Status: Heartbreak Warning

Remember? Last Summer

Moving On

You cloud the thoughts scattered throughout my mind. Like fireworks in the sky, you wonder through my mind wreaking havoc in your wake. Perhaps not on purpose, but with purpose. Your aim is to never let me forget you. For weeks on end, I'll hear nothing of you. But eventually, you'll return as a notification.

The searing heat of my tears rolling down my cheeks replace the strength and warmth of your arms. You are a lone star, shooting through my mind; a fleeting memory. It happened all too quick and although I should let you pass by, and I should let you go, I can't. I do everything I should not be doing. I shouldn't be holding onto that shooting star for you will burn me, and I will get hurt. You will land in someone else's arms and I shall be left standing alone in the dimness, consumed by my own shadows.

I watch your life pass by in the distance. You acknowledge me when you're allowed to. I respect that. It has been almost two full years, after all. I should be going now. Moving on.

Like a dying ember, buried beneath dead twigs, something ignites and catches flame unexpectedly. It's this small slither of hope that gets me through the day, that someday, maybe, I could hold you like I once did many years ago. Although my flame burns so brightly for you, yours has died. Like two old flames in a sad story.

Why didn't we keep running like we were being chased? As if the chase was never over. Why didn't we keep setting the twigs alight and watch everything burn? As if our flames would never cease. I couldn't understand why I did what I did, but now I truly comprehend First Love's pain. I understand now why they say we never forget you. I believe Mother when she tells me that they are truly unforgettable. There is an innocent love that could never be broken, shared with someone who taught you First, the meaning of Love.

I hold someone else with dead arms, as he does too. I carry myself on my two feet, living day-to-day hoping soon you'll realise that I am still sitting by that road waiting for you. I wonder when it'll be appropriate to tell you that you are still all I ever think about. Do you ever think about me?