Until My Heart Explodes.

chapter 2.

Jamia kept staring at Spencer. Her brown eyes eyeing her suspiciously as Frank and Spencer moved in unison making joints. She only averted her eyes whenever Spencer would look at her.

“So…” Spencer began before Frank extended his hand out in order for her to lick the joint paper. She ran her tongue across the bitter paper. Frank smirked at her and finished rolling it up. He placed it on the table next to the other ten they had just made.

“It’s nice to finally meet you. Frank has told me so much about you.” Spencer looked at Jamia with a smile. She was lying though. Frank had never so much as talked about her. Apparently six months of dating led Frank to proposing. She hadn’t quite figured out the timeline since only three months ago, she had been touring with the band.

Jamia smiled for a second but then went completely serious.

“It’s funny though…” she started. “Whenever Frank spoke of Spencer, I always assumed that you were a—“

“Guy?” Spencer finished for her. She nodded. “Yeah, I get that a lot. Funny story. My parents were told that I was going to be a boy when my mom was pregnant with me, something about the umbilical cord being in the way so they couldn’t really tell. Anyways, since they already had two boys, the ultrasound tech told them I was going to also be a boy. So when I was born, Oh-ho! You know they were surprised as fuck when I came out with no dangling junk, but since Dad already had my name picked, they stuck with Spencer and just changed my middle name from Daniel to Nell, after my grandmother.”

“True story.” Frank chimed in.

“Wow. Fascinating.” Jamia said through clenched teeth. “And how long have you and Frank known each other?” she asked. “I’ve known him since high school.” She said this with some girlish charm that only made Spencer want to cringe, but she refrained.

“Uhh… I think I’ve known Frank for the same amount of time my brothers have. Gerard used to be OBSESSED with his old band, Pencey Prep. He used to drag me to their shows to try to get me to convince Frank to join his.”

“It didn’t take a lot of convincing either.” Frank said. “She came up to me and said ‘Hey, wanna be in my brother’s band?’ and I said yes.”

Spencer glared at him. She recalled that memory, but she was sure he wasn’t going to mention that they had also made out in the back alley of the venue he had played at or that it had taken her about six times of asking for him to finally say yes.

They continued the small chat but Spencer was getting annoyed with Jamia giving her death stares. She stood up from the arm chair, pulling her cell from her back pocket as she did. She leaned over and took a joint from Frank’s little perfect line-up.

“Heeeey.” He whined, but didn’t make an attempt to get it back.

“I’m just gonna step outside for a bit. I’ve gotta call Zack.” She said. Frank and Jamia both looked at her in confusion.

“Zack?” Frank and Jamia said at the same time, Frank in annoyance and Jamia in curiosity.

“Yeah, Zack, my boyfriend. He couldn’t come. He’s retaking some courses that he failed last semester. But I promised to call once things got settled here.” She told them as she made to step away from their little setup.

“Oh… where was it that you go to school again?” Jamia asked. Her whole demeanor had changed now. Her body language wasn’t stiff and possessive. Spencer smiled the widest grin.

“Harvard.” She said and then walked away.

“I told you Spencer was a genius,” she heard Frank say as she walked out the door.


“What the fuck? He’s engaged?” Zack’s booming voice yelled through the speaker. Spencer cringed and pulled it away from her ear a bit.

“YES! And then she wants to act all Sherlock Holmes on me and shit! Family history and how I met Frank and all this other bull shit. Can you believe that?” Spencer explained. Zack chuckled on the phone.

“So then what’d you do?” Zack asked.

“Told her I had to call my boyfriend, Zack, duh!” They both laughed.

“Does she know that I’m gay?” Spencer chuckled.

“No. I hadn’t gotten that far into my life story. Frank looked annoyed that I mentioned you though. He knows how I use you.” Spencer said before taking a drag from the spliff in her fingers.

“Yes, it hurts me so that you use me for your amusement. So how’s Gerard?” he asked, his tone of voice turning to concern.

“That’s something that I don’t want to talk about at the moment. He’s being stubborn and Mikey isn’t helping either. I haven’t seen him but three seconds. It’s a huge mess. I have to fix this before I go back.” She said. She sat on the steps in front of the door. As soon as she did, the door opened. Frank was walking Jamia out.

“Hold on, Zack.” Spencer said. She put the phone down to ask Jamia if she was leaving.

“Yeah, I have work tomorrow morning. But hey, umm, if you have any free time, we can have lunch sometime.” Jamia offered. Spencer averted from fake gagging and grinned like a madman instead.

“Yes! I love to!” she said, faking her enthusiasm. Frank read through it though and glared at Spencer.

“I’m just going to walk her to the car.” He mumbled and then led Jamia down the stairs to the gray car parked at the end of the drive-way.

“I hope you heard that,” Spencer said as she put the phone back to her ear. Zack was laughing hysterically.

“You going to talk to Frank about this?” he asked through giggles.

“Nah… I mean… obviously we’re done, so what’s there to ask.” Spencer said. Zack gave her some words of encouragement before they decided to hang up.


Mikey wasn’t feeling too good. He looked in the passenger seat of his car. There was an empty bottle… no wait, two empty bottles of vodka. Did he really drink all that? He couldn’t remember. He didn’t think so though. He stared out the window. He saw Spencer casually leaning against the front door. He groaned.

He couldn’t believe she came back. Well he couldn’t believe that she came back for Gerard. He had called her soon after she had returned to Harvard that he needed help but she made some excuse, something about getting a job or internship. He couldn’t remember the exact reason.

Now the second that Frank calls her and tells her that Gerard is in trouble, she’s booking first class just to rush to the hospital. He scoffed as he placed his chin on the side of his door, his nose pushing into the window. Everything was blurry and spinning, but he could still make out Frank jogging across the lawn only to come up besides Spencer on the front steps of the house.

Spencer rose, wiping her hands on the front of her jeans. Frank, as Mikey could tell from his squinted eyes, began the argument first. Mikey, at this moment, was happy for his manual car as he rolled down his window a bit to try to hear them.

“What the fuck was that?” Mikey heard Frank say repeatedly. Frank was making hand gestures in the air and ranting but Mikey couldn’t really make everything out in his drunken state.

“Why the fuck are you getting pissed at me? Did you forget to tell me something, like I don’t know, the fuck that you got engaged? The fact that you been seeing this girl for half a year when…”

Spencer was cut off by Frank crashing his lips on hers. Mikey pulled his face off the car window in disgust. What the hell. He watched as Spencer, at first, tried to push off Frank, but Frank didn’t stop and Spencer eventually gave into him. Their bodies melding together, Frank’s hands cupping her face as hers went for the belt loops on his jeans and pulled him closer.

“God, can they fucking not?” Mikey whispered to himself. Seeing his sister kiss one of his band members was not totally shocking. He always had a feeling that something was going on with them, but he could never catch them in action. Their squirminess, awkward robot talk, and averted eyes were total hints at something going on. Mikey figured out their secret… or at least he thought so. He was too drunk to know if this was for sure what he was seeing.

He looked back at the front of the house. He blinked rapidly, trying to make out the scene in front of him. Spencer pushed Frank back. Frank stumbled back a step but remained balanced.

“Make up your damn mind, Frank! I’m not some fucking game.” Spencer told Frank. Frank crossed his arms. He wanted to say something back but Spencer had already gone inside. She slammed the door in his face.

Mikey leaned his head back on his seat. He was confused. He darted his eyes to the bottles in his passenger seat.

He really needed to stop.
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This is 3rd person, I guess but not just from Spencer's perspective. I want to tell it from each member's view but not in 1st person.