle back into prison life, but when Maggie approaches Ava and explains that the entire group is now able to work out what day and month it is, and, more importantly, is now able to celebrate birthdays again, Ava realises just how distant her past life has gotten. It's been well over a year, probably longer, since there had been that structure in her life. It was weird to suddenly be thrown back into it.

Excitement ensues when, after checking her sneakily documented list of birthdays, Maggie realises just who's birthday today falls on, and she persuades Ava to throw a surprise party for Daryl. Banners are made, gifts are brought back, Carol even manages a cake. But there's just one thing stopping Ava from properly looking forward to the surprise party:

She knows just how much Daryl is going to hate it.

Author's Note

Surprise! And Happy 4th Birthday If I Do, I'll Die. In celebration, I thought I would do something a little special and bring back my lovely characters for a special one-off chapter.

This chapter takes place in the two month gap between chapters 163 and 164, after Ava's recovery and before the start of season four in the story (have a quick re-read if you like...). I have missed writing these characters a lot, and it was a lot of fun revisiting the story and bringing Ava back for one very special light-hearted chapter.

If you haven't read If I Do, I'll Die, please check it out, this story won't make much sense if you haven't!

I really hope you like it! <3