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Champagne, cocaine, and.... Gasoline?

I helped Brendon get settled in, hanging up his clothes and putting them in his dresser (with permission of course)while he talked to his mom. They had a lot to catch up on.

It was going to be very weird for a couple months, it's only been me and Wanda for a very long time. But honestly? I could use the company of someone 'my age.'

I don't have very many friends, and I definitely don't have any best friends. The friends I have are more like, "I'm gonna ask you if you want to go out so I can complain for my problems, ask to go to the bathroom, then leave and make you pay for everything," type of friends. It's least I can do to keep me sane.

My only true friend is Wanda, even thought shes a much older woman than I, and basically a mom to me.

My parents moved out of the house, never selling it. They just left everything and left. Probably because their "baby" wasn't there for them to be their punching bags. Even though my parent constantly treated me like crap and made me do ungodly things, they were still my parents. I longed for the relationship of a loving mother and father, the relationship of a family. I at least wish I had a brother or a sister to consume my time with, but they never came.

My whole life is just waiting. Waiting for happiness, waiting for a family, waiting for... love. I haven't had a boyfriend, I'd say, in a good, solid, five years. My last relationship lasted from senior year of high school until I was 21, we were in love. But at that last year, the relationship kind of fell apart. He was a good guy, very sweet and very charming, but we both realized we didn't have actual feelings for each other. Sure, the break-up hurt, the relationship lasted four years, but I didn't actually love him so it wasn't as bad as you may think.

We are still very great friends, he's the only truly 'real friend' I have. We only talk on occasion though, sometimes going out to eat.

I sat on my bed picking up my phone to text Jake, my ex but still great friend. I wanted to go and get out of the house. Being lonely isn't all that great most of the time. During my mid-text, there was a soft knock at the door. I turned to look at Brendon.

"Would I be a bother if I came in for a bit?" He questioned.

"You know, it is your room also, you don't have to ask." He cocked an eyebrow. I stifled a laugh. "Come on in."

"I do know it's my room, I just didn't want to bother you." I smiled.

"Well, thank you for being considerate." He smiled back at me. He has changed so much since high school. He has definitely gotten much more attractive, he had more muscles and a better hairstyle. His forehead was as big as ever. He walked over to his side of the room and sat on the bed, emptying out his pockets.

I opened my mouth to speak, "Actually, I'm kind of bored. Do you maybe want to go to the mall or grab a bite to eat?" My palms starting sweating, for some reason I was very nervous. I didn't want to come of as a fool if I get rejected.

"I'd love to. I would like to see how much this place has changed." He grabbed his keys and his wallet and set them back in his pockets. We then soon walked out the door, together.
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