Gerard's Little Side

I Can't Wait To Go Home

Gerard woke up in his bed and looked around.
He was in his own apartment and the night before was slowly coming back to him.
He had left Danny and Eric's apartment.
He woke up feeling little though and that wasn't fun.
He had accidentally wet the bed and quickly snatched the sheets and threw them in his laundry basket.
He grabbed his phone and texted Danny.
'Not feeling good. Can I come over?'
Danny texted back, 'I'm not home. At work. Call papa.'
Gerard was shocked for a second. He was surprised Danny knew what he needed.
Gerard went back to his contacts and called Eric.
"Hey." Gerard said quietly.
"What's up?"
"Um. I know I seemed kinda mad last night, but I wasn't. I promise. Actually. I'm kinda scared. I wetted the bed and I was wondering-"
Eric cut him off. "I'll be there in ten minutes, buddy. Can you get ready for me?"
Gerard blushed. Danny and Eric never hesitated to take care of him. It was an odd feeling to be cared for like this.
"I'll get ready." Gerard said.
"Alright. Good boy. I'm gonna hang up so I can get ready. Okay?" Eric said. "Do you think you can be a brave boy for me and get ready on your own."
"Yes, papa."
"Good. I love you, buddy."
"Love you too, papa." Gerard said with a blush on his cheeks.
The phone call ended and Gerard quickly went back to his bedroom.
He grabbed the two stuffies and set them on his dresser so he would remember to bring them with him.
He opened one of the drawers and grabbed some clean clothes. He didn't really care what he was grabbing though, he knew that Eric would give him a bath and put him in his little clothes anyway.
He hastily put his shoes on and grabbed the two stuffies. He went to the living room and waited on the sofa for Eric to arrive.
The doorbell rand after what felt like forever for Gerard.
He quickly ran to the door and looked in the hole to see who it was.
Eric was standing there. Gerard quickly undid the latches and let his papa in.
"Hi." Gerard rushed forward and hugged him.
"Hi, baby." Eric lifted him up with ease.
Gerard laid his head on Eric's shoulder and said, "Wanna go home, papa."
"Okay." Eric held him close. "Let's get the keys."
"Need my stuffies too!" Gerard squirmed so that Eric would put him down.
He ran to the living room and picked up the two stuffies. He then went into his bedroom and grabbed his keys from his night stand. He ran back to Eric and handed the keys to him.
"Ready to go." Gerard said.
"Alright, bud." Eric lifted him up again and went to the door.
He pulled it shut behind himself and locked it.
"When we get home can I take a bath with colors?"
"Sure, buddy." Eric smiled as he put the little into the back of the car.
He helped him buckle up and soon they were on their way home.
♠ ♠ ♠
I'll talk more about what happened the night before in the next chapter. It will probably be really stupid and titled 'The Night Before'.
Title credits to Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran!!!