Status: revamped as of nov 2017

Getaway Driver

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It hurt watching her relationship with Sidney slowly go down the drain. She knew that he was cheating on her every night but didn't do anything about it. She refused to accept the truth... until she finds out the girl he had been with was her sister.

Ashleigh finally gets the guts to leave him after she finds out who he has been with. Ash has decided to move to Paris to escape all the drama. But what happens when Sidney wants to fix things? When he realizes it has all been a big mistake? Will she forgive him?

Becca had been jealous of her sister and that's why she did it. She slept with Sidney because she knew thats the one thing that would destroy Ashleigh. All she had to do next was get Sidney to marry her and things would be perfect. She refused to let Ashleigh win this time. She was sick of Ashleigh always getting what she wanted so now it was her turn.
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