New Beginnings

Chapter Four

11 hours later and the band finally arrived in Atlanta, Georgia. The first real stop of the tour. Kailani didn't know what to expect. She’s never been on the frontlines and so hands on with her client’s or their shows. Except for her ex’s which she expected to be wildly different considering his were rap concerts. She was jumping up and down.

“Mikey!!!!!” She jumped to him. “This is so exciting!”

“Don't you go to shows all the time?”

“No not really. I’m usually behind the scenes. My clients like to do what they want against my advice then use me as damage control.”

“Well that sucks, Alicia loves being involved and watching the shows. You’ll love it.”

She smiled so hard her cheeks hurt. “Frank gives a pretty good show too if i do say so myself” he winked at her. Kailani was shocked. What the hell was that suppose to mean?

Soon the band has to go do a signing and she decided that she would use this chance to explore the venue a bit. She came across the entrance to the stairwell that led up to the bridge above the stage where the lights were attached. She sat up there and admired the view below. The arena was beautiful and looked so much more grand and bigger from her current point of view. The scene was electrifying and the boys haven’t even stepped foot on the stage yet. Some time passed and she saw Frank bringing some equipment on the stage. She giggled a bit when he tripped a bit walking backwards and pulling his amp to the side of the stage where he would be playing on. He must of heard her because he looked up astonished and wide eyed.

“What the fuck are you doing up there?”

“Idk I just came across it” she said looking down at him smiling.

“How the hell do you stumble upon being 50ft in the air?”

“I got bored and wanted to explore.” She shrugged.

He sighed and walked off and that's when she heard thumping coming towards her when Frank’s concerned face appeared.

“C’mon Kai. Get down.”

“Are you worried about me, Frankie?”

“Of course, now get down before you kill yourself.”

“But I like it up here.” She pouts. “Can you imagine how the show would look like from up here?”

“That's a horrible idea.” he scowled. “I would just keep looking up at you to make sure you weren't dangling off or some shit and I would get distracted.”

“Fine, fine.” She scurried down and grabbed Frank’s out reached hand.

“I got worried I was gonna have to get you myself. I’m scared of heights.” He shuddered.

“You're not scared of performing in front of thousands of people though?”

“Nope. Nothing makes me happier.”

“You're such a weirdo.” She laughed.

The two walked back to the main area holding hands still. They didn’t even notice until they ran into Bob and they watched as he glanced down at their intertwined fingers and made a disapproving face. Frank quickly let go.

“It’s almost time for sound check. 5 minutes” Bob grumbled grabbing his sticks and heading on to the stage. The rest of the group appeared shortly after walking on to the stage. Frank grabbed his guitar and joined them.

“Sit right here on the stage so you don’t get lost. God forbid I have to go back up there again.” he said leaving her behind. She sat down and watched as the band huddled around. My chemical romance didn’t come out with any new music since they broke up and rejoined. After a group discussion with their record label, managers and their PR (Kailani), they decided it would be best to see how well received they were this tour. If shows sold out and press was positive they would take a break after finishing the tour in New Jersey and begin to write and record new material. The boys were excited for this possibility. If things went down hill, My chemical Romance would be retiring for good considering this tour one last “Greatest Hits” farwell.

In the short time that she knew the band she began to understand how much the music meant to them. It’s saved not only Frank and Gerard's life a few times, but it also saved countless fans. It was refreshing to think about it. Most modern day musicians only pursue the fame for a paycheck and the groupies.

They began to play and she watched completely taken in by the sound. They were amazing together. Better than she ever could have imagined. Gerard was smiling as he sang, while Ray was jumping around. Frank was all over the place, kicking and sliding around the floor and Mikey seemed so focused on his chords yet so peaceful, Bob was throwing all his energy into the drums and it was great. If she got this feeling during sound check she couldn’t wait to witness the actual show.

“How’d you like it?” Gerard beamed stepping off stage and wiping his face with a towel.

“Ya’ll were killing it!” She couldn’t help but bounce around. She was so hyped up from the experience. Frank and Mikey hugged her and she followed them into their dressing room. Mikey went over on how now their techs will go over the instruments to make sure everything is tuned up properly while the boys do any changing, hair, or makeup that needs to be done. She giggled as she saw Gerard and Frank using the makeup she noticed someone bought at walmart the other day from her spot on the couch.

As they finished getting ready, she was introduced to Lyn-Z, Gerard’s wife, Alicia, Mikey’s Wife, and Christa, Ray’s wife. They all flew out from New Jersey to support My Chem’s first show in years. She quickly made friends with the woman talking about the men, and their wild stories they had with the boys before the kids were born on previous tours.

“It’s nice having another girl around.” Lyn-Z stated.

“Yeah we need some more woman to hang out with.” Christa added. She felt very welcomed by the three of them. They were all so nice and caring but it made her think of Jamia. Alicia, Lyn-Z, and Christa were all married to someone in the band. Just like Frank and Jamia use to be married. Kailani was just an employee. It made her wonder if they hung out with Jamia, and if she would of been as welcoming. She shook the thoughts and decided to try and be friends with them. After all she could use a few.

“You're gonna stick around and watch the show with us right Kailani?” Alicia asked rubbing her belly. Kailani nodded in response. Alicia was only 4 months pregnant. Kaliani could relate to her well considering her own past pregnancy despite the loss of her baby. Even though she didn’t confide with the woman about it. She only answered no when they asked if she had any children or a spouse. Lyn-z and Gerard had a 7 year old daughter named Bandit and Christa had a 4 year old boy with Ray. The two of them spent a lot of time together, even living close to one another and helping babysit when needed.

The show was set to start at 7 and it was 6:45pm. The 4 girl’s headed to the side stage. Frank watched with a smile on his face.

“The seem to like her.” He mentioned to Gerard who was looking in the mirror fixing his hair.

“I guess you aren’t the only one anymore, Iero.” Frank swung around.

“Why do you insist I like her, Gee?”

“Idk, maybe because you do.” He laughed nonchalantly. “You follow her around and you look happier than ever when she’s with you.”

“She’s really cool and all but it’s nothing more.” Frank said but it sounded more like he was trying to persuade himself instead of Gerard.

“Sure thing buddy.” Just then the venue director appeared signaling the guys it was time to start. As soon as they walked on stage the whole place erupted in cheers, It was deafening. Kailani felt chills run down her spine and goosebumps on her arms.

This was going to be great.