Somebody Like Me

Sergio wasn’t looking for something serious.

After getting out of a serious relationship, the last thing he wanted to do was rush into the next thing, and when he met Cassie, he thought that he’d found the perfect thing.

Cassie was looking for the same thing.

After the breakup of her last relationship, she was looking for something fun, relaxed and simple, something she finds with Sergio...until she discovers that she is expecting.

With neither of them wanting to find themselves in a serious relationship, the two of them struggle to come to terms with the idea of welcoming a baby into the world, leading them to ask themselves whether or not they can make something more out of something which was only supposed to be casual.

Will they be able to put things together or will be a case of too much too soon?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Sergio Ramos or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and OCs are mine
  1. One: I Could Get Used To This
  2. Two: I Think It Does
  3. Three: If I Didn’t Know Better
  4. Four: Take A Minute
  5. Five: I Can’t Find The Words
  6. Six: Once You’re In
  7. Seven: As We Go
  8. Eight: What Are Friends For?
  9. Nine: We Are
  10. Ten: We’ve Got Time
  11. Eleven: The Elephant In The Room
  12. Twelve: One Way Or The Other
  13. Thirteen: On One Condition
  14. Fourteen: Boyfriend
  15. Fifteen: Surprise
  16. Sixteen: It’s A Date
  17. Seventeen: It’s Not Every Day
  18. Eighteen: How It Came To Be
  19. Nineteen: How Did I Get You?
  20. Twenty: Early Days
  21. Twenty One: You’re Smitten
  22. Twenty Two: I Like Us
  23. Twenty Three: Boy Troubles
  24. Twenty Four: There Are Going To Be Bumps
  25. Twenty Five: You Can Talk To Me
  26. Twenty Six: Plus One
  27. Twenty Seven: We’re A Couple
  28. Twenty Eight: We’ll See How Long It Lasts
  29. Twenty Nine: What Matters To Me
  30. Thirty: Next Time?
  31. Thirty One: You’re What Makes Me Happy
  32. Thirty Two: He’s In Love
  33. Thirty Three: Before You Know It
  34. Thirty Four: I Was Trying To Be Romantic
  35. Thirty Five: You’re Over It
  36. Thirty Six: Think About It
  37. Thirty Seven: You Either Take It Or You Don’t
  38. Thirty Eight: The Right Decision For You
  39. Thirty Nine: Take A Chance
  40. Forty: Home
  41. Forty One: You’re Parents
  42. Forty Two: Make The Most Of It
  43. Forty Three: Just The Three Of Us
  44. Forty Four: The Best Kind Of Strange
  45. Forty Five: Getting Back To Normal
  46. Forty Six: I Don’t Want You To Worry
  47. Forty Seven: You Deserve A Night To Yourselves
  48. Forty Eight: I Know The Feeling
  49. Forty Nine: They Like You
  50. Fifty: Stick Around
  51. Fifty One: It Wasn’t What I Was Expecting
  52. Fifty Two: When The Time Comes
  53. Fifty Three: It’s Been A Good Year
  54. Fifty Four: You Mean Him
  55. Fifty Five: I Hoped I Would Bump Into You
  56. Fifty Six: I Had My Chance With Her
  57. Fifty Seven: What Does It Look Like?
  58. Fifty Eight: If That’s What You Want
  59. Fifty Nine: I Think You Have Your Answer
  60. Sixty: I Should Have Said This Sooner
  61. Sixty One: I’d Hope Not
  62. Sixty Two: Do You Have Something You Want To Say?
  63. Sixty Three: Happy Birthday
  64. Sixty Four: I Know Things Have Changed
  65. Sixty Five: I Know You Better Than That
  66. Sixty Six: It’s A Lot To Ask
  67. Sixty Seven: I Can’t Make It For You
  68. Sixty Eight: It Looks Like It
  69. Sixty Nine: You Worry Too Much
  70. Seventy: It’s Not Too Far Away
  71. Seventy One: I’m Proud Of You
  72. Seventy Two: You’ve Got To Get Going
  73. Seventy Three: All I Want For You
  74. Seventy Four: Wish You Were Here
  75. Seventy Five: Aren’t You Pleased To See Me?
  76. Seventy Six: Worth It
  77. Seventy Seven: I Don’t Know If You’ve Noticed
  78. Seventy Eight: I’m Glad That You’re Glad
  79. Seventy Nine: You Asked How I Feel
  80. Eighty: Things Change
  81. Eighty One: Is That What I Think It Is?
  82. Eighty Two: We Can Do It Again
  83. Eighty Three: I Think That’s A First
  84. Eighty Four: You Couldn’t Let Me Get To It?
  85. Eighty Five: It Works
  86. Eighty Six: A Little Longer
  87. Eighty Seven: I’ll See You In The Morning
  88. Eighty Eight: It Won’t Be The Last Time
  89. Eighty Nine: We’ve Got A Wedding To Get To
  90. Ninety: It Hasn’t Sunk In Yet
  91. Ninety One: He Just Wanted To Talk
  92. Ninety Two: We’re Pretty Good At This
  93. Ninety Three: We’re Not Good At Waiting
  94. Ninety Four: Look Who’s Talking
  95. Ninety Five: They’re On Their Way
  96. Ninety Six: Promise Me Something
  97. Ninety Seven: I Wouldn’t Say It If I Didn’t
  98. Ninety Eight: It’s Going To Take Us All Time
  99. Ninety Nine: Say It
  100. One Hundred: Don’t Let Us Keep You
  101. One Hundred & One: You Can Relax
  102. One Hundred & Two: What Are You Smiling About?
  103. One Hundred & Three: I’ve Seen Better
  104. One Hundred & Four: You Need To Ask That?
  105. One Hundred & Five: We’re Not Getting Younger
  106. One Hundred & Six: We Can’t Say Anything
  107. Epilogue: I Must Be Doing Something Right