Status: revamped as of nov 2017

Getaway Driver


Becca couldn’t stand her sister at all. Ever since they were younger, Ashleigh always got what she wanted while Becca was pushed aside. Becca was never spoiled like Ashleigh was and maybe that’s why Becca grew up to hate her. Becca was a year older than Ashleigh and never understood what the big deal with Ash was. Sure Ash was gorgeous but Becca was sexy. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to get Sidney Crosby to fall for her.

Sidney Crosby was never part of the plan to destroy her sister. He had just been there and that’s what made it more easier to ruin Ashleigh’s life. She wanted Ashleigh to know the pain that Becca felt growing up. Ashleigh was going down and she couldn’t wait to see the aftermath.

He knew how to please her, that was for sure. He was everything that Becca could want in a man. But he was a bit hesitant on the choices that he was making. He loved Ash but obviously not much since it was so easy to cheat on her.

“So, when do you leave for hockey?” Becca asked the following morning.

“In a couple days. Right now I just want to spend as much time with you until I leave.” Sidney said as he pulled her closer to him. In the back of his mind there was something telling him he was making a big mistake, but was he?

He hadn’t been happy with Ash for months. The constant arguing was getting old and he just wanted to be happy. But cheating on her? That was a low blow even for him. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before the news broke to the public that he was with her sister now.

No one could prepare him for the damage that was about to come, not even Becca. Because the truth was? Becca was going to destroy them both at once.
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Becca is such a bitch honestly but I love writing her character. This story is going to be quite interesting to write. Little late on the update, but it's here. :-) Thanks to all my readers.