Until My Heart Explodes.

Summer of 2005. MCR is supposed to be working on a new album but Gerard is having some trouble, especially with just getting out of the hospital, Mikey keeps disappearing, Bob and Ray are stuck between leaving and staying, and an engaged Frank is having an affair.
  1. chapter 1
    NO one is listening.
  2. chapter 2.
    Frank and Spencer = history.
  3. chapter 3.
    sex fantasies.
  4. chapter 4
    gerard gives out missions and spencer is shocking
  5. chapter 5.
    longer chapter with a flashback. Ray is a lifesaver.
  6. chapter 6
    Cause you're hot and you're cold
  7. chapter 7
    Ray is a jerk
  8. chapter 8.
    one day at a time.