I Can't Take Them on My Own

Im here now

She led me to a small room and directed me to sit  across from her "we have this program at our school, for kids similar to you" I gave her a questioning look "what do you mean?" she sighed "for kids who are considered 'loners' we give them an advisor.. A mentor as some may call it. They're there to help with home work and just be your buddie, to talk to and stuff" I sighed nodding "can I go now?" I questioned she nodded "I'll have your-" i cut her off "dont use the word 'Buddie'" I groaned she smiled softly "your friend, assignments to you by lunch" I rolled my eyes 'friend' yeah right....

Deciding to skip class I exited the school doors and went around back to watch the foot ballers play. From a-far obviously.. Too bad my plan failed.

I felt a blow to my face "HEY FAG!" Troy spat "p-please" I pleaded "aweh what? Cant handle it? Dont be gay then" he kicked me in my ribs "your going to hell" he gritted in my face before punching me in my nose, feeling the blood instantly flow out, he smirked when he saw what he had done and walked away"

Curling up at the wall the tears started for the second time today, hearing foot steps coming I quieted down. In fear of it being Troy again "oh my god! Are you okay?!" I heard a boy question "Tyler?" I cringed realizing it was Josh "Tyler oh god. What happened?" I heard him coming closed "d-dont touch me..." I whispered in fear "Tyler let me look at you!" I shook my head darting up and running towards my house, not thinking and not looking back.

Reaching my house I collapsed once inside. "Honey?" my mother called "Zack, is that you?" she clearly thought I was my brother. But when she rounded the corner she gasped "Tyler.. What happened?", she gasped "same old" I choked out.. Heading up to my room without another word.

Morning came all to quick and I rolled out of bed sighing to myself.

"Morning love" my mom smiled "hi..." she frowned "don't for get you have your appointment with Dr. Lexas today after school." I nodded rolling my eyes.

Walking up to the school, my legs started to shake. But as soon as I entered I was met with the eyes of the principal who i have yet to learn the name of "Tyler. So good to see you"! She smiled "I found your bud- Friend" she smiled, rolling my eyes I followed her to the same small room as yesterday. Only this time... Josh was  sitting there. "Tyler.. This is Josh, he will be your advisor" I nodded looking down avoiding any eye contact "Josh, why don't you take Tyler to study hall?" he smiled nodding.

I followed silently behind him "so... What do you need to work on?" he asked as we sat down at a table. I sighed for what seemed to be the millionth time today "I don't care" I whispered "whats wrong?" He questioned I just shook my head "cone on, im your friend, you can trust me" I rolled my eyes "ya only because your forced to" I snapped "listen, dude.. If I didn't wanna do this, like actually be your friend I wouldn't have signed up to be an advisor" he smiled lightly, rolling my eyes I decided to answer.. "Well. On My first day at a new school, I git beat up, cried twice, came across my old tormentor. I spent 18 hours in a car with my family,Some dick tripped me in class yesterday, no matter where I go people either think im a freak or harass me because im gay, and now im.. ranting to a complete stranger about problems he probably doesn't even care about" he looked at me half heatedly "Trust me.. Tyler... I'm here for you.. Not just because I 'have to be' its because I want to be" I smiled a little "im here now... Your not alone. And you wont be judged.."

♠ ♠ ♠
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