New Beginnings

Chapter Five

The show ended around 11. Much to her surprise the boys came straight to the bus, took showers and went to bed. Maybe it had to do with the girl’s being here or maybe rock stars just don’t party like they use to. Kailani laid awake thinking about the show. It was amazing, She could feel the energy coming from the crowd and the happiness that My chem felt being back on stage. She knew that there wouldn’t be any problems with the rest of the tour. Everybody loves My Chemical Romance too much. Shit, it’s hard not to love them.

Kailani jumped as she heard a soft knock on the frame of her bunk. She slid open the curtains apprehensive, not knowing who or what to expect behind them.

“Hey Kai.” Frank flashed his perfect smile. “Did i scare you?”

“Yeah kind of, I thought everybody was sleeping.”

“Sorry love. I couldn’t sleep and I heard you tossing and turning up here.”

“I was thinking about everything. It’s all pretty exciting.”

“Shit you telling me. It feels so good to be back.” He sighed. Frank hopped up to join her and she scooted over laughing.

“It’s a bit tight in here for two, don’t you think?”

“Nah” He swung a tattooed arm around her and pulled her close. “We can make it work.” Frank wasn’t quite sure what he was doing but he knew that he wanted to be close to her in this moment. He’s been thinking over his conversations with Gerard. Maybe he did like Kailani. He noticed he rather spend all his free time with her over hanging out with his best friends or anything else for that matter.

“So am I supposed to entertain you and keep you from being bored?” she asked.

“No sweetheart. I just know you're exactly what i need to calm me down.”

“Are you nervous?”

“Some. I just put in a lot of effort to get the band back together and I just want it all to be worth it.”

“It will be” She reassured him. “ I have faith in you. The band, too…”

“Thank you, that means a lot Kai.” Frank kissed her cheek and felt her snuggle into him. It was involuntary almost. They felt so right laying together. Perfectly fitting puzzle pieces. The two of them fell into a comfortable silence and it wasn’t long before he heard her breathing deepen and slow down.
He studied her face. Her head was resting on his chest with her hand across his waist. He had his left hand on top of hers, and his right arm holding her close to him.She looked so peaceful. He couldn't help but stare at her. When she slept her lips curled into a small frown but they still looked pink and plump.In his opinion, her facial structure resembled a angel’s. He laughed slightly when it hit him. He gazed at the tiny tattooed star under her eye. She would always be the star and twinkle in his eyes now. Gerard was right. He was falling for her. Frank was concerned if this was the right thing to do. She was his Public Relations manager and pursing her wouldn’t be professional. Fuck it he thought. Since when was he one for formalities?

He kissed her forehead. “Goodnight love.”
♠ ♠ ♠
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