Status: Work in Progress

Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow

For all sixteen years of her life Gracie Garrison has lived with her wonderful mother, Nancy, in Jacksonville, FL. Everything was great with the two of them, up until Gracie was ten years old. One visit to the doctor started a change for both of them.

It’s terrible to have to say goodbye to someone you love. Even more so when all you need is some normalcy. Instead Gracie was being uprooted from everything she knew and moving to the other side of the continent to live with family she hadn’t seen since she was in diapers.

Gracie just wants to get through the next two years as quickly as possible with her head down. Things change however when her cousin introduces her to a guy who she just can’t seem to get away from. So what happens when things don’t go as planned for Gracie?

Disclaimer: I do now own any of the characters besides Gracie, although not the image. I would give credit to the model, but there was no name with the photo. If someone knows who the model is, feel free to let me know. I do not own Avenged Sevenfold in any sort of way (sadly).

Title Credit: Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow by The Rasmus