New Beginnings

Chapter Two

Thankfully for Frank, Kailani knew exactly where she wanted to eat. She directed Frank down the block to her favorite Spanish restaurant, Tijuana Taxi Co. The two stepped inside and were greeted by a cheerful blonde waitress and was seated quickly.

“I love this place. It’s the only spot that reminds me of that good authentic Puerto Rican food.” Kailani wasn’t overweight by any means but she defiantly loved delicious food and would consider herself a foodie.

“Well shit, I love tacos.” Frank was astonished by Kailani’s enthusiasm. It made him giggle.

“ And I love your laugh.” Frank stopped dead in his tracks. Was she being flirtatious?

“Thanks Kai.”

“It’s childlike and cute… It automatically makes me wanna laugh Frankie.” Frank smiled at the nickname. He was use to it, nearly everyone he knows calls him Frankie, but he never heard it sound so special.

The two ordered their food and started with a couple drinks. They enjoyed the evening together, they talked until the manager had to tell them to leave the restaurant. No one realized that they were the only two left and the restaurant was closing. They were to preoccupied with each other.

“How the hell did we stay so long? Time flew so fast!”

“You were clearly distracted by my charm and good looks.” Frank wiggled his eyebrows jokingly.

“Yeah, sure thing Mr.Iero. I just couldn’t resist.” she rolled her eyes and laughed along. She could get use to his humor. It was a nice change from being around such serious people all the time.

Kailani was a bit drunk as she had a few too many margaritas. Her steps faltered as she tried to make her way to the bunks once they arrived back to the bus. Their new home for the next couple of months. Frank held onto her shoulder to help her steady. He felt bad. The band is scheduled to leave at 6am in the morning and he knew she would be exhausted.

“Oh hiiiiii Geee-rarrrrrd!” Kailani grinned. As soon as the pair entered through the curtain separating the sleeping area from the common room the first thing they saw was Gerard sitting up in his bunk with a light on writing in his notebook. Lyrics probably. Frank couldn’t help but observe his mischievous expression.

“What happened to just grabbing a bite of food, Frankie boy?” Gerard laughed. He could tell there was something between Kailani and his best friend. He’s known Frank too long not too.

“Shut up Gee.” He didn’t even look at Gerard as he said this. Instead he was focusing on helping Kailani into her top bunk hoping she doesn’t fall. Once she was situated he shut her curtain, said goodnight, and turned to Gerard. You could almost immediately hear her breathing slow down as she fell asleep.

Gerard winked.

“Don’t start.”

“Man y'all been together for hours and today is just the first day of the tour! I cannot imagine how it will be a couple weeks from now.”

“We’re just friends. She was hungry and we talked. She’s a cool chick.” Frank didn’t like feeling like he had to defend himself.

“Mhmmm sure you are.”

“Goodnight Gerard.” Frank pulled his curtain closed forcefully as he climbed into his bunk. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.
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