Somebody Like Me

Nineteen: How Did I Get You?

“Are you sure that your parents aren’t going to mind me spending the night?”

Sergio, who was sat at the foot of his bed, quirked a small smile at the sound of Cassie’s question before he lifted his head, peeking towards where she stood in the doorway, a slightly apprehensive expression etched onto her features. It was late, after they’d shared the news that Cassie was expecting with his mother and father, the older couple had been keen to make a fuss of the two them for a while, and Sergio had to admit that he was pleased with their reaction, even if his father’s warning words did still ring in his ears. He was pleased that both of his parents seemed to be excited about impending new arrival.

“Why wouldn’t they be?” he posed, offering her a playful smile “I mean, you are my girlfriend after all and you’re pregnant. I think they’ve probably figured out that, at least once, we’ve spent the night in the same room before” he added, poking his tongue out slightly. He knew that she was a little apprehensive, since they’d discovered that she was expecting, they’d not spent the night in the same bed, but he wanted to encourage her to relax. It wasn’t like it was the first time.

Cassie, who’d moved to stow her shoes beside his wardrobe, rolled her eyes a little, something which caused Sergio to let out a laugh before he pushed himself up to his feet, his arms taking up a familiar position around her waist. “You’ve got nothing to be worried about, Cass” he mumbled, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder “My parents, they seemed to love you, and I’m sure that they’re not surprised by you staying. Besides, it’s not exactly like this is the first time we’ve spent the night together before” he added, pressing another kiss against the material of the sweater that she wore.

Cassie closed her eyes at the feel of the soft kiss before she rested into him slightly, a small yawn falling out of her mouth.

Sergio smiled a little at the sight of the yawn before he shook his head. “Come on” he mumbled softly “You should get changed and then you can get some sleep” he added, pressing a light kiss against her cheek.

Cassie nodded her head in agreement before she stepped away from him slightly, collecting the spare shirt of his from the foot of the bed before she ducked into the bathroom, pulling the door closed behind her.

Sergio watched her go for a moment before he shook his head, a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth. It still felt a little strange, the way that things had changed between them since they’d found out about the baby still seemed a little odd to him, but he was confident that they’d settle into things quickly, even if the strangeness didn’t fade away for a while. He kind of liked them as a couple.

Gently tugging her hair up into a loose knot, Cassie spared a brief glance towards the mirror which stood ahead of her, her stomach twisting a little with nerves. She knew that it wasn’t the first time, since they’d started to see one another, she and Sergio had shared a bed more than once, but the idea of sharing one now that they were a couple unsettled her slightly, even if it was silly. She couldn’t seem to shake the nerves which twitched in the pit of her stomach.

Sparing her appearance a soft gander, she took a couple of deep breaths before she gently padded towards the door, pulling it open quietly. Pausing for a second, she swallowed a little before she carefully padded into the bedroom, causing Sergio, who sat on the side of the bed, to look up, his face falling into a familiar warm smile. “You finally decided to come out did you?” he teased “I was starting to think that you’d gotten lost in there” he added softly.

Cassie shook her head, but didn’t make a sound, something which made Sergio sigh a little before he leant forwards, his fingers gently knotting with hers as he tugged her a little closer to him. “Are you Ok, Cass?” he posed softly.

Cassie shook her head. “I’m being silly” she mumbled softly “I mean, you said it yourself, this isn’t exactly the first time that we’ve slept in the same bed but…”

“It’s different this time” Sergio finished for her, sparing her a gentle smile.

Cassie blinked, slightly surprised by his interruption, before she nodded her head. “I know it is silly” she mumbled “But it…it makes me a little nervous. I’m sorry” she admitted softly, her green eyes fixed on her feet.

Sergio allowed her words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before he stood up, his hand gently cupping her cheek before he leant in, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “You have nothing to be sorry for” he mumbled between light kisses “It’s going to take a little getting used to, I mean, before we were just…we were messing around and now it’s a little more serious, and I don’t blame you for being nervous. I am too” he mused, his words warm and kind as he stole another soft kiss.

Cassie held onto him for a couple of moments, enjoying the warm kiss, before she carefully drew back slightly, her forehead resting against his. “You are?” she posed softly.

Sergio quirked a grin. “It’s been a little while since I had a proper girlfriend” he mused softly “And it’s going to take some time to adjust to it, but I think we’ve made a pretty decent start. If I do say so myself, we’re pretty freaking adorable” he added impishly.

Cassie let out a soft giggle at his words before she shook her head. “How’d I end up with you?” she posed, playfully poking his side.

Sergio offered her a playful look before he shifted his hand, resting it against her small bump. “I think peanut played a pretty big role in that, nena” he quipped boyishly.

Cassie rolled her eyes playfully before she pushed herself up onto her toes, pressing a brief kiss against his cheek. “Buenos noches, Sergio” she mused before she padded away from him, moving to climb into the bed.

Sergio smiled a little at the feel of her lips against his cheek before he shook his head.

He was sure that he could get used to them.
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