New Beginnings

Chapter One

It’s 2017 and it’s My Chemical Romance’s first tour together since breaking up in 2013. Even with years of experience (the band started in 2002) both as a band, and various solo projects this all seemed very new to the five men. It’s been a while and things would take some getting use to before they got back into the swing of things. Frank had to persuade the others for many months, along with thousands of pleas from adoring fans before they decided to give it another chance. But here they were, their first interview in years before they would start their headlining tour.

“Hello guys my name is Kailani Jones and i’m your new PR manager. Ya’ll ready for complex?”
My Chemical Romance were starting the 7 month long tour in Miami. News of their coming together spread like wildfire and radio stations and magazines alike were begging for the chance to interview the band. MCR’s manager had to bring on some extra help just to ensure things ran smoothly due to the demand. Her name was Kailani Jones. She was the best in the game, younger than most in her field. She was well sought out in florida, and elsewhere in the united states and her services cost a pretty penny. She was beautiful and Bob wasn’t slow to notice as she helped everybody in position for the video interview.

“Yo dude, she’s fine!” Bob exclaimed nudging Gerard. The front man just scrunched up his face. “She ain’t my type.”

Kailani was tan, and almost exotic in features. She had piercing blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair, almost brown in some parts. She was curvier than average and had hips that would rival the video model’s in rap videos. She was of German, Italian, and Puerto Rican descent, she wasn't tattooed heavily but had many that were visible, placed ever so strategically that they can only enhance her seemingly perfect assets. Kailani had a slight accent, a unrecognizable one, almost latin sounding with a southern drawl.

She studied the boys as Complex Magazine interviewed them. She has heard their music in the past, while she did enjoy them she never took it upon herself to particularly listen. She’s always had a passion for all things music. Listening to every genre known to man. She dabbled in alternative, rock, edm, country, jazz, you name it. Even foreign artists across the world, after all it was her job to promote and protect the reputation of her clients and they were almost always musicians. Her favorite was usually old school hip hop and r&b as she couldn’t help but appreciate the realness of it all and it’s fast pace. Kailani grew up with a hard life, below poverty and nothing was handed to her as she was raised for lack of a better term by drug addict parents in the hoods of Miami-Dade county. She identified most with these “ghetto” rappers.

She listened carefully as Gerard explained what the band had planned as she would have to start learning more about these men and their music. The interview ended and the five men walked out of the studio and towards the awaiting bus. She followed noticing that the shortest member, Frank, looked upset. He hurried to the doors, immediately retreating to the back of the bus once inside. She had a look of concern plastered on her face and Mikey took notice. “He’s upset about all the questions regarding Jamia, his ex wife. He really just wants this to be about the music.”

“I can understand that but it's not surprising old fans are going to want to know these things though sadly now a days everybody is more interested in the rich and famous personal lives’. “ Kailani scrunched up her nose. She had a habit of doing this when she was confused, worried, or upset.

“He’ll be okay. It’s just we all have to get use to this again.” The lanky man adjusted his glasses and touched her shoulder gently and walked off. He seemed really caring. Kailani couldn’t help but wonder about Frank. She thought it was weird he wasn't out reminiscing about old times on tour with the rest of the guys.She excused herself from the group and went to see if he was doing okay herself. She wasn't sure this was the best idea considering she has barely spoken to the man but she couldn't fathom that what Mikey told her could have caused him to isolate himself for so long. She knocked on the door to the back of the bus and waited.

“ GEE I DONT WANNA CUDDLE!” He yelled as he swung open the door shocked that it revealed kailani.

“Oh hi, sorry. Do you have luggage back here or something?” He moved out of the doorway letting her pass through and she sat on the couch much to his surprise.

“No, actually I wanted to properly introduce myself and see if you were okay.”

“I'm fine, Kailani right?” This was Frank’s first real time looking at the girl. He was so busy stressed out about the reuniting and touring that little else got his attention. He was surprised at her appearance. She was gorgeous, yes, but he was most shocked at how different she seemed. She didn't fit the script. Most people that worked for My Chemical romance were either diehard rock fans or of the corporate variety. She almost seemed to cool for them. Not quite like the girls in the movie “Mean girls” or the pretty in pink cheerleaders he hated in highschool. She looked like a badass. He was almost scared of her. She had on tight black leggings and a tupac t-shirt with black and white jordans and a tiny tattooed star by her eye.

“Nice to meet you” She smiled sweetly. His views of a hard ass quickly dissipated as soon as she gleamed her perfect smile at him. He giggled when he noticed a small tiny diamond placed in the center of her right canine tooth. This chick was cool.

She scrunched up her face in bewilderment. “Are you laughing at me?”

“NO! Sorry! You're just so different from most of the people around here.” Frank blushed in embarrassment. He didn't want to make a bad impression with the girl. Specially now that he was so intrigued with her. he looked at her facial expression and realized that his last statement probably didn't sound to great either. “I meant that in the best way possible by the way.” He continued and her face softened.

“Mikey told me you were upset about the interview questions.” Frank frowned and silently cursed Mikey under his breath. He really didn't want to talk about it but he figured this was probably just her doing her job.

“Yeah, I really want this to work, You know? I really missed this, being together as a band. I love our fans but sometimes i just wish they were less concerned with us and more with the music.” He explained.

“I get it, it’s your dream and your livelihood you don't expect people to be all up in your business.”

He nodded in agreement. “ I should be use to it, but one I haven't done this in a while and two, it didn't help that they wanted to pry so much about Jamia, my ex wife.” He payed close attention to Kailani as he spoke, he watched as she listened intently to him. She was nodding and speaking ever so often as he gave her a sped up version of his life with mcr and with Jamia. Other than the five boys on the bus with them and a few other close friends and relatives he was never this open about his personal life despite his fun and outgoing demeanor. He explained to her how Jamia lost their baby while she was a couple months pregnant, later sinking into depression, finally resorting to drugs to dull her pain. Eventually dragging Frank down with her after the split of My chemical Romance. They divorced after Jamia became violent, and started to prostitute to feed her addictions. Frank eventually sobered up and tried to help her but she wasn’t strong enough. She lost it all, and overdosed. He admitted the love was long gone but he still cared and it hurt more then ever so he doesn’t like it being brought up.

He noticed Kailani’s teary eyes and instantly felt like this was a mistake. He didn’t want anybody’s pity. She stood up and hugged him and kissed his cheek. He felt his face heat up and change color.

“I'm sorry Frank. I know that had to be awful. I’ll try my hardest as your PR agent and your friend to keep it from being talked about in the future.”

He smiled weakly, he could tell she was being genuine but couldn't help but feel like she just felt sorry for him. That’s when she brought up her own, almost similar sad story. She started with how her parents were addicted to cocaine and painkillers, how she had to walk to the food bank on a daily basis collecting stale bread and outdated canned items to ensure she would have dinner each night, and how she had to sometimes skip school to nurse her mother after her abusive father went too far. She raised herself. She later met her highschool sweetheart when she thought things were finally getting better. She had something to distract her from her love life and spent all her time with the man who was 3 years older than her. She eventually became pregnant with his child at 17 and he joined the army. He left her after cheating on her, and she was devastated. A couple months later she gave birth to a baby boy only for him to die in her arms. Frank listened as she cried softly, choking on words as she told her tales. He leaned close to ger hoping it would comfort her. She finished up talking by explaining how she moved out shortly after, eventually losing her mother to overdose as well and her father disappearing, no longer having somebody to control and her most recent relationship with famous rapper Kevin Gates. Explaining how the only good thing to come out of that was her current job in the music industry. She yawned which caused Frank to look at his watch. It was nearly 9pm. They have been locked in the back of the bus for hours, sharing stories and getting to know each other.

“Kai you must be starving. I’ve been holding you hostage back here with me forever,” He couldn't help but feel protective over her now. She was too sweet to go through shit like that he just couldn’t understand it.

“Kai?” She blinked… “No one has ever given me a nickname before.”

“Is that okay?” Frank asked worriedly.

“Yeah it will take some getting use to though i suppose, but about that food…” She laughed clutching her stomach jokingly.

“C’mon let's go.” Frank took her hand helping her off the worn couch and walked her to the front of the bus catching suspicious looks from the guys but he just flipped them off. Thankfully Kailani didn’t notice he though.