Somebody Like Me

One Hundred: Don’t Let Us Keep You

Shuffling into the changing room, Sergio spared a small yawn into his hand, his feet dragging him towards his locker. It had been a long morning, between spending time with Cassie and the twins and getting to training on time, Sergio had barely had a second to relax, and he was determined to make the most of the few seconds that he had before the rest of the team descended on the changing room, even if he knew that it would be fleeting. It was the first moment of peace and quiet he had had that morning. It had been slightly tough, leaving Cassie and the children had been tougher than he remembered it being, and he was itching to get back, even if it had only been a couple of hours. He was looking forwards to getting his family home.

Pulling open the locker, he moved to gather his clothes before he sat down on the bench, toeing off his boots.

“Are you really going to leave without even showing us a picture?”

Sergio, who’d been focused on untying the laces of his boots, quirked a small smirk at the sound of Cristiano’s voice before he lifted his head, looking up at the forward who stood ahead of him, a warm look on his face. “You heard that Cassie had the twins?” he quipped, playing along.

“It might have been mentioned” Cristiano returned with a grin “Is everything alright?” he added, his voice softening a little.

Sergio, who’d moved to pull his shirt over his head, quirked a softer smile before he nodded his head. “Cassie’s great” he noted softly “And the twins…I still can’t quite believe that they’re here” he added as he stepped towards his bag, quickly locating the picture that he had planned on placing on the inside of his locker.

Sparing a look down at the picture, his face brightened with another small smile, something which caused Cristiano to smirk, nudging his shoulder playfully. “Look at you” he teased “All smitten” he added cheekily.

Sergio rolled his eyes playfully before he placed the picture into the forward’s hand. “My father-in-law took this picture yesterday” he explained gently “I mean, it took a little while to get Noah to settle down around the twins, but when he did, I think we took a pretty great picture” he added softly. It had taken a few attempts, with Noah proving to be a little wary around Oscar and Luna, it had taken a while to get him settled enough to take a picture, but the end result had been worth it. It was a sweet picture, both he and Cassie held a baby as Noah sat in between them, and Sergio adored it, even it had taken them a while to get it done. It was a good picture.

Cristiano, who’d been admiring the picture, nodded. “They’re adorable, Sergio” he noted, passing the picture over to Isco who had appeared beside him.

“They clearly get their looks from their madre” Marcelo quipped, nudging the other defender’s ribs.

Sergio snorted and rolled his eyes playfully before he moved to take the picture back, tacking it to the inside of his locker. “As much as I enjoy you lot teasing me, I do have to get going” he noted “Cassie’s still in hospital and I want to get back to her as soon as I can so that I can get them home” he added, moving to lift his bag onto his shoulder.

Marcelo muttered some comment beneath his breath, earning a few snickers, before Cristiano stepped forwards, nudging the left back in the ribs. “Don’t let us keep you” he noted gently “Congratulations, captain” he added, patting the Spaniard’s shoulder as the team mirrored his words.

Sergio smiled gently at the small cheer before he moved to lift his bag onto his shoulder, quickly padding out of the room. He knew that it was silly, he had only been gone for a few hours, but already he was looking forwards to getting back to Cassie, something he doubted was going to pass very quickly.

Gently adjusting his bag on his shoulder, Sergio quietly nudged the door open, trying not to make too much noise. It had been a little while, after he had finished training, he had headed home to sort out a few things before he had headed back to the hospital, but he was glad to be back, even if it hadn’t been gone for very long, he was glad to be back with his little family.

Ensuring that he didn’t make too much noise, he carefully ducked back into the room before he lifted his head, his eyes settling on Cassie who sat up on the bed, cooing softly to Noah who sat in her lap, his little hands carefully helping Cassie to hold Oscar who slept quietly. Blinking a couple of times, he admired them for a few seconds before he took a small step forwards, causing Noah to lift his head, a bright smile appearing on his face. “Papa!” he squeaked excitedly.

Cassie, who’d been watching Oscar sleep, startled a little at the sound of little boy’s voice before she lifted her head, smiling up at Sergio. “You’re back” she mused softly “How was training?” she added gently.

Sergio, who’d moved to check on Luna, shrugged softly. “It was OK” he noted “I mean, I sort of missed being here, but it was alright. The guys send their congratulations, by the way” he added, carefully sitting down on the side of the bed.

Cassie offered him a gentle smile before shifted a little, trying to get a little more comfortable.

Sergio noted the small shift. “Do you want me to take one of them?” he posed, his gaze flicking between Oscar and Noah.

Cassie shook her head. “I’m alright” she noted softly “Besides, someone is enjoying spending time with his new baby brother and sister, aren’t you, Noah?” she added warmly, her fingers lightly smoothing out a few wayward hairs on the toddler’s head.

Noah squirmed a little before he looked up towards his father, flashing him a bright grin. “Papa, baba” he grinned, gently brushing his hand over Oscar’s.

Sergio watched the small movement before flicked his attention towards Cassie, quirking a curious eyebrow. Cassie caught his stare and spared a small giggle. “He’s getting used to them” she noted softly “I mean, he was a little nervous when you left this morning, but once I had settled him down and shown him Oscar and Luna again, he seemed to calm down a little. He’s been wonderful around them all morning. You like Oscar and Luna, don’t you, Noah?” she posed, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek.

Noah wrinkled his nose before he smiled. “Baba!” he squeaked excitedly.

Sergio laughed softly before leant forwards, kissing the top of Noah’s head. “I am proud of you, little one” he mumbled quietly.

Cassie admired the small interaction between the two of them before she gently nudged Sergio’s side with her foot. “Are you going to get us out of here?” she posed softly “I mean, I don’t know about you, but I am sort of looking forwards to getting back to our bed” she added, offering him a small impish smile.

Sergio chuckled softly before he nodded his head. “I think I can probably manage that” he noted gently “Have you spoken to Elsa?” he posed as he pushed himself up to his feet, moving to collect the holdall which sat at the foot of the bed.

“She came by whilst you were out” Cassie noted “We’re ready to get out of here when you are” she added, flashing him a bright smile.

Sergio admired the grin on her face for a moment before he nodded his head gently, offering her a small smile in return. He was looking forwards to it, heading home was something he had been waiting for since Cassie had gone into labour, and he was excited about it, even if it was going to take a little getting used. He couldn’t wait to get home.
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