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It was Saturday. I was supposed to spend it with Natalie. She wanted to do some shopping and just spend the day together.

That wasn't going to happen. Dad was forcing me to have dinner with Victor Diaballa. I remember vaguely my mother that I didn't like him nor trust him and frankly wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. My instincts were on high alert. It was like some sixth sense was telling me to be smart. She, of course, brushed off the topic and forced me to try on my new suit. Which is what I was doing right now.

"We're just having dinner in the house. What do I need a suit for?" I whined to Tj who was sitting in the corner of my room, reading a magazine I had laying around. He chuckled and flipped the page, not looking at me as I threw a tantrum.

"How am I supposed to know? She's your mother" He said and I threw my tie at him. He smacked it away and it crumbled to the floor before it even had a chance to hit him. A quick and swift movement.

"You've known them since forever. You're supposed to know these things you damp sock!" I snapped at him and he looked up at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Damp Sock?" He said and I rolled my eyes before turning back to my mirror, messing with the buttons on my shirt.

"Don't ask. It was something I heard and couldn't stop calling people" He still looked confused but didn't voice anything about it. He just crossed it legs and tossed the magazine on the bed before coming over with my tie and tapping my shoulder. I turned around and he began to perfectly put my tie on. I could never do it on my own correctly. He did the little things for me as far as I could remember. I didn't know what I would do without him.

"Who exactly is Victor?" I asked Tj and he shrugged, concentrating on my tie. I sighed and smacked his shoulder. Tj was literally my dad's right hand man. He did know, he's just being shady about it.

"What?" He said after I hit him.

"You do know"

"Barely anything. I work close with your father but you know how he is. He rarely lets anyone in his head. I know just as much as you do, maybe less. Sebastian has been acting..weird" He said and I tilted my head. He finished my tie and handed me my suit jacket. I put it on but was pondering what he said.

"What do you mean weird? He's always weird Tj" He chuckled a bit as he sat down, crossing his arms. He seemed...troubled.

"Just...more guarded than usual I guess. I don't know. I could just be reading him wrong. He's not exactly an open book you know. He has layers that are nearly impenetrable. He can't afford to enjoy the moment because he treats it like his last. His mind...is a dangerous place. Just like..-" Then he paused and said nothing. Just stared at the floor. I messed with the cuff links on my jacket and waited. But he still..said nothing.

"Like who?" I asked and he broke out of his trance with a shake of his head. He looked up and shook his head.

"No one. Come on. Ashley wants you presentable in the next couple minutes are else that'll be my head. Are you ready?" He asked and I sighed, not wanting to push. I nodded and followed him out the room, straightening out my jacket. I really didn't know why I had to wear this stupid thing. Tj and I chatted quietly as we walked down the grand staircase and towards the dinning room. Various candles were lit and were casting a soft glow throughout the room. Mom was wearing a black velvet evening dress and her hair was flowing down her back. She was straightening the already straight eating utensils and plates. There was quiet music filling the air, coming from the blue tooth speaker hidden behind the plants lining the dining room windows. Divenire by Ludcovico Einaudi. Mom's favorite piece to listen to whenever she could.

"Well don't you look handsome Alexander" Mom gleamed at me and I shrugged, looking down at my shoes briefly.

"Not exactly my style, but it'll do. Where's dad?" I asked and then the dining room doors opened, my dad coming through holding a bottle of champagne with Victor following in tow. My stomach dropped at the sight of him and I just to go back upstairs. I had already asked why I had to be present. Mom said Victor was going to be around a lot now that he and my dad are partners. This wasn't going to be fun, at least for me.

"Right here son!" He said cheerfully. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him and went to go sit down next to mom's seat. To my dismay, Victor sat across from me. He shot me a smile and I forced myself to smile back at him.

"Joining us Thomas?" My dad asked Tj and his smile hardened. He didn't like anyone calling him Thomas. But he didn't dare argue with my dad over it.

"Ahh no. I gotta head out. Some errands to run but I'll be over later Sebastian. Take care guys" He said and my dad nodded sharply to him. He shot me a smile before taking his leave out the house. I was hoping he would stay because at least I'd have someone to talk to in case things get boring.

"I'll be right back. I believe dinner is done" My mom said and walked into the kitchen. My dad and Victor began speaking. I took time to observe him. He looked so damn young. I looked older than him and I was only seventeen (ten in human years if to be technical). He looked like he was fifteen or sixteen, and that was just being generous. His hair was short and spiked, white as snow. His eyes were electric grey and he was overall just a petite person in general. I didn't get the notion he was a vampire but I didn't feel like he was human either. I didn't know what he was or where he even came from. Doesn't seem like my dad's typical company. The mystery is was scared me about him. He just came out of nowhere.

"So Alexander..." Victor caught my attention and broke me out of my trance. I blushed because I had been staring at him but he didn't show any indication of caring.

"Yes Mr. DiaBalla?" I asked and he grinned at me.

"Victor please..Tell me..what are your plans for the future?" He asked me and my throat grew dry. I wasn't really kidding when I had mentioned going to school in the states to Nat and my friends. But I haven't dared mentioned a word to my father or mother. They wouldn't allow it. They didn't like the states for some reason. I had always wanted to vacation there but they always said no.

"Well I...I wanted to attend more school. Become a doctor" I said quietly before taking a drink of my water.

"A doctor! Well that's wonderful" Victor smiled sweetly at me and I nodded in agreement, saying nothing.

"Alexander is a very bright young man. If he wants to be a doctor, he'll be the best around" My mother said as she came out of the kitchen carrying a large silver pan that contained a delicious smelling pot roast. I could smell the beef and vegetables and believe me...it smelled wonderful. I was so glad my mom came back. I always felt..more calm near her. She was my calm spirit.

We filled our plates with roast, mashed potatoes and buttery baked rolls. Mom really out did herself with this dinner. It was delicious enough to keep us quiet as we ate but soon the silence had ended and all attention was directed onto me.

"Alexander we have something to discuss" My father said and I immediately sat up straight, giving him my full attention.

"Your birthday is only a few months away. You're turning 18 soon. You're becoming a man and I feel as if we should have this discussion. It's about your transformation" He said and I felt my heart skip two beats. I remember..many years ago. We had already talked somewhat about this. My mom and dad wanted me to transform into a full blown vampire. To be just like them. It had always made me feel so left out, despite my mother saying I'm just as important to our species as they are. But the reality was, I was not like them. My heart beats, blood runs through my veins, I grow, I age. I was nothing like them. And I had taken comfort in that. I didn't want to be like anyone else. I liked being my own person. My own thing. Some people would hate to be so different from both worlds I am apart of. Everyone longs to fit in a place where they are happy with others. I was content on being in my own world.

"Your father and I wanted to wait until you were old enough to make this decision on your own. You are such a talented and smart young man. And we feel as if it's time to make your choice. It's your choice alone Alexander" My mother touched my arm and I looked up at her, seeing that she was genuine in giving me the choice. But then I looked into my fathers eyes and saw that he had already decided for me. It sent a chill down my spine. I did not want to argue. I didn't want to fight. It was 'do as he says'.

"Alexander..we brought Victor here tonight to help you with this choice. It is a big one for you and we felt as if he could shed some light" My dad nodded to Victor who smiled at him before looking at me.

"Like you...I was a hybrid many years ago. Hundreds of years ago actually. I made my transformation to save myself because unfortunately we were...not welcomed here on this earth. We were mysterious beings and no one could understand us. They did not want to. We were killed off one by one. I did not want to die Alexander. My life may not have meant anything to those in power but it meant everything to me. So I found someone who turned me into a full vampire. I became part of this world and I have never lived a better life. Being different is hard. But change is also scary. It's up to you whether you want to remain in a world where there is danger lurking around because believe me. There are still people out there who do not want you alive simple because you are different. Don't give them a chance to take your life away from you" I sat back in my seat, kinda stunned at what I just heard. Because honestly I didn't believe it. Not that he was lying, it just didn't seem real to me.

"I...I um...I" I stumbled over my words and my mother patted my arm to calm me down.

"Relax dear, you still have time to think. We just wanted to get ahead of time. We just want you..to be one of us. To be closer to who you are meant to be...Someone powerful" She said and that didn't help at all because there was going to still be a time where I had to make the choice. Not the choice I wanted, but that choice that they wanted. I was happy this way. But they weren't happy with me this way. I didn't show how much it upset me. I held my face together convincingly enough but it was tearing my heart to pieces. Because we wanted different things..but I couldn't stand up for myself against the two people who have given me a wonderful life. I owed them..even if it meant giving up who I was.

"I say we make a toast..."My father said as he got up and grabbed a bottle of win from the cabinet behind him. He sat back down but then snapped his fingers as if he forgot something.

"I forgot one of the wine glasses. Alexander could you go grab one from the kitchen please?" He asked me and I nodded, standing up and walking a little too quickly. I was glad to be out of that room just to take a moment to breathe. I was feeling so many emotions at once that it was taking its toll on me. Anger, sadness, sorrow, selfishness and selflessness. I knew I had to suck it up and go back in there. But my feet felt heavy as I forced them to move after grabbing the extra glass. My instincts were telling me to run and hide but that was not an option. I knew better than to act a fool in front of guests. So with a deep breath, I walked back out and handed the glass to my father. My glass was already filled up with a deep red liquid. I did not drink much but I would occasionally when my parents allowed. This was more of a formal thing rather than cracking opening a cold one with your parents.

I sat back in my hair and raised my glass just as my dinner partners did.

"To new life. And new horizons" My father said and we all touched glasses briefly. I drunk my wine quickly and sat my glass down. But it tasted..different. Sweeter than usual. I was sure it was my father's normal choice of wine. The bottle looked the same. Maybe it was mixing with the food I ate and gave me a nasty new taste. I just sat back in my chair and listened, not joining in.


I was becoming very disoriented as the minutes ticked by. It had only been thirty minutes since having our toast but it felt like hours to me. My eyes kept drooping shut and my limbs had become the consistency of a jelly fish. I did not know what was wrong with me. I just felt so..out of it.

"Mother..may I be excused?" I slurred just a bit and she looked at me, tilted her head.

"Is something wrong dear?" She asked me and I shrugged, barely keeping my eyes open.

"Just tired is all mother"

"One too many Alexander?" Victor asked me with a chuckled and I smiled lazily in return, forced a smile that is. Couldn't have been the wine..I literally only had one drink. Or I think I did..I couldn't remember.

"Alright sweetie. You may go" She said to me and kissed my forehead. I returned the kiss before getting up with great difficulty. I used my chair has a helping hand to make it seem like I wasn't going to pass out.

"Goodnight everyone. Thank you for the lovely evening" I said as normally as possible.

"Lovely getting to know you more Alexander" Victor said to me and I nodded back at him.

"Sleep well son. Goodnight" My father nodded to me and I made my way towards the steps. I gripped the handle with a tight grip as I took each step slowly. I couldn't move any faster. No matter how hard I tried.

Once at the top of the stairs, I leaned against the wall as I walked down the corridor to my bedroom. I leaned on the door and it opened, leaving me to stumble in. My head was starting to spin and my heart began to race. I reached up to loosen my tie. But I couldn't make it. I lost my balance.

I had fallen to the floor, losing all consciousness. Surrounded by nothing but darkness.
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