Somebody Like Me

Ten: We’ve Got Time

Resting quietly against the kitchen counter, Sergio ran a hand back through his hair, a small sigh tumbling out of his mouth in an attempt to shift the knot which existed in the pit of his stomach.

It had been there for a while, since he had met up with Cassie at the hospital, the knot in his stomach existed, but it showed very little sign of disappearing, regardless of how hard he tried to ease the tension between the two of them. Things between him and Cassie merely didn’t feel as comfortable as they once had.

Allowing another soft sigh to fall out of his mouth, Sergio padded towards the cupboard, retrieving two mugs before he settled them down beside the kettle, allowing him to prepare two mugs of tea. It hadn’t been long, after their appointment with Elsa, he and Cassie had been quick to return to her apartment, but still they could barely hold a conversation, something which more than unsettled the defender.

It was awkward, with neither of them quite knowing where they stood in regards to one another, neither of them quite knew what to say and so opted to say nothing, something which led to a lot of awkward pauses and babbled words.

Shaking his head a little, he moved to clean up the counter a little before he lifted the mugs into his hands, padding through to living room. Settling the mugs down onto the coffee table, he spared a look around the room in search of Cassie before he moved to settle down on the couch, his head resting against the back of it as he closed his eyes.

“You know, you really didn’t have to come back with me”

Sergio, who’d been enjoying a couple of seconds of quiet, startled at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he lifted his head, his dark eyes settling on her. “I know that” he noted softly “But I figured…I figured maybe you’d want to talk a little. I mean, now that we know that peanut is doing Ok, I thought we could talk about things” he added, his words a rushed mess.

Cassie, who’d curled into the armchair which sat across from him, offered him a soft look before she shook her head, a faint smile passing over her face. “We don’t have to talk right now, Sergio” she mused softly “I mean, we’ve still got a little while before I start to show and that means that we don’t have to figure everything out right away. We’ve got time” she enthused kindly.

Sergio smiled slightly at the tone of her voice before he shook his head. “It feels strange” he mused softly “I mean, I am excited about him or her coming along, but I still…I’ve not quite got my head around it yet” he added quietly.

Cassie, who’d collected her drink from the table, smiled. “It is still a strange idea” she agreed with a nod “But I still enjoyed seeing our little blob earlier. It was pretty amazing, wasn’t it?” she added softly.

Sergio nodded his head. “It was” he agreed softly “I thought you were going to cry” he added, his voice lightening a little.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “You weren’t a million miles away, senor” she quipped, a teasing smile on her face.

Sergio let out a small laugh, something which made Cassie’s smile widen a little. She had missed hearing his laugh and seeing his smile.

Sergio noticed her smile, but opted not to say anything, not wanting to focus on how strange things felt between the two of them. Shaking his head a little, he admired the smile for a couple of moments before he took a sip from his drink. “Have you given any thought to when you want to tell people about this?” he asked gently, breaking the silence which had settled over them.

Cassie, who’d been pulling at a loose thread on her sock, lifted her head a little before she shook it. “Not really” she mused softly “I mean, I know I will have to tell my papa eventually, but for the last couple of days all I’ve been focused on is getting my head around it. Have you given it any thought?” she posed, her green eyes meeting his darker ones briefly before they dropped down to her lap.

Sergio shrugged. “Not a lot” he replied softly “But I’d like to tell my parents before you start to show. The last thing I want is for them to find out about their grandbaby from some magazine article” he noted gently.

Cassie nodded. “I think we can probably handle that” she mused softly.

Sergio flashed her a small smile before a silence settled over the two of them, something which caused Cassie to shift uncomfortably. She knew it wasn’t going to be alleviated easily, with neither her or Sergio quite ready to brought the topic of their relationship, she knew that things would be awkward for a while, but still she didn’t want to be the one who made the first move, not quite sure of what she would say.

It was complicated, with her pregnancy having come along out of the blue, their relationship had hit a bump, and Cassie didn’t quite know what to make of it. She knew that she liked him, since they’d run into one another, she had grown more than used to spending time with him, but she was wary of pushing things, not wanting things between them to be more awkward by the time the baby arrived.

Sergio, who’d moved to finish his drink, watched her shift in her seat before he shook his head. “I…I ought to get going” he mused as he pushed himself up to his feet.

Cassie jumped at the sound of his voice before she nodded her head. “Ok” she breathed softly “I’ll see you soon, right?” she added, standing up.

Sergio quirked a small smile before he nodded his head. “Of course you will, Cass” he noted softly “I’ve told you, you’re not getting rid of me so easily” he quipped playfully.

Cassie spared a weak smile, something which made Sergio shake his head a little before he stepped towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. “Adios, Cass” he mumbled against her skin before he shifted his hand, gently brushing it over the front of her shirt “Adios, peanut” he added quietly before he stepped away, padding out of the room.

Cassie watched him go for a couple of seconds before she shifted her hand, gently resting it against the front of her shirt before she let out a sigh, hoping that things between her and Sergio got better quickly.
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