Somebody Like Me

One Hundred & Six: We Can’t Say Anything

Pushing the door closed behind him, Sergio spared a small relieved sigh, his ears doused by the quiet which filled the house. It had been a long evening, after Alonso and Nora had shared the news of their engagement, they’d spent a while discussing how the older man had proposed and the plans that he and Nora had come up with already, and whilst it had meant that the dinner had lasted for a little longer than Sergio had been hoping for, he had to admit that he was pleased for the older couple, even if the news of their engagement had caught him and Cassie by surprise. He was pleased that things were working out for his father-in-law.

Ensuring that he had locked the door behind him, he quietly slipped his feet out of his shoes before he quietly made his way up the stairs, ducking into the bedroom. Shrugging his jacket from his shoulders, he moved to hang it up in the wardrobe before the sound of footsteps reached his ears, causing him to turn slightly, his eyes settling on Cassie who’d moved to take a seat at the foot of the bed. “Are they all still asleep?” he posed gently.

Cassie, who’d moved to slip her feet out of her heels, nodded her head. “They are” she noted softly “Did Fernando mention them giving him any trouble?” she posed, lightly rubbing her foot.

Sergio, who’d moved to collect a clean t-shirt for bed, shook his head. “He made some joke about them all having inherited their madre’s better qualities, but he insisted that they were all pretty well behaved. He said that Luna was a little fussy, but she normally is when it comes to bed time” he noted softly.

“That’s because she’s already a papa’s girl” Cassie quipped as she stepped across the room, moving to collect her own pajamas from her dresser.

Sergio scoffed. “It’s only fair” he retorted playfully “Noah already prefers you to me and I am pretty sure that Oscar will follow suit” he added with a grin.

Cassie rolled her eyes playfully before she stepped into the bathroom, quietly setting about getting ready for bed before she ducked back out into the bedroom, quietly moving to take her spot on her side of the bed. Sergio, who’d moved to climb into his side of the bed, watched her for a couple of seconds before he carefully reached his hand out, knotting their fingers together.

“Your papa caught us off guard at dinner” he mumbled softly, breaking the quiet which had settled around the two of them “Are you sure that you’re alright with what he told us?” he posed softly, his thumb lightly brushing over the back of her hand. He knew that it was a little strange for her, the idea that her father was planning to marry his girlfriend was one which was likely to be unfamiliar to her for a while, and he wanted to ensure that she was alright with it, even if she hadn’t said anything to suggest that she wasn’t. He wanted to encourage her to talk to him.

Cassie watched the small movement of his thumb for a brief moment before she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s a little strange” she admitted softly “I mean, I guess a small part of me thought that the only woman my papa would marry would be my madre, but I am happy for him. Nora…she’s a lovely woman and I don’t think I’ve seen my papa this happy before. That’s all I want for him, Sese, I want him to be happy and with Nora, he is” she explained softly. It had caught her off guard, the idea that her father planned to get married had surprised her, but she was happy for him, even if it did feel slightly strange. She was confident that she would get used to it.

Sergio offered her a soft look, wordlessly asking if she was sure, before he lifted their hands, allowing him to press a soft kiss against the back of her hand. “They didn’t waste any time” he mumbled softly “Have they even been together for a year?” he posed, playing with her fingers happily.

Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know” she noted “But it’s not like we can comment. We didn’t exactly take our time with us” she added, offering him an impish smile before a small yawn fell out of her mouth.

Sergio admired the gentle yawn which fell out of her mouth before he quietly shuffled forwards, pressing tender kiss against her forehead “We didn’t” he agreed gently “But I would say that things still worked out pretty well for us” he added as he shifted his arm around her waist, shuffling her a little closer to him.

Cassie cuddled into him slightly before she nodded her head softly. “We’ve had our moments” she mumbled quietly “I mean, sometimes, you can be a pain, but…” she trailed off, flashing him a cheeky smile.

Sergio snorted out a small laugh before he leant down, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek as his fingers tickled at her sides. Cassie squeaked, trying to avoid his fingers, before she tilted her head back, allowing a series of soft giggles to fall out of her mouth. Sergio grinned, admiring the bright and cheerful soft of her laughter before he leant into her, his forehead resting contently against hers. “You know how crazy I am about you, right?” he fussed softly, his fingers gently brushing a few loose hairs which had escaped from her ponytail off of her cheeks.

Cassie, who was trying to calm herself down, quirked a soft smile before she nodded her head. “I think I have a pretty good idea” she noted gently “And I am pretty sure that I feel the same way about you. I mean, we’ve had our moments, more my fault than yours, but I love us, Sergio. I love you” she babbled softly, her cheeks tinting a soft shade of pink.

Sergio smiled at the hint of colour on her cheeks, pressing a kiss to each one before he met her lips gently. “I love you too” he insisted gently between light and innocent kisses. Cassie smiled into the contact for a few seconds before she ducked back, cuddling into his side slightly before she nestled into her pillow, quietly falling asleep. Sergio watched her, a contented smile perched on his lips, before he pressed another kiss against her forehead, wordlessly fussing about how lucky they were that things had worked out as they had.
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