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The Flames of Thotus: Dreams

The Crystalline Era is over. The knowledge of its civilization? Well, most was washed away by a catastrophic event that came to be known simply as The Dawn. The extinction of an old era, and the ushering of a new one.

The planet of Essiah has had its fair share of global catastrophies, mind you. But The far the largest, most monumental. This change of winds brought with it a backstep in the advancement of human civilization...a regression, if you will.

The time? 1073 PCE. The place? The upper district of Central Handil. We start with a dream. A boy of only 17, Termus, and his mysterious, horrifying dream. A recurring dream that will lead to him and his friends getting swept away by this destructive, chaotic world that has developed since that great age. What kind of secrets lie yet to be discovered just under the surface of Essiah? Termus will find out just what some people are willing to do to get their hands on such lost knowledge.

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